Sopers (& Sobers) in the Caribbean

Some notes about Sopers in the Caribbean

England to Caribbean

John Soper, yeoman, sailed from Bristol, 21 Aug 1660, bound to William Phelps to serve 4 years in Barbados. from Franklin Family Research [Four years seemed to be the normal contract, presumably to pay for the passage.] (another site mentions Scottish Prisoners of War, sold as slaves in 1650, saying 'The attitudes in New England at the time favored indentured servitude as opposed to slavery'). A William Phelps b.1599 Tewksbury, left for the colonies, with his wife & 6 children, on the 'Mary and John' (140 passengers) 20 March 1630 via Barbados. Arriving 30 May 1630, Dorchester, Massachusetts, the first settlers there. [Interesting that John is described as a Yeoman (someoneone of good family, usually somone owning land), so perhaps this was not the type of apprentiship forced by hardship] source & source

John Soaper was 1 of 5 watchmen at Greenwich Yard, Jamaica. Request for payment. 26 Mar 1765 Robert Patterson, Attorney received wages for them : ADM 106/1141/55 : File marked London : [Apart from a Greenwich Yard in Pensylvania, no web record (2/05)] : ADM 106/1141/55 : National Archives

Mr Souper, Sir Ralph J Woodford's worthy secretary at Government House, Trinidad, late 1820, early 1901, wrote on a scrap of paper, "have to any record of this damned, nasty, ugly, stinking, blood of a bitch?" when a Spaniard complained he was not allowed entry, though known: googlebooks

Barbara Souper from Barbados to William FitzHerbert; thanking him for loan of ú40. [FitzHerbrts of Tissington, Derbyshire & Barbados plantations] 29 July 1775 : National Archives

Thomas Soper, born 1751/2 Hampshire, a serving man in Barbados; recorded in his mother's will 22 Dec 1784. A loose end in Eric Soper’s line. Thomas's parents, William & Nanny Soper, m.1735 Hants, both died Hants

Philip Soper, late of Lower Neptune St, Rotherhithe, Surrey, formerly master of the sloop Sally, of Grenada, then master of the schooner David Graham, of Grenada, West Indies, then mate of the ship Percy of London : bankrupt 1827

Soper Kiddle Tried: Swaffham, [Norfolk?] Oct 1838; Transported to Bermuda : Source: Hulk Register. Gives name of Hulk, date received, and date transferred for transportation, along with brief gaoler's report: ú6 refUCB1987 source

Benjamin Soper born Africa c.May 1819; Enlisted 1837 a black Private of 1st West Indies Regiment; Discharged Barbados 1859 injured, after 22y service; (6Ży Africa & 15Ży West Indies); Intended place of residence Sierra Leone; Military Record : [See military Sopers]

John Soper ; Barbados, Original Residence: ? , Destination: Barbados, Page in Original Document: 376. Ship:? .Date: ? Original Port: ? source

ZáA Loper, sailed from Liverpool to St Vincent, West Indies, 1896 : from

WáR Soper, sailed from Avonmouth to Bermuda, 1910 : from
William R Soper (c1875-?) Immigration records for Ellis Island, New York have him arriving on The Hamilton from Bermuda on 6 Mar 1916 : Age 41 : Single: Nationality, English : Residence, Ireland Island, Bermuda : [?a William Robert Soper b.Jul>Sep 1874 Portsea, Hants, a Portsmouth boilermaker 1904 & perhaps still there 1920?]

R M Souper sailed class on "Orinoco" from Demerara, West Indies (via Carthaguia, Colon, Jamaca, Trinida, La Guaira, Tobago, Surinam, St Kitts, Antigua, Guadeloupe, St Lucia, Barbados) to Southampton, Eng arriving 1 Sep 1904; English citizen scan; UK Incoming Register : [??perhaps Richard Mitford C Souper m.Elsie Mary Lee Jul>Sep 1907]

Caribbean to England

Immigration ships passenger search page, from

Early Caribbean Sopers some odd notes, listed in approx date order

Thomas Soper of Erith conveys land in Erith called Le Wash from Richard Wooton of Erith, Hunts, 13 Apr 1672. Manor of Somersham, Court Rolls: a) 1718, Recovery for Mr Soper; b) 1750, Honour and Sansome; c) 1767, admission, Susanna Eden; d) 1779, admission William King, death of Ann Martin. : from Inhabitants of The Danish Westindian Islands (The Virgin Islands) 1650ľc1825

