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*updated* 2001 - A Genealogical Odyssey - the 4th Irish Genealogical Congress in Trinity College Dublin on 17-23 September 2001. *updated*


Beginning Irish Research

Irish, Scots-Irish, and Scottish Ancestors. Lesson and links at RootsWeb.Com

The Irish Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) from Usenet newsgroups

Archives and Resources

The Irish Genealogical Project

Fourth Irish Genealogical Congress. 17-23 September 2001. Trinity College, Dublin

Irish Resources at Ancestry.Com

Irish genealogy and family history *new* - has online Irish data.

Irish Ancestors at

1851 Dublin City Census CD-ROM (from Eneclann) . No endorsement of any kind is given or implied in any way.

See Richard Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, Vol. 6 No. 43 - October 22, 2001 for a descrtiption of this CD-ROM.

Review of the 1851 Dublin City Census y Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CGRS, CGL.
Liz discusses the third CD in Eneclann's Irish Records Index series.

1851 DUBLIN CITY CENSUS ON CD-ROM (from Eneclann)
Currently, on sale from The Shops @

Emigration Site (Ireland) by the Belfast Telegraph and the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, focusing on Irish emigration in the 1800s.

Fact or Blarney: Proving the Legacies Left by Irish Storytellers by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CGRS, CGL ('Ancestry' Magazine, Mar/Apr 1999, Vol. 17, No. 2)

Irish Family History Research on the Internet

Family History in Ireland by Suzanne McVetty ('Ancestry' Magazine, Nov/Dec, 1997, Vol. 15, No. 6)

Finding the Origin of Your Ancestors in Ireland

Irish Independent Newspaper Obituaries: March-Sept 2001

The National Archives of Ireland *updated*

Description of the available records of births, marriages and deaths.

Library of Congress bibliography of Irish genealogy

Irish Library and Information Studies Bibliography

National Library of Ireland

LDS Source Guide for Ireland

Irish Genealogical Resources

Genealogical Society of Ireland <>

Swift Guide to Ireland - Irish Genealogy

TIARA - The Irish Ancestral Research Association

Irish Cemetery Records

Irish Estate Records

One of the Irish Questions: Estate Records, Yes or No? - Sherry Irvine, CGRS, FSA (Scot), 3/14/2002

News from the Genealogical Society of Ireland

Irish Genealogical Society, Int'l (IGSI)

Explore your Irish heritage. RootsWeb's Guide special St. Patrick's Day page. *updated*

Irish Family History Foundation

UK and Ireland Genealogy Research

Your Irish Roots: Irish Genealogy, Irish Surname & Irish Coat of Arms *new* - Irish Genealogy research- Irish surname history and Irish Coat of Arms,Ancestor Reports, plus information on tracing your Irish Ancestors

Results of Fire and Famine: Census Records in Ireland 1813-1911 by Sherry Irvine, CGRS, FSA (Scot) ('Ancestry' Magazine, Mar/Apr 1999, Vol. 17, No. 2)

"Help Is At Hand: Immigrant Aid Societies," by Suzanne McVetty, CG

Irish Migration Resource Center

A Nation in Distress: The Poor of Ireland by Judith Eccles Wight ('Ancestry' Magazine, Jan/Feb 1994, Vol. 12, No. 1)

Probate in Ireland, Part 1: from 1858, by Sherry Irvine, CGRS, FSA (Scot)

Probate in Ireland, Part 2: up to 1857, by Sherry Irvine, CGRS, FSA (Scot)

Irish Place Names and Family Names : A detailed guide to deciphering Irish names.

" Irish Records: Sources for Family & Local History," *updated* by James G. Ryan, Ph.D.

Index of Irish Wills 1484-1858 CD-ROM

Irish Vital Records Database at Ancestry.Com

Review of 'grenham's Irish Recordfinder' Version 4 , by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CGRS (GC Extra, 11/16/2000)

Big Family - Order direct online for birth, death and marriage certificates from England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Efficient and cost-effective service.

For local research, request a quote from their researchers here.

The 1766 Religious Census of Ireland, Part 1

The Royal Irish Constabulary 1816-1921 *updated*

Regional Information

County Cork. Ballincollig Military Cemetery 349 records ; Anne Donaldson

Ireland. Newry, Donaghmore, Loughbrickland, and Banbridge. : areas in County Down and County Armagh, Ireland.

Newtownsandes On-Line -- a small parish site in County Kerry, Ireland.

Townlands: Focus on Northern Ireland, by Sherry Irvine, CGRS, FSA (Scot)

IRELAND at RootsWeb *updated* contains amongst other items:

Irish Immigration

Irish Immigrants in Nineteenth-Century Boston by Karen Frisch

Irish Surnames

Check out our tips for searching.
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Genealogy Search Box Download

Irish Place Names and Family Names : A detailed guide to deciphering Irish names.

