1915 - 1919

From The Official History of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade - The Earl of Liverpool's Own - Covering the period of Service with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in the Great War from 1915 to 1919 - compiled by Lieutenant-Colonel W S Austin (DSO). (L T Watkins Ltd, Wellington 1924)

ABERNETHY Rex Clifford 2nd Lieutenant 14185 MC
ADAMS Joseph Rifleman 23/2143 MM
ADAMSON Adam Corporal 18941 MSM
AICKIN Thomas Reginald S/Sergeant 23/49 MID
ALLAN Herbert Sergeant 23/1316 MM
ALLAN Joseph Rifleman 32286 MM
ALLAN Leonard Ferguson Sergeant 18924 MM
ALLASON William James Rifleman 28946 MM
ALLEN Robert Candlish Lt-Colonel 12/3538 DSO, DSO and Bar, MID x 3
ALLISON Alexander James Rifleman 41066 MM
ANDERSON Henry Sergeant 25/708 DCM and Bar
ANSIN Frederick William Rifleman 25/1650 MM
APPERLEY Harold Wallace L-Corporal 23/664 MM
ARDEN Nevile Henry 2nd Lieutenant 23/1288 MID
ARMSTRONG David Cecil Lieutenant 26/8 MC
ARNOLD Claude James Rifleman 28951 MM
ASHBY Albert Sergeant 24/676 MM
ASKENBECK Axell Sergeant 23/2540 MSM
ATHERFOLD Leslie Joseph Corporal 17169 MM
AUSTIN William Semmens Lt-Colonel 23/2 DSO, MID x 2, French Croix de Guerre
AVERILL Leslie Cecil Lloyd 2nd Lieutenant 46219 MC
AVEY George Augustus Lieutenant 24/19 MC
BACKHOLM Fritchoff Rifleman 25/89 MM
BADER Theodore Corporal 23/670 MID
BAGLEY Edward Rifleman 24/1332 MM
BAILEY Alan Reynel Corporal 20078 MID
BAILEY Albert Lionel Sergeant 24/361 MID
BAILEY George Rifleman 23/2503 MM
BAILEY Stephen George Sergeant 13722 MID
BAKER George Henry Corporal 26/710 Bar to MM
BAKER George Henry L-Corporal 26/710 MM
BAKER Howard L-Corporal 20949 MM
BALL Claude John L-Corporal 69745 MM
BALL Douglas George Sergeant 26/44 MID
BALLANTYNE John McKay L-Corporal 23/356 MM
BARR George Walter Sergeant 25/42 MID
BARROWCLOUGH Harold Eric Major 24/16 DSO, MC, MID
BARROWCLOUGH Harold Eric Captain 24/16 French Croix de Guerre
BASSETT Edmund L-Corporal 25/162 MM
BATES George Sergeant 24/345 DCM
BATHURST Horace Cyril Sergeant 26/155 MM
BATTY Archer Ian Sergeant 40485 DCM
BATTY Cedric Walker Rifleman 46871 MM
BAXTER Erasmus Lieutenant 23290 MC, MID
BAXTER Robert Hector Lieutenant 3/2594 MC
BEATON Alexander Rifleman 26/385 MM
BEATTIE Joseph Nisbet Sergeant 23/68 MSM
BEDGGOOD William Wallace Charles L-Corporal 24/48 MM
BEERE Rawdon St John Lt-Colonel 24/3 DSO, MHS, MID x 3
BELL Alexander Sergeant 23474 MM
BELL Peter Harvey Major 23/27 DSO, MID x 3, French Croix de Guerre
BENHAM Philip Blaxand Captain 3/1122 MC (NZMC)
BENNETT Raymond Arthur Lieutenant 24/370 MID
BERGHAN Arthur John Rifleman 25666 MM
BERRY Maurice L-Corporal 25/92 DCM
BERRY William Keith Sergeant 25/81 MSM
BEST Charles Cairn Lieutenant 12115 MC
BICKFORD Thomas Edward CQMS 23/363 Belgian Croix de Guerre
BIRCH Charles Rifleman 36944 DCM
BISHOP Walter George Captain 23/1300 MID
BLACKMAN Arthur Ross Sergeant 23/968 MM
BLAKE Hinton James L-Sergeant 26/388 MM
BLENKINSOP Joseph Rifleman 24/1940 MM
BLYTH Lawrence Maurice Sergeant 26/332 MM
BOGLE Gilbert Vere Captain 3/534 MID (NZMC)
BOLES George Herbert CSM 23/366 DCM
BOLES Joseph Hislop Sergeant 22542 MM
BOLTON George Major Rifleman 26/77 Belgian Croix de Guerre
BONE Arthur Herbert Rifleman 18608 MID
BONGARD Arthur 2nd Lieutenant 15290 MC
BONGARD James Rositer 2nd Lieutenant 24/55 MC
BOOKER Alfred Benjamin Rifleman 23/77 MM
BOOTH Garth Rickaby Corporal 23/686 MM
BOWER Frank Sergeant 25/938 MM
BOWERS William George L-Corporal 12/3257 DCM, MM
