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Important: LDS films Czech Republic. See update below! *updated*

From: _Shon Edwards_
To: _Eugene Aksamit_
Date: Friday, May 25, 2007 1:14 PM

Hello Eugene,

Thanks so much for your e-mail. I'll try to let you know as much as I can. I'm excited to come to the conference and meet you, as well! I've not been to CGSI before, but am hoping it's something I can come to annually. Thanks for the comments on the article, as well. It really needs some updating, but it's the subject that I love best.

Filming has supposedly actually started in Trebon, which you can let everyone know about. These are digital images, not real microfilm, so I'm not sure when they will actually become available to the public. The systems have not been set in place to deliver our digital images, but the grapevine says this could happen this year sometime. BTW, in Trebon, we have also gotten an agreement secured to film the 1921 census and the seignorial records, which are beautiful. However, all church records will be filmed first.

In Litomerice, the contracts have already been signed, but only for church records so far. Filming should begin within perhaps 6 months, I would guess, though we don't know precisely. Same thing here - all digital images. They are not digital copies of the microfilmed security copies held by all the archives of their church records. They are actually new clean images of the church records.

All I would say about Plzen is that we are very interested in filming the records in that archive, but nothing has been signed. Each State Regional Archive has to negotiate with us now, rather than have some central agreement. The minister of the interior, Mr. Babicka, has given his OK and now we have to negotiate with each individual archive. In a way, that is the centralized nature of things. Still, we need to work with each archive and secure separate agreements with each.

We hope to be able to film at all the archives, and I see that happening eventually, but I don't really have a timetable, and it would depend on each individual archive. Right now the only ones I would say anything about are Trebon, Litomerice, and Plzen, and that we are hopeful about the others, but right now, just still hoping and negotiating.

I'll let you know about anything that's happening in the future with regards to the records, and you're welcome to share that with anyone you wish.

Kindest regards, Shon

courtesy Anettka

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