Erie Railroad Biography - John Talty

From the February 21, 1895 issue of the Hornellsville Weekly Tribune
The Buffalo Times gives this account of the death of fireman Hogan, killed at Warsaw:

A sad accident occurred midway between this village and Attica about 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon and as a result fireman Daniel Hogan of Buffalo lost his life.

The Erie westbound train which leaves Hornellsville early in the afternoon and is due to reach Warsaw about 2 p.m., arriving here about on time. Between Warsaw and Buffalo there were heavy drifts and engine No. 537 which lay at this station in charge of Engineer John Talty and Fireman Hogan, was attached to the regular engine and a start was made for Buffalo.

All went well for a few miles. Suddenly snow to a depth of about five feet was encountered, when the forward engine left the tracks and toppled over on its side. As the locomotive went over, Fireman Hogan attempted to jump but (unintelligible).

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