Sink Cemetery Inscriptions
Sink Cemetery
Monroe County, TN

transcribed and compiled by
Stephen and Sandra (Nipper) Ratledge, April 21, 2001


unknown ancestors interred without tombstones

Situated on Monroe County Road # 731 about three miles from Tellico Plains, this cemetery can be found by traveling old HWY 68, turning on #714 in Tellico Plains, and then turning on #731. Sink Presbyterian Church, once standing on the site, has been gone for decades. Local folks simply call the cemetery "Sank." The back of the cemetery, not visible from the road, dips or sinks into a basin, hence the name "Sink" or "Sinkhole." Basins or hollows are typical features of the area's karst topography.

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CANTRELL, Mary A.29 Aug 185514 Nov 1887 
CARTER, Anna A.9 Sep 18562 Feb 1884wife of Dr. N. G. Carter
CARTER, N. G. Dr.31 Dec 183320 June 1902 
CARTER, P. P.15 Sep 184126 Oct 1881 
CURD, Susan Peck13 Dec 18197 Feb 1900wife of Richard Curd
DAUGHERTY, W. A.29 Sep 185422 Jan 1886 
EDICK, Samuel R.20 Sep 180510 Nov 1853 
FERGUSON, Bartlet N.7 Jan 18884 Jul 1888son of W. H. & Margaret Ferguson
FERGUSON, Margaret29 Dec 184513 Sep 1888wife of W. H. Ferguson
GAY, William R.22 Feb 18296 Nov 1883 
GAY, William Walker29 Sep 186625 Jan 1892son of W. R. & E. J. Gay
GHORMLEY, Elizabeth3 Feb 1829----wife of J. L. Ghormley
GHORMLEY, James L.3 Mar 183326 May 1911(husband of Elizabeth Ghormley)
GHORMLEY, J. H.2 June 185410 June 1938 
GHORMLEY, Lillie L.21 Jul 186514 Mar 1921 
GHORMLEY, Mary6 Sep 184115 Apr 1924Aunt Mary
GHORMLEY, Nancy K.1 Nov 182813 May 1899wife of Maj. R. T. Ghormley
GHORMLEY, R. T. Maj.27 Oct 182727 June 1900husband of Nancy K. Ghormley
GHORMLEY, Robert T.5 Aug 185817 Dec 1926 
GHORMLEY, Robert T., III14 Aug 190714 Oct 1934 
HARRISON, Annie30 Sep 186826 May 1903 
HARRISON, Benjamin Edgar8 June 193323 Mar 1934son of Clarence R. & Pearl Harrison
HARRISON, E. W.4 June 18544 Aug 1928husband of Lizzie J. Harrison
HARRISON, infant2 Sep 18932 Sep 1893child of E. W. Harrison
HARRISON, infant1 Mar 191610 Mar 1916son of Clarence R. & Pearl Harrison
HARRISON, Lizzie J.25 Oct 18525 Sep 1893wife of E. W. Harrison
HAWKINS, Bettie1 Mar 186325 Nov 1930 
HAWKINS, J. M.14 Nov 18592 Apr 1917 
HAWKINS, Thomas Porter12 Nov 189425 Jul 1907son of J. M. & Bettie Hawkins
HELEMNS, John A.14 Aug 18307 June 1886husband of M. A. [Nipper] Helemns
HELMS, William 3 June 1929no stone / info from newspaper article
HENDERSON, Benjamin P.21 Jan 182127 Apr 1893 
HENDERSON, Darcus10 Feb 179214 Sep 1869wife of John Henderson
HENDERSON, John26 Sep 179023 Aug 1871 
HENDERSON, Rachel Allison3 Mar 182215 Sep 1891wife of Thomas Henderson
HENDERSON, Thomas A.28 Sep 181831 Jul 1871 
LANKFORD, infant15 Dec 190716 Dec 1907child of D. H. & M. L. Lankford