BOWLER Daniel Cornelius Lieutenant 14025 MC
BOWLES William Bernard Sergeant 24/978 MM
BOWRING William Alfred Captain 24/9 MID
BOYLE James Philip S/Sergeant 26/82 MID
BRAKHAGE Charles Rifleman 24/1944 MM
BRAY Benjamin Robert S/Sergeant 26/719 MSM
BRAY William Thomas Sergeant 36736 MM
BREACH Sydney Frederick Sergeant 25/945 MID
BROMLEY John Henry Rifleman 41069 MM
BROWN Cecil Harry Thomas Corporal 68666 MID
BROWN Charles David L-Corporal 32297 MM
BROWN James Lauson 2nd Lieutenant 9/1391 MC
BROWN Thomas Lieutenant 10951 MC
BRUNTON John Strathern L-Sergeant 44682 MM
BRYDON Robert Oliver Captain 23/18 MID
BUCHLER Frederick Lancelot Lieutenant 23/1575 MID
BURGESS Gladstone Rifleman 42032 MM
BURGESS John William Corporal 21777 MM
BURR Thomas Grant Rifleman 18611 MID
BURROWS Ernest Lieutenant 25/16 MID
BURTON Leslie Andres L-Corporal 24/704 MM
BUTLER Wallace Henry Rifleman 23/89 MM
BYRNE Henry James L-Corporal 25/1195 MM
CALDERWOOD John Howard Corporal 25/316 MM
CALDWELL Robert Todd Sergeant 23/697 MM
CAMPBELL Alexander Kenneth L-Corporal 23/699 MM
CAMPBELL Ernest Hugh Rifleman 24/990 MM
CAMPBELL W C Rifleman 26/1209 MM
CANTY John Vincent Mosley Sergeant 23/381 MM
CARRINGTON Arthur Hugh Major 10/2386 MID, French Croix de Guerre
CARRINGTON Arthur Hugh Major 10/2386 Belgian Croix de Guerre
CASHMORE Frederick Richard Corporal 26/725 MM
CHAMBERS William Vernon Rifleman 23/1345 MM
CHEESEMAN Jack Hubert Rifleman 26042 MM
CHERRIE William Robert Sergeant 23/94 DCM
CHRISTIE William Ernest Captain 24/24 MID, MHS
CIOCHETTO Charles Victor Sergeant 26/93 MM
CLARK Alexander Crago Corporal 15873 MM
CLARK Henry Reverend 12931 MC (CF)
CLARK Percy John Sergeant 23/36 MID
CLARK Thomas Gow QMS 25/1073 MSM
CLARKE Frederick Alexander Corporal 24/1350 MM
CLARKE Frederick James L-Corporal 54330 MID
CLAYSON James William Sergeant 25/1119 MM
CLINKER Herbert Sydney Rifleman 23346 MM
CLOSEY Septimus James Edgar Captain 25/15 MC
COCHRANE Robert Sergeant 18621 MM
COLBECK Wilfred Seymour Lieutenant 23/2128 MID
COLEBROOK Ernest Sidney RQMS 25/732 MSM
COLEY Albert Kemp Sergeant 26/733 DCM
COLLINS William John L-Corporal 26/1180 MM
CONLON Elmer John RSM 26/730 DCM, Belgian Croix de Guerre
COOP Norman Rifleman 48456 MM
CORBETT Alexander Corporal 26/736 MM
CORBETT William Henry Rifleman 14764 MM
CORMACK Frederick Robert Corporal 54472 MM
CORSBIE Richard Thornton Corporal 33312 DCM
COUPLAND Adam James CQMS 24/389 Belgian Croix de Guerre
COWLES John Richmond Major 23/9 MC, MID
CRAIG Percy George Sergeant 24346 MM
CRANN Samuel Corporal 12/2255 MID
CRAVEN William Rifleman 42050 MM
CROFT Frederick RSM 25/858 MSM, MHS
CROOK Thomas Walter Sergeant 24/729 MSM
CROSS Frank Lot Corporal 39767 MM
CROWTHER Walter James Sergeant 24/996 MM
CULLEN Edward Luttrell L-Corporal 12356 MM
CUMMING William Sergeant 20108 MM
CUNNINGHAM Adam Jack Sergeant 23/399 DCM, MM
CURRIE John Rifleman 25676 MM
DAILEY George Carlisle Captain 7/36 MC
DALHOUSIE Richard Heron Corporal 26/767 MID
DALZELL Anthony Rifleman 65747 MM
DANIELL Leonard Thomas CSM 23/1029 DCM
DAVIDSON Claude James Hunter Lieutenant 24/1270 MC
DAVIS Francis Herbert CSM 26/299 DCM, MID
DAY John Edwin Sergeant 25/616 MID
DE COURCY Harry Pickering Sergeant 15348 MM
DEAN Hector Sergeant 24/113 MM
DEAN Jack Corporal 26570 MM
DEE George Keith Captain 24/11 MID
DEMPSTER Norman Harrison Captain 3/2877 MC (NZMC)
DENNISTON Leslie Hunter Lieutenant 14538 MC
DENSEM John L-Sergeant 24/736 DCM
DEWAR James Lindsay Sergeant 24/738 MM
