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Wildflowers of Fairbanks

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Sitka Wild Rose Pic Blue Flag-Wild Iris Pic Toadflax-Butter'N'Eggs Pic
Sitka Wild RoseWild Iris "Blue Flag"Toadflax "Butter'N'Eggs" *

Fireweed Pic Fireweed in Seed Pic Dwarf Fireweed Pic
FireweedFireweed in SeedDwarf Fireweed

Sow Thistle Pic Elegant Goldenrod Pic  Pic
Sow Thistle **Elegant GoldenrodGroundsel

Dwarf Dogwood-Bunchberry Pic Marsh Cinquefoil Pic Nagoonberry Pic
Bunchberry "Dwarf Dogwood"Marsh CinquefoilNagoonberry

Grass of Parnassus Pic Plantain Pic Shepherd's Purse Pic
Grass of ParnassusPlantainShepherd's Purse

White Owl Clover Pic White Sweet Clover Pic Yellow Sweet Clover Pic
White Owl CloverWhite Sweet CloverYellow Sweet Clover

Water Hemlock Pic Wild Calla Lily Pic Yarrow Pic
Water HemlockWild Calla LilyYarrow

All flower photos Barbara Logan 2001

* Not native to Alaska, but is now established here.
** The Sow Thistle is also not a native Alaskan wildflower.
A newspaper article said "sow thistle" comes to Alaska as a contaminant in feed grain and seeds
from outside Alaska and establishes itself like Dandelions. It looks like a dandelion, only it is 3 feet tall!

Green Blue Green Line

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