Merry Christmas 2010

Christmas Christmas
Christmas Christmas

Grace and Chirag 2010






You are welcome to have a copy of my "one-page" 2011 Calendar. It will fit on an 8.5 X 11 inch page.
It has close-up photos of "Migratory Songbirds at the Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge
Alaska Bird Observatory Banding Station." Click the link below which should open a new tab or window,
then after it loads, you can "Right Click" on it and choose "Save Picture/Image As" or "Print Picture."
You can also "Right Click" on the link itself and choose to either "Save Link/Target As." In some browsers
you can also "Print Target." Be sure to set your "Print Settings," "Paper Orientation," to "Landscape."
Have a Happy New Year! (SMILE)

2011 Calendar

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"Suo Gân"

"Suo Gân" is a Welsh song, the title simply meaning "lullaby." It is also a Welsh carol, featured in
the American Edition of the Orff-Schulwerk "Music for Children" book with the following verses:

"Suogân, do not weep,
Suogân, go to sleep;
Suogân, mother's near,
Suogân, have no fear.

Suogân, Eastern Star,
Suogân, from afar;
Suogân, shepherds sing,
Suogân, newborn King.

Suogân, from above,
Suogân, song of love;
Suogân, blessed morn,
Suogân, Christ is born.

According to Rhys Morgan, this song was composed by his great grandfather,
Evan Thomas Davies,, (1878-1969) a Welsh musician.
You might also recognize the lovely little song as the theme song of the 1987 movie "Empire of the Sun."