LESLEY, Nancy2 Aug 180415 Feb 1857wife of Thomas Lesley
LESLEY, Thomas27 Jan 180529 Sep 1881 
LESLIE, James23 Apr 179223 Oct 18542 stones; different death yr inscribed
LESLIE, James23 Apr 179223 Oct 1855son of Thomas & Mary Leslie
McDERMOTT, Jane E. McG.14 Feb 18128 May 1862wife of William P. H. McDermott
McDERMOTT, William P. H.17 Dec 18003 Aug 1854 
McNABB, Lucinda A.25 Dec 181612 Jul 1840 
McSPADDEN, Mandy Satterwhite1855dec 1878wife of James McSpadden
McSPADDEN, S. K.30 Jan 17987 June 1883 
PECK, Jacob Franklin31 Jan 179322 Aug 1871Benj. Franklin's descendant/ Doran Chapt USD 1812
PECK, James M.18 Apr 185918 Apr 1859infant son of Joseph & Minervia Peck
PECK, Mrs. Jane179516 Feb 1870 
PECK, Minervia A.24 Mar 183218 Nov 1866wife of Joseph A. Peck
PECK, Nervey Alice21 Jul 186629 Jul 1867dau of Joseph A. & Minervia A. Peck
RHEA, Jesse----10 Jul 1859aged 80
RHEA, Margaret----10 June 1851aged 61
ROMAN, Berth E.12 Oct 188614 Jul 1887child of F. A. & S. A. Roman
ROMAN, Edgar H.12 Oct 188611 Jul 1887child of F. A. & S. A. Roman
ROMAN, Elisha26 Aug 189427 Aug 1894child of F. A. & S. A. Roman
ROMAN, L. L.15 Dec 188515 Dec 1885child of F. A. & S. A. Roman
ROMAN, Nobie Peace20 Jul 18802 Apr 1895 
ROMAN, T. H.15 Dec 188515 Dec 1885child of F. A. & S. A. Roman
ROMAN, Z. R.15 Dec 188515 Dec 1885child of F. A. & S. A. Roman
SATTERWHITE, F. M.18208 Jul 1870 
SATTERWHITE, Robert Tate16 Jan 185127 Jan 1916husband of Sarah Frances Lee Satterwhite
SATTERWHITE, Sarah Frances Lee16 Dec 184925 Nov 1892wife of Robert Tate Satterwhite
SATTERWHITE, Virginia Evelyn19 Oct 19154 Apr 1919dau of W. A. & F. G. Satterwhite
SHADDEN, A. W.14 Mar 183225 Apr 1889aged 57 yrs, 1 mo, 11 days
SHADDEN, Mary Leslie3 Oct 184226 Nov 1902wife of A. W. Shadden
SHADDEN, William A.9 Aug 18222 Jul 1856 
SMITH, Thomas M.9 Aug 18561 Aug 1858son of M. & M. A. Smith
STEPHENS, Charles W.25 Mar 18856 Aug 1903 
STEPHENS, Ella25 Jan 191429 Sep 1990 
STEPHENS, Henry Clay20 May 185412 Apr 1921 
STEPHENS, Sallie L.25 Oct 18544 Mar 1899wife of H. C. Stephens
WADE, Mrs. George11 Aug 186219 Apr 1943 
WEAR, Ida Pearl31 Jan 190825 Sep 1910dau of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Wear
WEAR, infant30 Nov 188830 Nov 1888son of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Wear
WEAR, Jesse25 Dec 185917 Mar 1908 
WEAR, Joseph Earl31 Jan 190817 Jan 1909son of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Wear
WEAR, Sarah Elizabeth13 Nov 186830 June 1958wife of Jesse Wear
WEAR, William S.30 Nov 188816 June 1922Co D 318th M. G. Battalion
WEBB, infant--------son of Mr. & Mrs. Brown Webb
WELDIN, Ann7 Jan 179018 Dec 1851 
WELDIN, Harvey M.30 June 182324 Nov 1838 
YOUNG, Robert R.11 Jan 18568 Jan 1858 

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