DEWAR William Rifleman 24/739 MSM
DIBBLE Jesse Cyril Sergeant 26571 DCM, Belgian Croix de Guerre
DICKASON Albert Edward Rifleman 25/1162 MM
DICKEY Andrew Rifleman 26/768 DCM
DIGBY-SMITH Alfred Major 24/25 DSO, MID x 2
DIXON Bert Leonard Sergeant 25824 MM
DONN James Rifleman 23/734 MM
DOUGLAS Walter Turnbull Rifleman 26/1161 DCM, MM
DOUGLAS William Robert Rifleman 53765 DCM
DOVE William Walter Captain 26/5 MC
DRUMMOND Ernest Cameron 2nd Lieutenant 8/3242 MC
DRURY Frederick Barton Rifleman 48709 MM
DUDSON Louis Chanel RSM 25/20 MID
DUFF Alexander Corporal 52073 MM
DUNTHORNE Alfred Rifleman 26/766 DCM
DUSTON Henry McKenzie CSM 24/413 MM
DUTHIE Edward Douglas Corporal 25/614 MM
EADE Allen Victor Corporal 15843 MID
EASTGATE Henry Captain 26/1212 MBE, MID
EASTGATE Herbert Stuart L-Corporal 25/749 MM
EASTWOOD Thomas Ralph Major 15/202 MC, MID x 4
EDWARDS Edgar Beilby Lieutenant 10/212 MC
EDWARDS William Henry Rifleman 18640 MM
ELLEN Horace 2nd Lieutenant 6/2041 MM, MC
ELLERY Frank Sergeant 20512 DCM
ELLINGHAM Errol Spencer Sergeant 36742 DCM, MID
ELLINGHAM Henry Archibald Lieutenant 23108 MC
ELLIOTT Allan Carlton L-Sergeant 23/1381 MM
ELLMERS Robert L-Corporal 24/746 MM
EMERY Ledislas Aloysius Joseph Captain 26/20 MC
EMMERSON John Rifleman 26/1036 MID
EVERITT Albert Rifleman 20979 MM
FAIRBAIRN Fred Rifleman 20130 MSM
FARTHING Henry Ernest RQMS 24/2125 MID
FATT Sydney Rifleman 26/1151 MM
FERGUSON Charles Costello Rifleman 20980 MM
FERGUSON Robert Linton Sergeant 37797 MM
FERGUSON William Rifleman 24/1983 DCM
FEW Frank Corporal 48929 MM
FINLAY Charles Power L-Corporal 26/775 MM
FISHER George Duncan McNicol Sergeant 26/551 MID
FITZGERALD Nicholas Edward Sergeant 24/144 MM
FLEMING Alan Rifleman 40200 DCM
FLETCHER Eustace Cosby Corporal 41434 MM
FLETCHER Frank Noel L-Corporal 23/136 MM
FLETT Alfred L-Corporal 26/556 MM
FOGARTY Richard Sergeant 23/1048 MM
FORSYTH Albert Edward Rifleman 31119 MM
FOWLDS William Forrest Captain 26/4 MC, MID
FOX Henry Corporal 25/626 MM
FRASER Henry Charles Sergeant 25/429 DCM
FRASER John Stephen Rifleman 26086 MM
FREE Wilfred Laughton Sergeant 33144 DCM
FRICKLETON Samuel L-Corporal 6/2133 VC
FRUIN Francis Lincoln L-Corporal 25/1227 MM
FRUIN Franklin Garfield Corporal 25/178 MM
FULCHER Alfred Ernest Sergeant 26/98 MM
FULTON Harry Townsend Brig-General 23/1 CMG, DSO, French Croix de Guerre
FURBY Stanley Roy Rifleman 15888 French Croix de Guerre
GAFFANEY Peter Michael Sergeant 24/431 MM
GAIR Charles Sergeant 23/973 DCM
GALLAGHER Arthur Walton Sergeant 24/430 MM
GARDNER George William L-Corporal 26/447 MM
GASKELL Frederick Arthur L-Corporal 38525 DCM
GEANEY Daniel Patrick Rifleman 26/993 MM
GIBSON Lance Vernon Rifleman 23/760 MM
GIFFORD Percy Harold Rifleman 13748 MID
GILLAM Alexander L-Corporal 28874 DCM
GILLESPIE Oliver Arthur L-Sergeant 23/762 MM, MID x 2
GILMORE Alexander Frederick Corporal 23/1402 MM
GLENTWORTH James Preston Sergeant 23/1403 MM, MSM
GOODFELLOW Thomas Archibald Sergeant 25/323 MM
GOODHUE Arthur Charles Sergeant 25/871 MM
GORTON Arthur Ernest Sergeant 25/109 MM
GOTHARD Karl Basil CSM 26/75 Belgian Croix de Guerre
GOULD John Robert L-Corporal 24/1058 MM
GOULDING Arthur Morice 2nd Lieutenant 33125 MC
GOULDING Fritz Stanley 2nd Lieutenant 26/42 MC, MID
GOW Gordon Verney 2nd Lieutenant 15836 MC
GOWERS Harold Rifleman 24/432 MM
GRADWELL George Henry Rifleman 13752 MM
GRAINGER John Charles Sergeant 25/108 MM
GRANT Percival Lindsay Sergeant 23/1058 Belgian Croix de Guerre
