Transportation during the 23rd Olympics was furnished by Ford Mercury.  I had 7 Mercury Marquees Station wagons that was assigned to the volunteers at Santa Anita and Fairbanks Ranch.  Below are pictures of some of the memories I had regarding the time before and during the events.

George DeWitt Transportation Mgr
Mr. George DeWitt was Transportation
Manager at Santa Anita Racetrack and was put in charge of Transportation during the event.  
I assisted Mr. DeWitt.
Brazilian Grooms for Olympic Horses
This is the Brazilian Equestrian Team's Groomsman.  I took these guys to LAX every day for two weeks before dawn where their horses were quarantined.
Most foreign Olympic mounts are sold after the Equestrian event because of strict health rules for horses returning from host countries.
The Mercury Stationwagon I drove
This is my Marquees at Santa Anita.  Just wanted to get a picture.  I now own a 1982 Mercury Marquee Station wagon just like this one.