Peter Soper witnessed at a death, 17 July 1654, Barbados*

Mary Soaper witnessed at a death, 1654, Barbados*

Peter Soper a soldier in 1679

Walter Soper m.Millecent SPRINGER , 24 Mar 1721/2, St Michael Parish, Barbados**

Robert Souper, m.Eliza Denny, 3 Jun 1733, St Philip, Barbados*

John Soper (c1742-1749) Gravestone at Towers, Tortola inscribed "son of McCuthbert Soper"; - This family gave the name to a West End harbour called Soper's Hole, 'very often misspelled as Sopher' (Photo by Marge Doran, copyright) --- Another site says John Soper was the son of a wealthy settler, and was only seven years old when he tragically drowned in the area known today as Soperĺs Hole (aptly named by his father after his sonĺs unfortunate death). The tombstone, decorated with elegant cherubs, declares "Here lies the Body of John Soper, Son of M. Cuthbert Soper, who departed this life the 4th Day of January 1749, Aged 7 years, 4 months and 19 days."

Nanchy Souper m.Joh.Delanoy St. Cr. 1742/24 Virgin Island? book

Peter Souper m.Elisabeth Abelgethsdatter St. Cr. 1742/24. Twins: Bartholomaus Souper & Reien Peter Souper 1746/42 ; Virgin Island? book

Jane Souper m.illegible, 1752, St Phillip Parish, Barbados*

George Soper m.Ann Bliss , 31 Jul 1757, St Michaels Parish, Barbados*
- - -
John Bliss Soper b.26 May 1761, born to George & Ann (pos m 1790?), Barbados*
John Bliss Soper Esq who departed this life the ... day of July 1820, sacred to the memory [a grave on a plantation?] from "Monumental inscriptions in the churches and churchyards of the island of Barbados, British West Indies", (pub c1907??)

James Soaper : A Midshipman, on board HMS Griffin 1761, a 6th rate ship or frigate of 28 guns, she was lost shortly after 9 p.m., in the dark, on October 27, 1761. The ship had left Bermuda weeks earlier, had been on the high seas far away from land and, at the time she was lost on the reefs on the northeast coast of Barbuda, the captain believed (based on his reckoning)that he was more than 25 leagues off that island. "Morning : when closer to Barbuda than believed by its reckoning, Cpn. Taylor spots two suspect sails which he takes to be French privateers and starts chase. The chase goes until the night when two lights appear supposed to be the ones of the supposed French privateers. These are followed until the ship runs on the rocks, on northeastern point of Barbuda. Attempts are made to anchor, the cables part, the ship runs on the rocks and is evacuated. The captain remains alone apparently on his disintegrating ship until 4 pm on October 28. Nothing can be saved from the wreck. Three able seamen, William Cribb, Samuel Bond and Francis Amandis, have been drowned in the shipwreck".

George Soper b 20 Aug 1763, born to George & Ann, Barbados*

William Souper, married Barbara Redwan, 'J.N.'. 25 Aug 1765, St Michaels, Barbados, Caribbean : igi &

William Henry Souper bpt.21 Oct 1775 St Michael, Barbados, Caribbean 'son of Mrs Souper illeg.' St Michael* ['illegitimate'? but speculate possibly 'illegible'?]' : index source [m.1800 below?] : [?seems Capt W H Souper, m.1797 - charged with murder after a duel at Lymington, Hants 1814] ;

Rebecca Miller Soper born 8 Nov 1779 of Barbados : Relative/Witness Emery F. Barrus **
Susannah Thayer Soper born 8 Apr 1781 of Barbados : Relative/Witness Emery F. Barrus **
Lucinda Artherton Soper born 14 Jan 1784 of Barbados : Relative/Witness Emery F. Barrus **

George Robert Soper & wife Mary Soper, St. John 28 May 1786 :Vol. 789, FHL #0426944; 4 Sep 1789 : West Indies Chancery