GRANT Robert Joseph Lieutenant 12171 MC, MID
GRAY Charles Alfred Rifleman 31837 MM
GRAY William Arthur Lieutenant 25/955 MC
GREEN James Freeman Sergeant 25/628 MSM
GREEN William John Corporal 25408 MM
GREENISH Frank Eggar Captain 25/954 MC and Bar
GREENWOOD John Gladstone Lieutenant 26/23 MC, MID
GRIBBLE William Corporal 25/430 MM
GRIFFITHS Gerald Gilmour L-Sergeant 12174 MM
GRUBB John CQMS 24/157 DCM
HADDOW Robert Wallace RSM 24/942 DCM
HALLAM William Edward Rifleman 54501 MM
HALLETT Ernest Walter Rifleman 63601 MM
HALLIDAY Robert Sergeant 25/640 MID
HAMILTON Leslie Richard L-Corporal 33081 MM
HAMMOND Sydney Corporal 25/1760 MM, Bar to MM
HANSEN James Rifleman 25/1232 DCM
HANSON Samuel Frederick L-Corporal 24/776 MM
HARDING Ernest Astley Captain 24/13 MC
HARRIS Harry Sydney Sergeant 23/1998 MHS
HARRISON Wilfred Gordon 2nd Lieutenant 24/172 MC
HART Herbert Brig-General 10/133 CB, CMG, DSO
HART James Gabriel Corporal 21835 MM
HARTIGAN Henry Harman Rifleman 24/176 MM
HARTLEY Samuel Sergeant 24/451 DCM
HARVEY Harry Wade Sergeant 24/779 MID
HARVEY Leonard James Rifleman 24/177 MSM
HARWOOD John Richard Burns Rifleman 25/1080 MM
HAWKES Ernest Thomas Sergeant 26/59 MID
HAYTER Reuben Rifleman 15899 MM
HEALEY Maurice Rifleman 24/186 DCM
HEARD Grahame Sergeant 26/1551 MM
HEATH Henry Rifleman 39810 MM
HENLEY Norman George Sergeant 24/783 MM
HENNESSY Michael Rifleman 23/1407 MM
HENNING William 2nd Lieutenant 11376 MC
HENTY Charles Joseph Sergeant 23/778 MSM
HICKEY Michael L-Corporal 25/984 MM, MSM
HILL Ernest Corporal 11875 MM
HILL John L-Corporal 26619 MM
HINE Charles Percy Sergeant 15293 MM
HINE Herbert Samuel Sergeant 26/103 MM
HOCKEY Leonard Walter Francis Rifleman 78757 MHS
HODGSON Francis Joseph Sergeant 24/639 MM
HOLDER Albert George 2nd Lieutenant 27664 MC
HOLDERNESS Humphrey Captain 23/23 MC, MID x 2
HOLMES John Gordon 2nd Lieutenant 3/1671 MID
HOLYOAKE Frederick Thomas Rifleman 7/967 MM
HOOKER Archie Cecil Rifleman 74912 MM
HOOPER Silas Norman Rifleman 25/326 Belgian Croix de Guerre
HORSBURGH P G Captain 3/3286 MID (NZMC)
HOUCHEN Clement Reverend 18/12 MC (CF)
HOW CHOW Eng King Rifleman 54750 MID
HOWELL William Sanwig Corporal 23/789 MID
HUNT Reginald Eames Sergeant 25/1645 MSM
HUNTER Arthur Sergeant 24/182 MID
HUNTER George L-Corporal 34368 DCM
HUTCHINS Frederick George Rifleman 38534 MM
HYLAND Francis Sergeant 6/1319 Belgian Croix de Guerre
INGLIS Lindsay Merritt Captain 24/23 MC
INGPEN Norman Lockyer Rifleman 24/472 MM
IORNS Augustus William Corporal 23/460 MID
IRVINE Douglas Rifleman 23/791 MM
IRVINE William Christopher Rifleman 21512 MM
ISLIP Ernest Ellis L-Corporal 24/806 MM
JARDINE Leonard Handforth L-Corporal 10/1049 DSO and Bar, MC, MID
JEFFREY Henry John Corporal 22808 DCM
JEFFREYS Hugh Digby Sergeant 26/1177 MM
JEFFS Edward Charles Sergeant 25716 MSM
JENKINS Frank Rifleman 25885 MM
JENNENS Charles Keith Sergeant 38865 MM
JENSEN Andrew Sergeant 26/1625 MID
JEPSEN Otto Sergeant 22809 MM
JESSE Percy William Rifleman 25/646 MM
JOHANSEN William George Sergeant 25/119 MID
JOHNSTON Archibald Rifleman 15/108 MM
JOHNSTONE Robert Corporal 23/795 MM
JONES Bernard Sergeant 25/1217 MSM
JONES Edwin John Sergeant 41438 MHS
JONES John Albert Rifleman 49678 MM
JONES Major Howard Raru Captain 26/12 MC
JONES Terence Sergeant 33061 French Croix de Guerre
JOWERS William Henry Rifleman 44483 MM
JUDD Frank Kenln Rifleman 25887 MM
KAY William Major 23/3 OBE
KEATLEY John Sergeant 25/887 DCM
KEESING Henry Mark Lieutenant 24/1303 MC
