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Further information may also be found in my page on Silesia/Schlesien.

Finding Your Polish origins

Geneteka w serwisie Polskiego Towarzystwa Genealogicznego *new* Some English here, mostly polish.

Poni?ej przedstawiono ró?ne ciekawe linki, pozwalaj?ce na poszukiwania przodków przez innych pocz?tkuj?cych genealogów. Tak?e podano zbiór ?róde? (katalogi, encyklopedie, s?owniki, leksykony, spisy itp) do poszukiwa? biograficznych oraz linki do ksi?garni i antykwariatów z literatur? genealogiczno-heraldyczn? *new* International Genelogical web links on Polish Genealogy (in Polish)

German-Polish Place Names (62423 locations)

The 1929 Polish Business Directory Project A new, searchable source of 20th century genealogical data on the Internet is being created.

ROOTSWEB's Guide to Tracing Family Trees: Lesson 27: Polish, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Croatian, Slovakian, etc.

"Ksiegi metrykalne i stanu cywilnego w archiwum panstwowych w Polsce"
Warszawa 1998
ISBN 83-86643-57-9

It contains all church books and documents of registry offices which are in Polish State Archives.

Genealogia Polska *new* (title page in many languages)
If you look on the left side of the home page, you will see Wasze Drzewa. Click on that, it will change to Nasze Drzewa. Look for Zmiana Jezyka. CLick that and then you can change to English.

This site tells you the name of the parish where they would have been baptized, if you know the village where they were born. *new* It is for the Kingdom of Poland.

lists all the addresses of churches in Poland today. *new* If you find there is more than one in the city, check to see how old they are. If they were established after your grandparents were born, they are not the ones you want.

Rootsweb Poland web sites

Abonenci indywidualni i instytucje


Archive in Polen / Archives in Poland *new*

APAP Archives: List: Polish names

Archives of Poland (English Version)

Welcome to The National Library in Warsaw WebOPAC *new*

geoportal sat maps for Poland You can zoom to 40m/inch. You can place cadastral boundaries and numbers over the map. mostly in Polish

Castles, Palaces and Manors of the Great Poland

Polish State Archives - English version

Complete list of Polish State Archives with address, telephones, and directors.

Explore Poland: announcements: looking for people

Family -- Poland Border Surnames Genealogy Research Helper -- or Family -- MEMBERS SURNAMES --

Genealogy & Poland - a guide *updated*

Genealogy & Poland on the Internet and elsewhere *updated*

GENPOLing FAQ: Genealogy & Poland - a guide

German Historical Institute Warsaw or Deutsches Historisches Institut Warschau . Also in Polish.

Glowny Index Diecezji

Almanach de Polska: The Titled Families of Poland *new*

Polish Heraldry Bibliogaphy *new* - excellent work by David Zincavage.

Bibliothek für Polnische Adelskunde *new* (in German)

Historical Picture Postcards from Poland / Historische Ansichtskarten aus Polen - in German. Tell the person that I sent you!

An Index of German-Polish and Polish-German names of the localities in Poland & Russia. ATS Numismatic

Lublin OnLine

University Library of KUL Home Page

The Catholic University of Lublin

UMCS Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin

Malopolska Online - region, gmina, miasta, turystyka, samorząd, historia, zabytki, prawo, partie, polityka,miasto

Polish Books of Residents and Other Lesser-Known Sources *updated* [PDF]

Polish months *new* - not Latin derived month names.

Maly Slownik Angielsko - Polski (A small English - Polish dictionary)

Polish / English Translator
has bidirectional translation. Includes French, German, and Hebrew translators as well.

On-line Latin Dictionary!

Nasza Polska Nr 13 (79)

New Provinces of Poland

Notes on Selected Polish Surnames

PGSA 1997 Surnames M-Z

Poland Home Page

Polish Language Course Basic Information About Polish. The full language course is available here

Poland World Gen Web

Poczta Polska - Kody pocztowe

Poland and Poles on the Internet by WebExperts

National Archives WWW Home Page

Archiwa Panstwowe

Poland News, Business, Economy, Culture, Directory

Poland Research List -- PLRL

Polart - Polish Import Catalog Has Books, Dictionaries, Maps, etc.

Polish Province (Wojewodztwa) BM Bank web page.  For each Wojewodztwa (province) is provided a map (without roads and railways) and a list of the districts (2286 in total) with post-codes, telephone area-codes and, sometimes, other info.

Polish Genealogical Society of America

Polish Geographical Dictionary (not found!)

Polish Genealogy Links

Polish Genealogical Society of Western New York (PGSWNY) - HOMEPAGE

Polish State Archives

Polish World

Poznan Daily newspaper (in Polish)

Rafal T. Prinke's Genealogy Page

Rafal T. Prinke's Untitled

Researching Polish Ancestry Online , by Joseph F. Martin

Resource community for Polish descendants and friends


Tunes of Polish Christmas Songs

Urząd Miejski w Przemyślu

VIRTUTI -- The Order of the Virtuti Militari and its Cavaliers 1792-1992

Wandering Volhynians (German-Volhynian Newsletter) - WV Surname List - INDEX

For Volhynian (Ukraine) ancestry *new*

Berlin Document Center Film Numbers - German colonies of Volhynia

Where to find records?

Zapolski Genealogy Home Page

A Photographic History of Jewish Life in Poland, 1864-1939 *new*

Lutheran records in the Archdiocesan Archive in Poznan

Polish Surnames

English Polish Name Equivalences or for a better version using a table click here!

A list of vital records (mostly Catholic duplicates, also some Lutheran and Jewish) kept in the Poznan Archives, concerning the Eastern parts of Greater Poland is available at:

This area was in the 19th century part of Congress ("Russian") Poland, later in the voivodship of Poznan, after 1975 in the voivodships Konin and Kalisz.

The list gives:
Parish name (district'1890 in brackets), religion, time frame (b. births, m. marriages, d. deaths, r. registers only, a. all available).  The letter K after the last year means that later records are in the Archive in Kalisz.

All records are microfilmed by the LDS up to 1865.

by Lukasz Bielecki on 98/01/16

European Ancestral Village Photography - They photograph villages for you. Listed just for informing you.

Polish Maps

Poland Maps List

Poland, 1992 or

Poland, 1997

Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Complex High-resolution image (850 KB)

Russian Growth, 1300-1796 westward to Poland.

A listing of historical events showing the "weaving" of cultures includes dates, rulers and occupying country.  This section includes Poland and the Baltic states:

World History Compass.  Poland can be reached thru Europe on Homepage.

Russian Growth, 1300-1796

The Archives of Maryland Polonia at the University of Baltimore

PolandBorderSurnames Mailing List

View List of archived surnames/queries posted, updated bi-monthly.

Poland to Texas, 1840-1930, mailing list

TX-POLISH at RootsWeb.Com. To subscribe or unsubscribe see here.

Software Sites

Multinational/Polish Fonts for DOS and Windows, and Unix

Buy Polish ... Software

1938-39 Warsaw Telephone Directory *new* at the Library of Congress.

Polish Telephone Directories with English instructions.


Ukraine Map (Political) 1993 (268K)

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