Lick Creek Cemetery Inscriptions
Lick Creek Cemetery
Monroe County, TN

transcribed and compiled by Stephen and Sandra (Nipper) Ratledge, many years ago

Only cemeteries that my husband, son, and I have visited and tombstone inscriptions we have personally transcribed, verified, and typed are uploaded on this website. None are copied en masse, or in even part, from any other internet website or printed publication. Relatives may click the old mailbox below to email questions.

Only a few tombstones were found at this cemetery, then overgrown with weeds, trees, and brush. For want of a name and because it was located on Shadden Road, I filed it as "Shadden Road" Cemetery. Recently, Joy Locke, co-host of Monroe County, TN Homepage, made some inquiries about this remote cemetery. Both Lela Shadden and Anna Lee Jones remembered this cemetery but never heard a name applied to it. However, many called it "Lick Creek" Cemetery because of its proximity to the old Lick Creek School once located in the Knobs of Monroe County.

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BRADFORD, Margaret10 May 18431 June 1888 
CARDIN, Angeline24 Dec 18767 Dec 1952 
CARDIN, George M. B.31 May 18761958 
CARDIN, Larkin11 Nov 18789 Aug 1922 
CARDIN, Manuel Bradford31 May 187631 Mar 1958 
LESLEY, Margaret Hamilton--------wife of Samuel Lesley
LESLEY, Samuel13 Oct 179523 Mar 1880[husband of Margaret Lesley]


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