KELK George CSM 23/2515 MM
KENNEDY Donald Captain 26/56 DSO, MC, MID
KENNEDY Harry Wright Captain 24/1546 MC
KENNERLY Thomas Roy Sergeant 24/815 DCM
KEOGH John Lawrence Rifleman 23/1088 MSM, DCM
KERRIGAN Myles L-Corporal 45217 DCM
KEYS Joseph Rifleman 11056 MM
KING Walter John Captain 18911 MC
KINGDON Basil Sergeant 24/1915 MSM
KIRK Bernard Callcott Lieutenant 57315 MC
KIVELL Clement Louis Corporal 25/121 MSM
LANE Thomas Sergeant 23/2576 MM
LANGRISH James Grant Rifleman 23/1431 DCM, MSM
LANGWELL Herbert James Sergeant 25/771 MM
LARSEN Harry Corporal 26/273 MM
LATIMER Richard Thomas Sergeant 24/654 DCM
LAURENT Harry John Sergeant 24/213 VC
LAW William Henry Francis Rifleman 26/675 MSM, MID
LE COMTE Herbert Edward L-Corporal 24/821 MM
LEATHLEY Robert Philip Rifleman 26/583 MID
LEIGHTON Herbert Stanley Corporal 25/505 MM
LEPPER Robert Corporal 23/483 DCM, MID
LEWER Ernest 2nd Lieutenant 23/336 MC
LEWIS Albert L-Corporal 26638 MM
LINTON William Corporal 39606 MM
LOMAX Roland Henry RSM 24/655 MSM
LOUGHLIN Albert Rifleman 22685 French Croix de Guerre
LOW James Rifleman 30956 MM
LOWE William Ernest Rifleman 74877 MM
LUND Walter Sergeant 47157 MM
LUXFORD Maurice George 2nd Lieutenant 23/490 MC
LYFORD Leslie Rifleman 54542 MM
MACDONALD Murdo 2nd Lieutenant 23/2053 MC
MACDOUGALL Arthur Henry Douglas S/Sergeant 24/239 MSM, MID
MacGREGOR James S/Sergeant 32983 MSM
MACKAY John RSM 24/535 Medaille D'Honneur Avec Glaives en Vermeil
MACKINDER William Arthur Rifleman 24/1420 MM
MACKY Neil Lloyd Captain 23/1286 MC, MID
MacMILLAN William Henry L-Corporal 24/1439 MM
MACNAB Alexander Allen Major 4/310 DSO
MACNAB Alexander Allen Major 4/310 MID
MAGNAY Christopher Robert Alexander Captain 25/1200 MBE, MHS
MALAM William Henry Rifleman 40591 MID
MANAGH Sandy Nelson L-Sergeant 22824 DCM
MANDERSON Percy Rifleman 15390 DCM
MANNING Leslie Ivan Lieutenant 24/1906 MC, MID
MARCHANT J A A Corporal 26/1043 ? MID
MARKS Rowland Sergeant 24/502 DCM
MARR Edmund Townley L-Corporal 24/1919 MSM
MARSHALL Henry Taylor 2nd Lieutenant 40154 MC
MARSHALL Valentine Lieutenant 9/445 MC, MID
MARTELLI Charles Rawson Stuart Rifleman 21047 MM
MARTIN Archibald Lawrenson Lieutenant 23/1533 MC
MARTIN John Allman Corporal 26/1043 MID
MASON James Riversdale Rifleman 23/1433 MM
MASSEY Frank George Captain 24/1268 DSO, MC, MID x 3
MATHESON Hugh Alexander L-Corporal 32868 MM
MATHIAS John Stanley L-Corporal 23/495 MM
MAUBON Cecil John Rifleman 24282 MM
MAUGER Ernest Sergeant 46527 MID
MAYNE Charles Herbert S/Sergeant 23/2506 MSM
McALISTER Joseph Leo Captain 23/25 MC
McCLURE David James Rifleman 21873 MM
McCLURE Wilfred Sergeant 10962 MM
McCLURG Douglas Wiremu Captain 24/235 MC
McCONACHY Walter Sergeant 26/462 DCM
McCORMICK Alexander Leslie 2nd Lieutenant 23/334 MC, DCM, MID
McDONALD Alexander Corporal 24/1433 MM
McDONALD Enes Jones Sergeant 24/1134 MSM
McDONALD Francis Edward CQMS 23/1315 MID
McDONALD Thomas Cecil Rifleman 35214 French Croix de Guerre
McDOWELL Andrew Logan Captain 26/15 MC
McGHIE John Gordon Lieutenant 23299 MC
McGILLEN William Peter Sergeant 36472 DCM
McGRATH Edward Rifleman 24/524 MM
McINNES Elias John Corporal 26/610 MM
McINTYRE Walter L-Corporal 45610 MM
McIVOR James Emmett SSM 12455 MSM
McKAY James Corporal 10973 MSM
McKEEGAN Charles Sergeant 24383 MM
McKENZIE James Rifleman 14305 MID
McKIE David Alexander Rifleman 48992 MM
McLEAN Archibald Rifleman 24/1145 MM
McLEAN Leslie Gordon Corporal 44141 MM
McLEOD Bruce Captain 26/10 MC
McLEOD Neil CSM 23/2244 MID
