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Family Surnames available on the Internet *updated*

Jewishgen Gazeteer (was ShtetlSeeker) *new*

A site for finding where a city or village is in Central or Eastern Europe, or for finding the distance between these.  It can automatically link you to the corresponding map at mapquest.

Another map site is Mapblast!

The Alsace Connection

The German Connection

The Czech Connection

The Silesian Connection

The Austrian Connection

The Polish Connection *updated*

History of Kostel (Slovenia) 1500-1900: Between Two Civilizations *new* , by Dr. Stanislav Juznic. The History of Kostel is now available from the Slovenian Genealogy Society International, Inc.

Slovenian on-line Telephone Directory (English available)

The French Connection

The Irish Connection

The Haiti/Domenican Republic Connection

There is a RootsWeb.Com mailing list of the name SAINT-DOMINGUE for the Saint Domingue genealogy discussion group.

The Jewish Connection

The European Connection

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