Mary Frances Soper born 3 Jul 1788 of Barbados : Relative/Witness Emery F. Barrus **. Death 25 Jan 1859

John Soper married Elizabeth McDaniel, 24 Dec 1790 Saint Michael, Barbados. ** [pos b 1761?]*

Eleonora Soper m.Mr Molineux; Theodor Buncomba St.Jan plantation Hope in Rifbay [Maria Hope Sugar Estate, above Reef Bay, St John Island, US Virgin Islands [estate abandoned 1732? source; St John Danish since 1815, sold to US 1917] (the central bay on S coast)], St. John.-Wes. He died 23 Apr 1795 at Skiftepro page 21. They had son Richard Cook (3) ; Inhabitants of Danish Westindian Islands (The Virgin Islands) 1650ľc1825; from Danish State Archive source

Katherine Woodford Souper bapt 17 Jul 1798 St Michael, Barbados : to William Henry Souper & Amelia : [ Sir Ralph Woodford governer early 1800's] : [a Woodford Souper bapt c1881 to Rev Francis Souper of Devon]

William Henry Souper born 16 Mar 1800, bapt 1 Oct 1800 Old Church, St Pancras : to William Henry Souper & Amelia [perhaps the William Henry b.1875?]

John Cadogan Souper, bapt 15 Oct 1804 & George Frederic Souper 19 Jan 1806, sons of William Henry Souper Inspector of the Chasseurs Brittannique & Amelie Ann Souper , possibly at Vittoriosa, Malta (or Alexandria, Egypt) Robert Souper Howard

Capt Souper fought a duel, Hampshire, on Pennington Common, 15 Apr 1808, it left Lieut Dieterich mortally wounded,. The Capt arrested & charged with murder, later reprieved, but public outcry meant dueling banned in British Army. [Perhaps William Heny Souper (1775-?), b.W.Indies & an officer in a W.Indies penal regiment 1806 & in Eng by 1800?]
W H Souper - charged with murder at Lymington 4 Aug 1814; Taunton Courier 11 Aug ;
: Captain Sooper Winchester Assizes for killing an opponent in a duel, c1815, when the Government was clamping down on duelling. Sooper had a wife & children & expected acquittal or short imprisonment, but the jury returned 'Guilty of Murder'. Sooper feinted, he apologised, saying he had no fear death having been in battle & faced the West Indies climate. He argued, had he not vindicated his honour, he would loose his commission. 'Am I to get led to execution like the vilest felon'. Justice Dampier sympathised & he was ultimately pardoned : Autobiography of William Jerdan, pub 1853 [This written as a 2nd hand anecdote, so perhaps unreliable, or phonetic spelling? - ie, no sign of the Judge : However a military Souper family was in W.Indies]
: Ensign William H Souper York Chasseurs promoted to Lieutenant 2 Jan 1818. (Cadet T Richardson from the Royal Military College replaces him) : [see Dorset Notes 1789 for possible birth] : from The Edinburgh Advertiser [The York Chasseurs, a penal regiment, formed 1813 from Irish deserters was permanently assigned to the Caribbean. 'Efficient with a happy officer corp but decemated by tropical fever & desertion'. After the Napoleonic Wars, arrived at Quebec from Jamaica to disband as colonisers, 24 Aug 1819] : [presume the son of W H Souper b.1800 above]

George Soper 18 slave African hand. A scar on left cheek; Imported, owner George Robinson; Personal slave register, Trinidad 1815 scan
: George Soper 25 domestic, negro on 'Industry' plantation, 5ft 9in, African Mandingo, a scar on left cheek; Purchased; 1822 Trinidad Slave Register; owner John Corrie scan
: George Soper 28 negro labourer, African Mandingo, at South Naparima, Trinidad, scar on left cheek; 5'9" Purchased; 1 of 2 slaves at Port of Spain, owned by George Robinson, deceased; 1825 Trinidad Slave Register scan
: George Soper 31 ditto details 'owner' Purchased; 1 of 5 slaves owned by Henry Hart Anderson; 1828 Register scan
: George Soper 34 ditto details, at S.Naparima 'owner' Renny Duruty Esquire, Purchased; 1831 Register scan