McMINN Walter Edwin 2nd Lieutenant 26/194 MC and Bar
McMURRAY Richard Sergeant 39681 DCM and Bar
McNAUGHT George Rifleman 25/448 French Croix de Guerre
McQUILLAN John Corporal 24/865 MM
McSKIMMING Robert Sergeant 29056 MID
MEIKLE Hilton Colin Captain 26/13 MC
MELLOR Eric Edward L-Corporal 55072 MM
MELVILL C W Lt-Colonel 15/35 MID x 4, Belgian Ordre de la Couronne (Officier)
MELVILL C W Lt-Colonel 15/35 CB, CMG, DSO, Belgian Croix de Guerre
MENZIES James William Chesterton Sergeant 23/825 MM
MERCER William James Sergeant 24/1116 MSM
METHVEN William Sergeant 36646 MM, Bar to MM
MEURANT Frederick Arthur Rifleman 11072 MM
MICHELL Henry James Sergeant 26/1014 MM
MILNE Robert L-Corporal 27100 MM
MILNE William Duffus Hamilton Rifleman 19022 MID
MOAR Herbert Rifleman 25912 MM
MOFFITT Percy L-Corporal 24/848 MM
MOLES Walter Thomas Corporal 30965 MSM
MOLLISON Benjamin 2nd Lieutenant 25/30 MC
MONKMAN Alfred Corporal 24/1124 MM
MOORE John Rifleman 38564 French Croix de Guerre
MORISON Henry Bruce S/Sergeant 25/213 MSM
MOSCROP (MOSCROFT) Harry Sergeant 26/858 MM
MOTION William Sergeant 26/1648 MM
MOULDING Jesse Sergeant 25/445 Belgian Croix de Guerre
MOYLE Harold Leslie Sergeant 15295 MM
MULVANEY Michael John Corporal 29966 MM, DCM
MUNRO James Melton Rifleman 26/584 MM
MURPHY James Major 37044 MID
MURRAY Andrew William Sergeant 23/529 MM, MID
MURRAY Charles Vincent Rifleman 63644 MM
MURRAY Robert Noble Rifleman 23/837 MM
MURRAY Thomas Templeton 2nd Lieutenant 15937 MM, MC
MURRAY Walter James Sergeant 24/843 MM, MID
MYERS Richard Rifleman 23/1127 MM
NAILER Charles Herbert Rifleman 35123 DCM
NAISMITH Robert Charles Rifleman 13080 MM
NANKIVELL (NANKIVILLE) Leslie Sergeant 25/898 MM
NASH Benjamin Sergeant 62616 MSM
NEGUS Frederick Rifleman 26/1666 MM
NEILSON Neils Christian Sergeant 26/1129 MM
NEVILLE Patrick Joseph Rifleman 25/558 MM
NEWBERRY James Rifleman 12242 MM
NICHOLSON Norman Alex Rifleman 24448 MM
NIMMO Thomas Rifleman 23/536 DCM, MID
O'BRIEN William Smith Corporal 36880 MM
O'CONNOR Thomas Raphael Rifleman 36479 DCM
O'DONNELL James Nicholas L-Corporal 48063 MM
O'DRISCOLL Cornelius Rifleman 26/1019 MM
O'HALLORAN Michael John Corporal 54576 MM
OHLSON Athol William Merril Sergeant 23/246 DCM
OLSEN Edward CSM 38866 DCM
O'NEILL Patrick Rifleman 23/2582 MM
O'NEILL Thomas Sergeant 24/875 DCM
ORGAN William John Lieutenant 22731 MC
ORPWOOD Henry Francis Rifleman 26/1020 MM
OSBORNE Denis Corporal 15955 MM
OXENBRIDGE Edmund William Sergeant 23/545 MID
PAIN John Carlos Sergeant 26/1191 MM
PAINE William Sergeant 26/1074 MM
PAPWORTH George Albert L-Corporal 44306 MM, Bar to MM
PARK John William Sergeant 38208 MM
PARR Stephen Reverend 3/2180 MC (CF)
PASCOE Albert Edward Rifleman 25/1795 MID
PATCHING Walter James Corporal 26/1045 MM
PATRICK Vincent James Rifleman 26/1677 MM
PATTRICK Howard Beecham Lieutenant 3/800 MC
PEARCE Victor William L-Corporal 24/1167 MM
PEAT Alexander George Rifleman 65186 MM
PENBERTHY Bert James Sergeant 25/403 MM
PERRY Albert Hall Rifleman 51497 MM
PERRY Livingstone L-Sergeant 24/659 DCM
PETERS Arthur Louis Rifleman 23/1465 MM
PETERS Frederick John Sergeant 15411 MM
PHELAN Edmond Matthew Rifleman 12465 MM
PHILLIPS Frank Henry L-Corporal 21532 MM
POOLE Sydney Harold L-Corporal 23/882 MM
POW James Lt-Colonel 23/8 DSO, MID x 3
POWER Sydney Allen QMS 26/617 MSM
POWLEY Alfred James Captain 24/8 MC
PREBBLE Frederick Leslie Sergeant 23/883 MM
PRESCOTT John Lawton Lieutenant 24/1269 MID
PRICE Henry Woolles Sergeant 24/888 DCM
