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Adam Simonton of Ohio was an early American Pioneer of Scotch-Irish ancestry who settled on the frontiers of both North Carolina (before 1768) and later Ohio (1796). Though not well educated and functionally illiterate, he was nevertheless, a very industrious and successful man who provided generously to all of his children and taught them the pioneering spirit.

He and his offspring were among the first settlers in Ohio (Clermont and Warren Counties), settling seven years prior to statehood, when Ohio was still a portion of the Northwest Territory. They cleared and settled the land during a time when bears and wolves roamed freely and the settlers were subject to all manner of privations.

The descendants of Adam Simonton of Ohio served their country with distinction during all of the great conflicts which beset the nation, serving most notably during the War of 1812 and the War Between the States. They were the farmers, shop keepers, coach makers, hotel owners, justices, preachers, and teachers who continued to be among the advance guard of pioneers who spread out like a fan across the American Frontier by way of Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, the Dakotas and beyond to California.

Indeed, their story is part of America's story and the living descendants of the Simonton family are proud to carry on their American heritage.

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