Sopier a slave female Creole, age 11 at St John, Jamaica; 'owner' Robert R Douglas; 1 of 18 slaves of Robert R Douglas; Slave Registers, Jamaica 1817 scan

Soupire (1st name) 1 of 5 slaves 'owned' by Sarah Hughes, off the Island, Report 26 May; Slave Register at St John, Dominica 1817 scan

John Soper 'owned' 18 slaves in 1817 at St Michael was 1 of 11 Barbados parishes, now Bridgetown; 8 from Barbados, 9 from Africa & 1 from Tortola [one of the Virgin Islands]; 5 under 16 (all from Barbados, coloured), scan
- - - - - - -
: John Soper in 1820 had perhaps still 7 slaves in 1820, as 4 had died, 4 sold or given & 4 emancipated since last slave list [perhaps 3y earlier], scan
: Mid 1600's, 5,600 African slaves in Barbados increased to 385,000 by early 1800's. Constant importation needed by high mortality rate. source

Armstrong Souper age 2, a slave, Trinidad Plantation index 1819, 'owner' Joseph Peschier scan

William H Souper (c1729-1819 - if '90' is correct) sacred to the memory. Late M??? York Chasseurs 16 Dec 1819 : aged 90 years 3 Oct 1797 : [If age is correct then too old to be WH above or his father - if '90' was 19 then the Ensign above] : Trinidad's Botanical Gardens has a cemetery plot for the island's Governors, family & friends. The earliest burial was William Souper source
Lieut Souper hp York Chasseurs, Trinidad d.16 Dec 1819; from Blackwood's magazine; reported March 1820

John Bliss Soper Esq who departed this life the ... day of July 1820, sacred to the memory [a grave on a plantation?] from "Monumental inscriptions in the churches and churchyards of the island of Barbados, British West Indies", (pub c1907??) : [b.26 May 1761 to George m.Ann Bliss , who m.1757, St Michaels, Barbados]

Rachael Ann Soper bapt 2 Aug 1824, Saint Michael, Barbados. ** : Mother Elizabeth Mary Soper Francis Souper's Grave

Sir Francis Souper Bayley (c1789-1824) Knight, of Malvern, Barbados. monument at St John's Church Barbados Died 19 Oct 1824, aged 35 [a Sir Francis Souper Bayley had Factory Records with East India Company, 1824. Will 'of Lincolns Inn' London, 17 May 1825 (A2A)] : Also monument there to his parents Francis and Jane Bayley died 21 Oct 1777 & 10 Nov 1803
Francis Souper Bayley, son of Francis & Jane Bayley of Barbados. Matric, Queen's College, Oxford, 20 Oct 1808, BA 1812, MA 1815. A tablet east wall, south aisle, St Mary's, Oxford, says born Barbados 19 Dec 1789 source : [became a knighted barrister, Legal Sopers]

Carr Ann Soper baptised 12 Apr 1826 Saint Michael, Barbados. Mother Elizabeth Mary Soper. Relative/Witness Emery F. BARRUS **

Bessy Soper a negro slave, at St David, Jamaica; 'owner' James Ouchtertone; died since last slave return; Slave Registers, Jamaica 1829 scan

John Francis Soper baptised 9 Jun 1831 Saint Michael, Barbados. Mother Lydia Soper **

Soper a slave, African (not creole) ; died age 63, at St Ann (2), Jamaica; 'owner' Wm Henry Redward. He owned 19 slaves 15 had died & 12 born since last return; Slave Registers, Jamaica 28 Jun 1832 scan

Easter Souper 26 a slave, Barbadian, black female; at Barbados, 1832; 'owner', Thomas Linton (deceased); sold to Caroline Thomas (her only 1 slave owned on return made 1 Mar 1834), scan
: might assume dau Jane Souper 2y 7m slave, Barbadian, black; 'owner' Thomas Yard (on list of 10 births & 12 deaths; the changes since previous slave register), scan; Jane Souper 4y 10m at St George, Barbados [central Southern parish]; 'owner' Thomas Yard, scan

Benjamin Soper (c1819-?), Private nr1018, 3rd Bat, West Indies Regiment of Foot 1837-59; Born Africa; Enlisted 17 May 1837 Private 1st West Indies Reg; Black hair, black eyes, black complexion; Enlisted 1st Batt; 24 May 1837 (3y 198d); In Africa 6y 242days; In West Indies 15y 46days; Transfered 3rd West India Reg 1 Dec 1840 - 31 Jan 1845 (4y 62d); resigned; 3rd West India Reg 1 Feb 1845 - 28 Feb 1859 (14y 28d) army record : [See military sopers]

John Sober private, at Corps of Military Labourers, at West Indies; British Army, Worldwide Index '41cen : [does 'Sober' & job indicate a native??]