PRINCE Frederic L-Corporal 65448 MM
PURDY Robert Gleadow Captain 23/10 MC, MC and Bar, French Croix de Guerre
PUTTICK Edward Lt-Colonel 23/5 DSO, MID x 2
QUINN James Patrick Rifleman 26/248 MM
QUINN John Michael Rifleman 14149 MM
QUINN Joseph Sergeant 26/278 MID
RADCLIFFE Basil Rifleman 68794 MM
RAMSAY Robert Campbell Rifleman 60314 MM
RATTRAY James McHardy Rifleman 49004 MSM
RAY Robert Rifleman 26/1689 MM
REEVE Edmund John CSM 23/572 Belgian Croix de Guerre
REEVES Eric Francis Joseph Lieutenant 23/1786 MC
RICE Patrick Joseph Rifleman 23/2076 MSM
RICHARDS William Henry L-Corporal 25/813 MSM
RICHARDSON Harry McKellar White Major 25/1215 DSO, MC, MID
RIDLING Randolph Gordon Lieutenant 23927 MHS, Albert Medal
RILLSTONE Morris John Sergeant 26/623 French Croix de Guerre
ROACHE Joseph Garrett Lt-Colonel 23/1263 DSO, MID x 2, French Croix de Guerre
ROBERTS Robert Pooley Rifleman 21097 MM
ROBERTSON Charles Coutts Sergeant 23/583 MSM
ROBINSON Edmund Colin Nigel Captain 23/1303 MID
ROBINSON William Leo Major 39715 MID
ROGERS Stanley Dick Captain 25/6 MC, MID
ROHAN Martin Driscoll Lieutenant 27692 MID
ROSANOWSKI Herbert L-Corporal 24/1183 MM, MID
ROWE Clifford Anderson Corporal 46245 MM
ROWE Laurence John Lieutenant 18020 MC
ROY James Alexander McLean Lieutenant 36839 MC and Bar
RUDKIN Alfred Robert Sergeant 31893 MM
RUSSELL James Lieutenant 13095 MC, MID
SACHE Edward Percival L-Corporal 26/905 MID
SALT Charles Henry 2nd Lieutenant 4/230 MID x 2
SAMPSON (SAMSON) William Benjamin Rifleman 25/684 MID
SAMSON Charles Owen Corporal 24/643 MM
SAPSFORD Sydney John Corporal 26/1707 MM
SAXON Kendall Reginald James von Tunzelmann Captain 26/17 MC
SCOULAR Spencer Gray Captain 25/9 MID x 2
SCRIVENER Arthur Roy Sergeant 26/62 MID
SCULLY Peter Alphonsus CSM 24/1189 DCM
SENIOR Stanton Eastgate 2nd Lieutenant 22732 MC
SENN Thomas Joseph Rifleman 25751 Belgian Croix de Guerre
SETON Clarence Bourchier Wilmot Reverend 60393 MC (CF)
SHANNON Roy Clement Rifleman 13822 DCM
SHARDLOW Benjamin John Bandmaster 23/1261 MSM
SHAW Lewis Corporal 23/2278 MSM
SHEARER Alfred Sergeant 25/59 MID, French Croix de Guerre
SHEAT Charles Millard Rifleman 25/1019 MM
SHELLAM Henry Rifleman 14163 French Croix de Guerre
SHEPHERD Norman Francis Lt-Colonel 6/821 DSO, MID x 2
SHEPPARD Frank William Horder CSM 25/71 DCM
SHIRES Francis William Rifleman 78255 MHS
SILLIFANT John L-Corporal 40724 DCM
SIMMERS Robert Sergeant 25/239 MM, Bar to MM, Medal of St George - 2nd Class
SINCLAIR Robert John Sergeant 23/598 MM, Bar to MM
SKELLEY Percy William Captain 41235 MID
SKETT Gustav Rifleman 38234 MM
SLEVIN Franz Roering CSM 15981 MC
SMITH Alexander Sergeant 23/981 MID
SMITH Archibald George Rifleman 44787 MM
SMITH Bertie Thomas L-Corporal 25/1024 MM
SMITH Francis Rifleman 15427 MM
SMITH Frederick Rifleman 34929 MM
SMITH Frederick Richard Corporal 48099 Belgian Croix de Guerre
SMITH Harold Percival Bombardier 2/2264 MM
SMITH Stanley Rifleman 44316 MM
SMITH Sydney CSM 26/474 DCM
SMITH Thomas L-Corporal 26/473 MSM
SMITH William Keith Rifleman 29097 MM
SNELLING Thomas Alexander 2nd Lieutenant 23261 MC
SOMMERVILLE James Rifleman 14501 MM
SOMMERVILLE William L-Corporal 54164 MM
SPENCER Norman Berridge CQMS 25/1033 MSM
SPRIGGS Charles Arnold CSM 25/69 DCM
ST GEORGE Frank Clarence L-Corporal 24/1492 MM
ST GEORGE George Leonard Sergeant 24/296 MSM
ST LEGER Rupert William Sergeant 23/340 Medaille de Bronze
STAITE (STRAITE) Oscar L-Corporal 28554 MM
STEDMAN Maurice Archibald Lieutenant 24/1248 MC