Irish Place Names and Family Names by James G. Ryan, Ph.D.

Irish Surnames Surnames in Ireland, evolution, original Gaelic form, septs and territory, Anglicization, surname groups, and tables of frequency for Ireland, England and Wales, Scotland, and the United States.

Miscellaneous Dempster Records 23 records; Vicki (Dempster) McKinnon

If you're a Finlay descendant and your ancestors settled in Markham Township, York County, Ontario

For those with Kell(e)y blood

O'Donnell Surname Genealogy Webpage

Irish Presley/Priestley connections,

Rook Family Home Page


One-inch Victorian Maps - for sale. Disclaimer: No endorsement. Just passing along the information.

Irish Mailing Lists and Web Sites at

Fianna Irish Research Group
Guide to Irish Genealogy
non-genealogical material
County Antrim -- Billy Parish Church old burying ground in County Antrim.
IRL-ARAN-ISLANDS mailing list
Aran Islands
County Carlow Also irlcar2
IRL-CAVAN mailing list -- Cavan County
Web Site:
IRL-CLANS mailing list
The Clans of Ireland including their history, genealogy, culture, impact and presence in the world today
IrelandGenWeb (IGW) list, County Kildare
research in County Donegal, Ireland
IrelandGenWeb (IGW) list, Genealogical or historical interest in County Donegal, Ireland
County Donegal
Genealogy Resources, including many online records such as valuations, tithes, flax list, indexes to wills and marriages, photographs, maps, and projects such as the Donegal Relief Fund.
County Down
IRL-DUBLIN-CITY mailing list
Ireland, Dublin City
IRL-FERMANAGH mailing list
IrelandGenWeb (IGW) list, County Fermanagh
County Galway
IRL-LAOIS mailing list
County Laois (Leix -- Queens County)
irllex. Same as County Laois:
irllao. Also,
IRL-LEINSTER mailing list
Province Leinster
<>. Also
IRL-LEITRIM mailing list
County Leitrim
County Limerick
County Longford
IRL-LOUISBURGH mailing list
Louisburgh (town)
IRL-LOUTH mailing list
County Louth <>
IRL-KERRY mailing list
County Kerry
County Kilkenny
IRL-MAYO mailing list
research in County Mayo, Ireland
Kiltimagh, County Mayo
Kinaffe Swinford, County Mayo
IRL-MEATH mailing list *updated*
For genealogy queries in County Meath, Ireland; affiliated with the Meath page of the IrelandGenWeb County Meath. Also
IRL-MONAGHAN mailing list *updated*
County Monaghan
IRL-PALATINE mailing list
IRL-MUNSTER mailing list
Province Munster
irlmun. Also
IRELAND-OBITS mailing list
IRL-ROSCOMMON mailing list
County Roscommon, Province Connaught
IRE-SURNAMES mailing list
IRL-TIPPERARY mailing list
County Tipperary, Ireland Genealogy (Ireland Genealogy Projects)
County Tipperary
IRL-ULSTER mailing list
Province Ulster
<>. Also
County Waterford
IRL-WATERFORD mailing list
County Waterford, Province Leinster
IRL-WESTMEATH mailing list *updated*
County Westmeath <>. Also
IRL-WEXFORD mailing list
County Wexford, IrelandGenWeb Project
County Wexford
IRL-WICKLOW mailing list
County Wicklow
Northern Ireland
Antrim (Northern Ireland)
Armagh (Northern Ireland)
Derry (Northern Ireland)
Down (Northern Ireland)
Fermanagh (Northern Ireland)
IRL-TYRONE mailing list
County Tyrone or Province Ulster, Northern Ireland
<>. Also
<>. And now
Irish families in Millville,[Cumberland County] New Jersey (USA)
IRISH-NEW-YORK-CITY mailing list
Irish and Irish-American experience in New York City throughout history.
AUS-IRISH mailing list
Irish in Australia
IA-IRISH mailing list
Irish born who settled in Iowa, USA

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Irish Prints -- Photos of old Ireland and Irish people during the early 1900s.

Professional Researchers for Ireland No endorsement of any kind is given or implied in any way. It is up to the reader to ensure themselves that the researcher they choose to use is reputable.

New The William Smith O'Brien Petitions CD-ROM (from Eneclann) . No endorsement of any kind is given or implied in any way. [See Sherry Irvine's article.]

Professional Researchers for Ireland No endorsement of any kind is given or implied in any way. It is up to the reader to ensure themselves that the researcher they choose to use is reputable.

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