Company E, 3rd Tennessee MTD INF REGT, U. S. A.


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Captain: Joseph M. Greer

Recruits were enrolled in Blount CO, TN from July - Aug. 1864. Muster-in date was 11 Aug. 1864 at Knoxville, TN.

Alexander, John pvt
Alexander, John D. 2nd Lt
Allison, John pvt
Armstrong, James G. pvt
Armstrong, Robert L. pvt
Aviret, Lorenzo D. pvt (surname probably Everett)
Bird, Robert pvt
Bird, William pvt
Blevins, Nicholas pvt
Brewer, Daniel pvt
Brewer, James H. pvt
Brewer, Theodore G. pvt
Brown, Logan pvt
Cagle, James H. pvt
Casteel, William pvt
Clemans, Adam pvt
Cook, George pvt
Crisp, William R. pvt
Daily, Jacob pvt
Davis, David pvt
Davis, William J. pvt
Deford, George W. pvt
DeLaney, John pvt
Duncan, Henry pvt
Dunlap, Francis A. pvt
Edmondson, John C. Lt
Farr, John H. pvt
French, James pvt
Fuller, John pvt
Gibbs, Robert W. pvt
Gibbs, Wilson M. pvt
Gibson, Edmond D. pvt
Grant, William C. pvt
Green, George E. pvt
Greer, James M. pvt
Greer, John N. Sgt
Green, Joseph N. Capt
Gregory, Archibald pvt
Hampton, Samuel pvt
Harless, Hiram pvt
Harveston, James W. R. pvt
Henderson, Bayles pvt
Henderson, George W. pvt
Hill, James pvt
Hill, Robert pvt
Hipps, William pvt
Humphreys, Lee pvt
Hutsell, Frank pvt
Iles, James pvt
Jenkins, William pvt
Johnson, Samuel W. pvt
Johnson, William H. Cpl
Kelsaw, John pvt
Key, Giles W. pvt
Lane, Samuel pvt
Lee, Stanford pvt
Lemon, James pvt
Long, James pvt
Lowery, William H. pvt
McGinley, William L. pvt
Moore, Jesse B. pvt
Mullins, Right pvt
Neas, George pvt
Newberry, Richard V. pvt
O'Neil, Elvin pvt
O'Neil, James pvt
Pace, Stephen pvt
Pace, William 2nd Cpl
Perkins, Daniel W. pvt
Rainwater, David pvt
Rainwater, William pvt
Ratlidge, Jackson pvt
Ratlidge, James T. pvt
Reed, Alexander pvt
Reed, James C. pvt
Roach, Harrison, pvt
Rowland, James W. pvt
Saffle, Thomas pvt
Scarborough, Francis M. pvt
Scott, Isaiah pvt
Scott, John pvt
Scott, John J. pvt
Scott, John R. pvt
Stallions, Jackson pvt
Stallions, Martin B. pvt
Stallions, Matthew pvt
Stallions, William A. pvt
Stinnett, Thomas Cpl
Taylor, Andrew H. pvt
Taylor, John M. pvt
Taylor, William Cpl
Teague, Harrison H. pvt
Tedder, Charles Sgt
Tedford, Robert pvt
Thompson, James pvt
Thornburg, Franklin pvt
Thornburg, Patrick pvt
Wayman, William I. pvt
Welch, John pvt
Wilson, Jackson

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