STEELE John Hector Sergeant 33128 DCM
STEVENS Charles Thompson Rifleman 20575 MM
STEVENSON David Rifleman 25/677 MM
STEWART Alexander Edward Lt-Colonel 24/1 CMG, DSO, MID x 2, French Croix de Guerre
STEWART James Bremner S/Sergeant 26/224 MID
STILL Charles Haselden L-Corporal 26/421 MM
STIRLING Sydney Gerald Rifleman 25/912 MM
STOCKDALE Walter L-Corporal 23/605 MM
STONE Norman George Corporal 13129 MM
STORRY William Rifleman 26708 MM
STRANG John Donald Kay Captain 9/781 MID x 2
STRONG Edward Albert Rifleman 40463 MM
STRUTHERS Henry Sergeant 23/923 DCM
STURGESS Samuel Rifleman 12502 French Croix de Guerre
STURMEY Arthur Lewis Rifleman 48107 DCM
SUMNER Wallace Charles Ivan Lieutenant 23/1831 MID
TAYLOR Allan L-Corporal 24/1838 MM
TAYLOR Andrew Sergeant 23/295 MM
TAYLOR Charles Corporal 13824 DCM
TAYLOR Leslie Jude Captain 23288 MC
TAYLOR Walter Gilbert Sergeant 26/481 MM
THOM William Napier Sergeant 26/927 MM, Bar to MM
THOMPSON Henry James Lieutenant 15834 MC
THOMPSON Percy Admiral Sergeant 25754 MM, Medaille Militaire
THOMSON Alexander Captain 25/12 MC, MID
THOMSON David Mickle Sergeant 23/1217 MM
THOMSON George William Gordon Sergeant 33068 MM
THOMSON Matthew Arthur Rifleman 56486 MM
THORN Ben Private 23/301 MM (NZMC)
TIMMINS William Sergeant 14884 MM, Bar to MM
TOMLINSON Cecil George Sergeant 26/1103 MM
TOMS Stanley William Corporal 12294 DCM
TOON Wilford Albert L-Corporal 39123 MID
TOWN Charles Edward Rifleman 25/1150 MM
TREVETHICK Herbert John Lieutenant 18914 MHS
TUCKER Clarence Albert Rifleman 23/1224 DCM
TURNER Horace Arthur 2nd Lieutenant 25/525 MID
TURNER Watson Collingwood Rifleman 23/941 MM
TURNER William Frank L-Corporal 17851 MM
TYERMAN Norman Rich L-Corporal 59171 MHS
VAZEY Edward Rifleman 26718 MM
VOSS Theodore William Rifleman 38239 MM
VOYLE John William CSM 24/1323 MM, DCM
WAKE Archibald Armstrong L-Corporal 43119 MM
WALKER Walter Rowland Rifleman 23/1503 MM
WALLER Henry Thomas Rifleman 23/948 MM
WALLES Cyril William Rifleman 39128 MM
WARREN Charles Henry Rifleman 23281 French Croix de Guerre
WARREN Norman Rifleman 24/1850 MM
WATKINS William Sergeant 25/838 Belgian Croix de Guerre
WATTS George Richard L-Corporal 20583 MM
WEBSTER George Fox CSM 36504 MC
WELCH Henry Clarence Sergeant 26/940 MM
WHISKER Leslie John Corporal 23/953 MM
WHITE Albert Edward Rifleman 25/248 MM
WHITE Eric James Rifleman 51938 MM
WHITEFIELD Ridley 2nd Lieutenant 26/643 MC
WHITTINGTON Cyril Ernest Rifleman 58425 MSM
WHYTE Arthur William Sergeant 23/1502 MM
WILKES Thomas Martin Captain 24/6 MC, MID x 2
WILKIE George 2nd Lieutenant 23/644 MID
WILLETTS Morris William L-Corporal 31003 MM
WILLIAMS Archie Owen Rifleman 48127 MM
WILLIAMS Charles John Corporal 26/1554 DCM
WILLIAMS Laury Salter L-Corporal 25765 DCM
WILLIAMS Owen Wallis Captain 23/1875 MC
WILLIAMSON Walter John Sergeant 26/951 DCM
WILSON Charles Sergeant 23/1239 DCM
WILSON H M W Major - DSO, MID x 2
WILSON John Henry L-Corporal 55215 MM
WILSON John James Hubert Rifleman 52670 MM
WILSON Thomas Corporal 26/227 MM
WILSON William Archibald Rifleman 65644 MM
WILSON William Kingston Rifleman 24/324 French Croix de Guerre
WINCHESTER Edward Alexander Lieutenant 26/9 MC
WINTER-EVANS Alfred Lt-Colonel 26/11 DSO, MID x 2
WOOD Edward William Corporal 31917 MM
WOOD Oscar Sergeant 23/960 MID
WOTTEN Frank Cecil Rifleman 24/938 French Croix de Guerre
YOULE Henry Rifleman 26/429 MM
ZEISLER Erling 2nd Lieutenant 12338 MC

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