Civil War Letters of Fannie Austin

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Pvt. Charles H. Austin
Company E
14th New York Heavy Artillery

U.S. Sanitary Commission

St. Johns College Hospital, Annapolis
Md., March 6th, 1865

            (Opening reference to Fannie Austin's letter of November 23, 1864)

I shall come & see you in the course of 2 months a the very outside now     so keep up good spirits for I are doing finely now     but I can assure you a soldier thinks he knows what hardship is but he dont begin till he has been a prisoner     but I have got money & clothes for once in my life     I get a bully good living here now   (?) stomach is growing strong (?)to do it     I said (?) was in prison if I lived to get out I would keep them if it was in July and i'll do it yet if I get home     the rebs cheated me out of enough without that & they shant cheat me out of that
       I suppose you would like to know all the particulars about my prison life but you (?) got to wait till I come & then I will tell you all about it some fine evening or other     so keep (?) & you will(?) been killed (?) being (?) prisoners at danville are all (?)    I just got back from supper    plenty of good new bread & dried applesauce & tea     in the morning I expect plety of good Ham & bread & coffee & at noon beef & soup & bread   I do not (?) any more at(?)     I must write to alfred this evening     write as soon as you get this & lend (?)mother & tell her(?) letter of the 1st

(?)your Husband Charlie

When (?) going to move   
P.S. Direct as before     tell me all the particulars where you have been all summer & winter & where is Tom & how much did your cloak & dress cost    I hope you bought a whole one     did you not     send word to my folks right after you have heard from me

good bye

get that embroidered shirt of mine done


Charles H. Austin never rejoined his regiment. He was mustered out on an individual muster-out roll on June 28, 1865, at Rochester, New York.

Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of New York for the Year 1897, Vol. 4, Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co., State Printers, New York and Albany, 1898, Pg. 346.