Spiva Families of Missouri

Nancy Spiva Flannery
(ca. 1806-1870)

Jonas Spiva will
listing his children Kizah Hicks, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary Curey, William Spivy,Elisha Spivy,Hannah Martin, Rhoda Moore, Cynthia Bridges, Sally Martin, James Spivy, Dovy Johnson, and Nancy Flannery

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Hot Springs,
Arkansas, 1870


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We are researching some of the Spiva families in Missouri, Arkansas,
Oklahoma, and North Carolina

Wanted: Information on Spiva siblings Archibald, Pleasant, Elisha, and Jonathan.

Who were the parents of Joseph Monroe (nicknamed Joab) Spivey born about 1815 in GA, died before 1870 in AL? For more information see Joseph Spivey and family

Archibald Spiva of Missouri, son of a James Spiva (not Elisha), died on Jan. 6, 1863, in Christian County, Missouri. Where is he buried?

Missouri Families
North Carolina Families
  • Jonathan Spiva

Census images
  • Archibald Spiva
  • & Emily Owen
William Spivey
1777- 1861
Homesteads & Headstones
  • Pleasant Spiva

Family Members
  • Elza H Spiva

Spiva Butte and other Spiva landmarks--
streets, hills, maybe a swamp--Do you have a contribution to the list?
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