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Sodan, Soden, Sodin, Sodon, Soder, Sowdon, Sowden, Souden, Souder, Snowden, Snowdon, Sadin, Saden, Sadon, Sador, Sader, Lodan, Loden, Lodin, Lodon, Loder, Lowdon, Lowden, Louden, Louder....Please let me know if I've missed any!

Finally I am back online!!  I know it has been awhile since I updated.  I lost quite a bit in the transition, so if you sent me things to put up and I haven't, please resend them!  I am sorry for the inconvenience folks, it's been a rough few years.  You will notice an updated email address on this page. 

All categories marked as Soden include all derivatives of the surname. 

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This web is dedicated to the clan, in all it's spelling variations.  We are striving to collate all known information world-wide on the Soden surname.  Anyone wishing a link to/from this page please contact Joyce at the above mailbox.  Contributory information, in any format, is greatly appreciated.  We have used the Soden surname repeatedly on this page to encourage the search engines to find us.  The other spelling variations are included on these pages.

    Please note that links without an underline are pre-planned evolutions, that will be linked upon receipt of sufficient information. Many thanks to those researchers who have been willing to share their hard won data.     

    Soden genealogist's desiring a web page, contact me with a gedcom and I will strive to construct one for you, placing a link to it from this page.  Please be aware that these pages are simplified.

        We have a list of obituaries that we are missing.  Anyone who can please share their SODEN and SODEN related obituaries, it will be very helpful to the rest of us. The list of known missing ones can be found at this link:  OBITS

    I am trying to figure out who is researching what geographical locations.  We have Soden's all over the world.   Please let me know what area you are researching, so when I have inquiries I can send them to the correct person(s).  We are getting more inquiries all the time, but I can't always pinpoint which family they might go to.  Geographic location will help in this.  This list is not in any way, shape, or form an indicator of volunteers for lookups, etc.  It simply will indicate who is researching what area(s).  In most cases there will be multiple researchers for a geographical location, and multiple area's for a researcher.  If you do not want your email address on there, simply tell me your area, and that you do NOT want the email available. 


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