Erie Railroad Biography - Sextus E. Taylor

Sextus E. Taylor

SEXTUS E. TAYLOR, Port Jervis, New York.
On October 26, 1854, Sextus E. Taylor was born in Buckingham, Wayne County, Pennsylvania, and after attending school until he was 13 years of age, went to work in Portney's glass factory, where he remained several years, leaving eventually to take a position as engine wiper in the Erie round house at Port Jervis. In January, 1871, he was advanced to fireman, a position he held for ten years, almost continually on freight trains. In December, 1880, his long and faithful service as fireman was rewarded by being promoted to engineer, and for the past nineteen years he has been engaged in the freight department, at present running train 37 west and east on extra.

Mr. Taylor chose as his life partner Miss Arrietta A. Jacoby, an accomplished young lady of Milford, Pennsylvania, and their married life has been most pleasant. Three children have been born to them, two of whom are living, the older of whom is now firing on the Eastern Division of the Erie. Mr. Taylor was one of the organizers of the first lodge of the B. of L. F., Deer Park Lodge No. 1, of Port Jervis, and in 1881, he became affiliated with the B. of L. E., Division No. 54; he also belongs to Port Jervis Lodge I.0.0.F., having joined in 1894. Mrs. Taylor is a prominent society woman of Port Jervis. She is a charter member of the Ladies' Auxiliary to the B. of L. E., being President of the same in 1895 and is now Vice President; she also belongs to the Daughters of Rebecca, having held the office of Noble Grand one term.

Mr. Taylor was in a bad collision July 2, 1881, at Lansborrough bridge, between coal train. No. 14, and a "wild cat" east. No signals were displayed, and as a result the three trains mixed it up to the extent of several thousand dollars on the bridge. Mr. Taylor is considered a reliable, steady workman, and stands very high both with his superiors and fellow citizens.

Excerpted from: "American Locomotive Engineers, Erie Railway Edition," H.R. Romans Editor; Crawford-Adsit Company Publishers, Chicago, IL 1899.

From the May, 1914 issue of Erie Magazine:
Engineer S.E Taylor was commended by the Delaware Div. Superintendent for running 32,829 miles in passenger service without an engine failure.

From the November, 1922 issue of Erie Magazine:
Engineer Sextus E. Taylor passed away at his home in Port Jervis. Mr. Taylor was 56 (sic) years of age and entered the service of the Erie on the Delaware Division in 1871 as fireman. He was promoted to engineer in 1880, and was for many years at the throttle of trains 5 and 6. At the time of his death he was assigned to the Port Jervis yard.

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