Samuel William Sober (b.?); > John William Sober b.1842 in St Peter > James Edward Sobers b.1863 St.P > James Augustus Sobers b.1884 St Andrew (brothers James Elverton Sobers b.1887 & Ernest William Sobers b.1894 St.A) from Donald Hinson (grgrgrgrandson) Jul'01 Barbados Genealogy Forum

Sarah J Souper 21 head, daughter of Registrar of Louth, of 1st instance; British Subject at Cauldwell St, Bedford, St Mary, Beds '51cen, b.Isle of Trinidad; Julia A Souper 20 dau of Registrar of Louth, of 1st instance; British Subject b.Isle of Trinidad; Jessey G Souper 15 scholar at home b.Lon*; Jane H Souper 13 scholar at home b.Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales; Francis Souper* 7 scholar; Mary O Souper 2 both b.Bedford, Beds; scan : [*'b.London' but 'of Trinidad' at marriage 1869 below] : [*Frances Abraham Souper's biog] : [parents Phillip Dottin Souper & Oriana Jane, see biog]

Apphia Jane Sopers m.John Lewis 3 Jul 1851 Holy Innocents, Barbadoes, Caribbean

Eliza Emily Souper, the only child of the late George Frederick Souper of the inner Temple, barrister, formerly of Trinidad, She married Samuel Cooper Wayth master of HMS Sparrowhalk at Southwold, Sussex 28 Feb 1856 : [Samuel Cooper from BDM, marriage at Blything] The Southwold Diary of James Maggs 1818-1876 from
Mrs Eliza Souper 10 Nov 1801 'born wd of the lt Henry Gooch maiden name Wayth' : The Southwold Diary of James Maggs 1818-1876 from

Henry Soper a Wesleyan Minister, sent to Barbados, St Vincents District 1857. Eldest child William H Soper b.1863c Barbados. Family returned, 1865 as his wife had yellow fever : The family at Derby, Derbyshire at 1881 British census : Henry Soper 49 b.South Brent, Devon. Wife, Elizabeth Soper 44 b. Poole, Dorset children : William H Soper 18 a clerk b.Barbados : Florette Soper 11 b.Frome, S.Set : Herbert K Soper 9 : Edward K Soper 8 both b. Salisbury, Wilts : Maud Soper 3 b.Taunton : see Rev Henry Soper : [Herbert Keens Soper m.Lincoln Sep 1894 (to either Louisa Henrietta Oxley or Harriet Gilby) bmd]

Samuel William John Soper bpt 29 Aug 1858 Barbados; mother Mary Lucy (igi)

Henry Soper & Eliza Cook Barratt, witnessed the marriage of John Cook Barrett & Elizabeth Osborn, 9 Oct 1860, in Bridgetown, Barbados. see [JCB, EO & ECB all were born in England] : see Rev Henry Soper

Charles Clarence Nathaniel Sopers bpt.Jun 1862 mother Elizabeth, [Barbados?] (igi)

Henry Soper, 1867, charged at Jamaica Police Court, with refusing to join the ship Fair Wind, after signing Articles for a voyage to Pensacola, with the view of defrauding the Sailor's Home of the advance for board & lodging. Having persisted in refusing to join the ship, the magistrate sentenced him to 30 day's imprisonment. Report in 'Jamaica Daily Gleaner', 11 June 1867

Jessie Georgiana Souper of Trinidad And Tobago, Caribbean married Gerald De Courcy O'Grady 1 Jun 1867 in Ireland : [her father, Frances Abraham Souper's biog]

English 1871 census; George Soper (c1829-?) stone mason 42 at 3 Regent Building, Penzance; b.Okehampton, Dev : wife Mary P Soper 44 British - b.West Indies New Providence [Bahamas], also niece Ann Mitchell 9 scholar b.Devonport, Dev; scan : [not vis '51/'81/'91cen - so was he a soldier, or similar??] : [so was wife Mary P ne Mitchell??]

