Merry CHRISTmas 2004 from Barbara, Don and Grace in Alaska
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Another year has flown by and I just donít know where the time has gone!! We have all stayed busy this year. It has been a good year! I (Barbara) am doing okay after my fall last year. Ribs take a long time to heal! But I am better now. (SMILE)

Don and I are doing great! We just had our 9th wedding anniversary last week - it still seems like we just met! (SMILE) Don stays busy with his job at the Borough and I have been busy at the Credit Union. Don had some computer training in Sacramento, CA. this year so was able to visit with his family for a few days. I had to learn a new credit union program on the computers at work - it caused us (Vicki, my manager and me) some stress, but we survived and things seem to run pretty smoothly now. I canít believe how much technology keeps changing these computers so fast! (SMILE)

This was Graceís year. On May 9th (Motherís Day!) she graduated from the University of Alaska here in Fairbanks. She got her Bachelor of Arts degree; majoring in Linguistics (the study of Language) with her minor in Foreign Language. Over her five years of study she has taken Japanese, German and Spanish. Her Linguistics classes taught her about all languages and where they come from. What she shared with us was very interesting. She still shares with us - she gets a lot of foreign films with subtitles for us to watch. We have seen films from Japan, China, India and Norway, and other places, I am sure! It is pretty interesting seeing movies from other cultures.

Grace UAF Graduate 2004 picture A month after graduation, Grace took a trip to Washington state to visit her friend, Angela who was ready to give birth to her son. (Grace missed the birth by one day!) Grace also spent time with her Farstad relatives in Seattle, including a short trip to Ketchikan, Alaska to visit her grandmother and relatives there. She also met her half-brother Scott and his family for the first time. Scott is married to a sweet girl named Molly. They have three children, Olivia, Jack and Bella. Grace (their Aunt!) has been in touch with them for several years now.

Grace took in all the sights of Seattle, especially enjoying several of the Art Museums and a Norwegian Museum. She got to see a Van Gogh painting she likes. She also took a trip to the zoo and aquarium. Grace likes traveling, and really enjoyed her trip. When she was in Spokane visiting Angela, she made a short trip to Rockford, a small town founded by some of her ancestors. Graceís great grandmother Amelia ďGraceĒ Starr Smith Poor, her namesake, was born there in 1900. She also went to the cemetery and took pictures of our ancestor headstones for me.

In August Grace got a job at the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer, our local newspaper. She started part-time but it quickly became full-time. She has been there ever since. Right now she answers phones and takes classified ads and also prepares the ads for the printing process. She is enjoying her job and they seem to be a good company to work for. She will have full benefits in March including paid vacations, medical, dental and 401K. Not bad for a first full-time job. She misses making coffees, but not muchÖ. (SMILE)

Well, thatís about it I guess. We are still working in the basement - closer to having it completed. We had tile laid in the hallways. Carpeting the family room is next.

Don and I will be traveling to California in a few months for a short visit. My parents will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on March 11th and we will be there for that event. I hope to get to visit a lot of family then.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and may GOD be
with you and bless you in the coming New Year!
We love you!
Barbara, Don and Grace

We hope to hear from you all soon.
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