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My Inlaws are currently interested in the following family names:

Cecile CARRÉ married Jean François NAUX an had daughter Marie Martine NAUX, b. b. 13.11.1823, Esnon, France, France.
John CROSBIE had daughter Elizabeth CROSBIE.
Danielski / Danielska
Sophie DANIELSKA, b. Poland. married Jean Canty Józef SMOLIKOWSKI (who died 1867) and had 5 children: Andrzej, Sigismond, Sophie, Hedwige, and Marie.
Ettlinger / Ettlingerin
Maria Elisabeth ETTLINGERIN, b. 21.12.1696, Selestat, France, married in 1712 Mathias Guillaume HERMAN, and they had a child Francois Antoine HERMAN, b. 1723, France., d. 1790, France.
Walterius FITZ-GERALD married Elizabeth CROSBIE. They had daughter Anne FITZ-GERALD.
Frances HOLLES, b. Abt. 1693 Cork, Ireland, married Anne FITZ-GERALD, b. Abt. 1701 Cork, Ireland.
Joseph FRITSCH, b. 3.8.1748, Saint Domingue, Haiti, d. 10.3.1813, 67120 Molsheim, France, m. 1776 Henriette Catherine Agnes HERMAN. They had child Antoine Henry FRITSCH.
see Fritsch.
Rogerius HOLLES, b. Abt. 1655 Cork, Ireland, married Jeanne HOWARD, b. Abt. 1667 Cork, Ireland.
Jean HOWARD had daughter Jeanne.
Komajewski / Komajewska
Melanii KOMAJEWSKA married Seweryn Karol SMOLIKOWSKI, 1809-1897? and had 5 children:
  • Piotr, 1846-1868;
  • Pawel Klemens, b. 4.2.1849 in Tver, Russia, d. 11.09.1926, priest sent to Rome, Superior General Father of the Resurrection. He is currently under consideration by the Vatican for beatification;
  • Seweryn, born 10.01.1850 in Tver, Russia, was murdered on 29.10.1920, Polish philosoper, bibliophile, collectioner, philanthropist;
  • Alexandrine; and
  • Valerie, 1859-?
Charles "Henri" THIERRY, b. 4.2.1853, Esnon, Yonne, son of Antoine, married Lucie Félicie LORDEREAU, b. 11.10.1857, Avrolles, Yonne, France. They had 4 children.
Clémence MASSÉ, b. 26.3.1857 Chamont, Haute-Marne, France. d. 3.12.1942, Avignon, Vacluse, France, married André Jules SMOLIKOWSKI, cb. 1877.
Antoine THIERRY, son of Pierre Charles, married Marie Martine NAUX. They had 4 children.
Denis O'LEYN married Elenore O'MAHONEY. They had son Jean Jacques O'LEYN, b. 20.02.1769 Kilarney, Ireland, d. 30.08.1803 St Domingue, Military doctor!
Marie Constance Eleonore O'LEYN, m. 1824 Antoine Henry FRITSCH, b. 7.2.1777, d. 21.09.1838, son of Joseph FRITSCH.
Michael O'MAHONEY, b. Abt. 1754 Cork, Ireland, married Helena HOLLES
Emilie Dolanska Placide PARYS married Adam SMOLIKOWSKI, ?-1854. They had 1 known child: Roscislas.
Marguerite RAVET married Andrzej SMOLIKOWSKI.
Caroline RYCHTER, b. Poland. married Andrzej Piotr SMOLIKOWSKI and had 8 children: Alexander, d. 1856; Andrzej; Adam, d. 1854; Jean Canty Józef, d. 1867-8; Seweryn, 1809-1897?; Helene; Eve; and Eugenie. The family may have lived in Ujscie Solne, east of Krakow.
Roger THIERRY, son of "Henri", b. 18.07.1886, Pontigny, Yonne, d. 2.3.1968, Avignon, France, married 1910 Madeleine SAUTRIOT. They had 4 children.
Maria SCHUMACHER, d. 24.06.1665, 67600 Selestat, France. married 1620 Mathias HERMAN. They had child Jean HERMAN, b. 1620., d. 1676, France.
Smolikowski / Smolikowska
Valentin SMOLIKOWSKI, born about 1750, Ujscie Solne (50°07' N; 20°32' E), Poland, of unknown parents, had 2 children: Adam - parish priest of Ujscie Solne, and Laurent. Laurent had 3 children: Andrzej Piotr, b. 25.11.1764 in Malopolska and d. 27.08.1839 in Warsawa, who was Rector of Lublin University, and rector of schools in Lublin; Piotr; Valentin; and Jean 17??-1809.
Pierre Charles THIERRY, son of Pierre Nicolas, married Veronique SOURDILLAT. They had 9 children.
Nicolas Siret THIERRY married Anne RODIER. Their son Nicolas THIERRY, b. 1727, Anne Marie PICHORET. They had 5 children:
  • Marie Thèrese, b. 1751, married CHEVANCE
  • Pierre Nicolas, b. 1755, married Françoise YTHIER 1.3.1791.
  • Etienne, b. 30.5.1761, married Béate CHEVREAU (she died 24.11.1811). He then married the widow Marie Catherine PASQUELIN
  • André, b. 1.2.1767, married Catherine MOUSSOT. They had 9 children.
  • Simon Didier, b. 1769, d. 12.2.1793.
Marie-Jeanne VIALLA, b. 10.10.1889, Montpellier, Herault, France. d. 2.3.1982, married 1913 André Louis SMOLIKOWSKI.

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