John Sobers d.1873-4 Barbados, Army Returns, Deaths 1796-1880, from findmypast

Henry Soper COX m. Georgina Alice Maud Ethelridge 15 Jul 1892, St Pancras, Euston Sq, Lon. From index of residents of colonies Berbice, Demerara, & Essequebo (now Guyana); source

From Caribbean, to New York & UK

Capt S TáSoper 47 : res-?, Nat-? on The Trinidad, from Hamilton, Bermuda: on 13 May 1895 : US citizen

Frank Soper 38 & Mary (28)m, US citizens, sailed on 'The Monterey' from Havana, Cuba to New York, arriving 16 Mar 1907, they sailed again in Feb 1912 [Mary stayed the same age]

John Soper 52, US citizen, sailed on 'The Havana' from Havana, Cuba to New York, arriving 23 Mar 1909

Robert Soper 72 & Bessie Soper 76, US citizens, sailed on 'The Oruba' from Kingston, Jamaica & the Cayman Islands, arriving New York, 29 Mar 1911

2 James P Soper sailed one m & age 61, one s & aged 24, US citizen, sailed on 'The Almirante' from Kingston, Jamaica & the Cayman Islands, arriving New York, 7 Mar 1913

Harry AáSoper 48 AdaáSoper 45 : residence, Waterbury, Connecticut, Nat-US on 'The Bermudian', from Hamilton, Bermuda to New York : on 26 Aug 1915 : married : US citizen

Arthur LáSoper 51 : residence, Jersey City, New Jersey, Nat-? on 'The Nieuw Amsterdam', from Falmouth, Antigua & Barbuda: on 8 Dec 1915 : married : US citizen

William RáSoper 41 : residence Bermuda : single : English on 'The Bermudian', from Hamilton, Bermuda to New York : on 6 Mar 1916

MyrtleáSoper 22 : on 'The Bermudian', from Hamilton, Bermuda to New York: on 4 Mar 1917 : single : US citizen

Maria RáSoper 25, MariaáSoper 2 & JorgeáSoper 0 : residence, Massachusetts, Nat-US on 'The Coamo', from San Juan, Porto Rico to New York, on 3 Feb 1919 : maried : US citizen : note

BessieáSoper 30 : residence- Halethorpe, Maryland, sailed on 'The Fort Hamilton', from Hamilton, Bermuda to New York : on 19 Aug 1920 : single : US citizen

Edgar KáSoper 33 & Solveig MáSoper, age 30 : residence New York, on 'The Matura', from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago to New York, on 12 Jan 1920 : married : US citizens : Solvieg sailed 4 Jun 1921 on 'The Matura': They both sailed again on 'The Vauban' 12 Jul 1922

BeulaháSoper 36 : res Washington, DC, on 'The Philadelphia', from San Juan, Porto Rico to New York : on 17 Apr 1922 : single : US citizen

JessieáSoper 42 : sailed on 'The Fort Hamilton', from Hamilton, Bermuda to New York : on 13 Mar 1922 : married : a US citizen

Robert Soper 41, Mary 30, Robert 5 & George 3 US citizens sailed on Ulua from Havana, Cuba to New York arriving 11 June 1922 : (same trip Aug 1923) : [probably coincidence but a Mary (b.1891) sailed from Ireland 1896]

JamesáSoper 26 & KatherineáSoper age 26 : residence - Salem, Massachusetts, on 'The Fort Victoria', from Hamilton, Bermuda to New York : on 18 Jun 1923 : married : US citizen

Robert HáSoper 41 : residence, Raxbury, Massachusetts, Nat-? on The San Lorenzo, from San Juan, Porto Rico: on 21 Jan 1924 : married : US citizen [Robert H sailed 1922/23/24/24 & as crew 1918]

Harold Evan Soper (c1904-?) 23 lance corporal, Royal Engineers; english citizen, Last permanant address Jamaica; address c/o Depot Fleet sailed 3rd class on "RMS Orbita" (Pacific Steam Navigation co) from Antofagasta, Chile arriving Liverpool, Eng 22 Oct 1927; scan; UK Incoming Register
- Harold Evan Soper b.Oct>Dec 1901, Exeter, Dev; [prison officer, 1927]

Selina Pitt Soper (c1881-?) 49 prof music, sailed 1st class on "Bayano" (Elder & Fyffes Line) from Kingston, Jamaica arriving Avonmouth, Bristol, Eng 5 Jan 1930; Last permanant address & planned future residence England; address 303 Clive Court, Maida Vale, London, W9, scan; UK Incoming Register : [see Hants]

Alfred R Soper (c1903-?) 32 naval service, sailed 2nd class on "Orbita" (Pacific Steam Navigation Line) from Bermuda to Plymouth, Eng (ship continued to Liverpool, arriving 28 May 1935); Last permanant address Bermuda; Planned future residence Eng; address 60 Neath Rd, Plymouth, [Devon] (ship from South America) scan; UK Incoming Register : [a Portsmouth, Dockyard Inspector 1941, see sailing notes]

Lt Col Arthur D Soper 5th Brig; residence 174-26 Adelaide Lane, St Albans, Jamaca 6-7465; Address Bell Telephone Labs, 463 West St, NY; Information date 3 Jan 1942; NY Military Service Card , US scan


family Search (igi) offer 1,014 records for Sober/Barbados

Some of the Sober family (possibly went by the name Soper) from the Isle of Thanet moved to Barbadoes during the 1600's. source

John & Thomas Sober in list of 'Inhabitants of Barbados' 1638 who possessed 10+ acres of land.

A Sober story runs... a holy man, went from Nothumberland to Isle of Man, serving the king or regent lord. Brothers Thomas & Johnathan Sober went from there & opened a whiskey distillery in Barbados (leaving slaves named Sober), then founded a New Jersey farm, 1 fought in the revolution (from 1776)

John Sober (1715-1755) & son Cumberbatch Sober owned the Mount Gay Rum Factory in St Peters, Barbados; from Charles Sober Aug'10 (2nd cousin x9) : Charles contacted genological groups in Thanet & Isle of Man, but no Sobers visable. source
- - - - - - - -
John Sober from England, purchased slaves in Africa to trade to Barbados sugar plantations for rum to trade to New York. A lucrative business but prices fell when Barbados had enough slaves & the Colonies produced their own liquor. With wealth, they establish themselves in Philadelphia, New Jersey area. Prob bapt 27 Apr 1738, prob to Thomas & Jane (Redman) Sober who bapt other children in Barbabos. Surnames POYER (Isaac's wife) & MOORE (grandson Samuel's wife) are found within same records. Sober/Soper still common in Barbados, most negro descendants of their former slaves. A "Sober Castle" reportedly once on Barbados? It's believed the family originated from Isle of Thanet, Kent, Eng. from Matt Thompson; Dec'10, source
- - - - - - - -
John Sober m.Mary Wilcox, 25 Oct 1743, he had a slave plantation & castle in Barbados, he requested burial in St Paul's, London, his mother lived Isle of Thanet / Little Burstead, Essex. Children of above John, Sarah, Abraham, Mary & Cumerbatch were each left ú3000 in will. A Sober Link
- - - - - - - -
Thomas & Jane (Redman) Sober had sons, Thomas b.4 Oct 1743 & George b.12 Nov 1745, both bapt.St Thomas. His ancestors are Thomas b.1685, John b.1655, John b.1615, his father b.c1590 England. Jane Redman b.1720 to James & Mary Redman(/Rodman) from Eric Johnson Jun'08 source (Donna White, an ancestor asked of another son IsaacSober (1738-1775) b.St John, m.Susan Poyer & d.Northumberland, PA)
- - - - - - - -
(unfounded speculation of link to Thomas Soper of Erith above [on Thames estury between Thanet & Lon] 1672 perhaps with West Indian links)

Isaac Sober (1738/40-1775) m. Susanna Poyer, c1758 of Pennsylvania may have been related to John above. source : US link to Isaac

Thomas Sober and Mary Ann parents of Thomas below

Thomas Sober m.Jane Redman , 18 Feb 1734, St Johns Parish, (later went to Phila PA, Boston MA & NY)
- - - - - -
Isaac 1738, John 1739, Thomas 1743, George 1745, Jane c1748, Children of Thomas & Jane
This moved site, said "The Sober family of Barbados was a wealthy and respected, active in the import/export business. SOBER and SOPER are common last names still in present day Barbados. Most, however, are the Negroe descendants of their old property." (Also says Jane Redman, b.Philadelphia, PA)

Samual William Sober The start of Donald L Hinson, Jr's line (African slavery to Barbados between 1627 & 1750. Abolition 1834). He married Sally Patience abt 1820, Barbados. Son named;
John William Sober b.1841, St Peter, m.Elizabeth Mac Clean, 1860, children Elizabeth Jane Sober, b.1862 &
James Edward Sobers b.1863, a carpenter, married Margaret Elisbeth Vaughan in St. Andrew, 1884, children James Elverton Sobers, b.1887, Cheltenhan, Ernest William Sobers b.1894, Haggatts &
James Augustus Sobers, b.1884, St. Simon, a carpenter, settled in St. Michael & married Florence Malvinia Goddard,1906. The marriage failed &
Florence Sobers immigrated from Barbados to America 1918, her children Stephen Alfred Sobers and Waynett Arthur Sobers joined her in 1923, Dorothy and Lewis followed,1932. She settled in New York. Donald Hinson of Texas (grandson of Waynett) continues & gives the full story in his site

Margaret Ann Sobers married Benjamin Newton, 23 Dec 1880, St Michael, Barbados. Her parents were Benjamin Sobers and Phillis? : James Harrison seeking information Oct'01

Sir Garfield Sobers, the greatest cricket player of his era (1952 to 1974) : Garfield St. Aubrun Sobers b. 29 July 1936, Bay Land, St Michael Parish, Barbados, the 6th of 7 children, his father, a merchant seaman, died in WW2. source

* Hope Sober Conrad of Sunbury, Pa. contributed most of the these people (email 2001)
** From the IGI database (Feb'03, 10 entries) for Caribbean SOPERs, all from Barbados

Soper's Hole, Tortola, British Virgin Islands -------- Maps: Sopers Hole - Tortolla Soper Hole stamp 1964

Soper's Hole, described as a tropical urban "gunkhole," a nautical term for a sheltered anchorage. Now a town and marina, it is surrounded by small mountains. Fort Recovery has a well-preserved round tower believed to have been built by Tortola's earliest Dutch settlers who first landed at Soper's Hole in 1648. Tortola is the largest of over 50 Islands and Cays that surround the Sir Francis Drake Channel and comprises of the British Virgin Islands. It was discovered by Columbus in 1493

In reply to an query on the origins of it’s name, Chris Codrington, who lives in Jamaica, wrote Feb’01 CaribGenWeb chriscod'at'

'Along the coast north of Manchioneal Harbour there were several "Holes" and several "Bluffs". They were named Panton's Hole, Codrington's Hole, Downer's Bluff & later, there was the famous Blue Hole.
Similar names go to similar features all along the east & north coasts. Mostly names relate to family's who owned the feature, or owned land closely adjacent to it. In some cases the feature (particularly "holes" as you observed) was surveyed as a minor parcel with the obvious purpose of providing a loading area for a plantation somewhere nearby which did not have water access.
The importance of water access to early plantations is amply demonstrated by the way most of the early island plantations were laid out. Coastal areas were taken first & often were long & narrow or almost pie shaped. Sugar was transported to the coast in Hogsheads and off loaded to small sloops (droghers) who would then transport the sugar either to the main port or to a larger vessel lying off the coast or in a secure harbor nearby. Droghers were often the topic of much complaint regarding their rates etc & most enterprising early planters with any resourcefulness acquired their own shallops & sloops to allow them to either dispense with the Drogher's services, or mediate their complete control'
Since this mailing I've found mention of, John Soper's gravestone above, saying Soper's Hole was sadly named after he drowned there, aged 7. Though it's an odd epitaph & I'd have thought a deep water anchorage would most likely be named after the family name of the nearby plantation.

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