Erie Railroad Extra Board Letters - Cuba Junction News

From The Cuba True Patriot, VOL V, NO 15, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1866

Cuba Depot
A few weeks since we noticed that the Erie Railway Depot at this place was being materially enlarged and made more convenient in order to accommodate the rapidly increasing business at this point. Since then the repairs have been completed, and the Cuba depot is now conceded to be the best arranged and most convenient of any on the line. The telegraph office, in particular, is deserving of mention. Under the supervision of the operator, Mr. R. TALCOTT, it has been fitted up and furnished, and the walls embellished with numerous beautiful engravings, until it presents more the appearance of a young lady's boudoir than a telegraph office, were it not for the incessant "click, click" of the instruments.

0 --In this connection we would say that nowhere on the line of the road can more gentlemanly and efficient employees be found than at this station. Mr. MAXON, the Agent, has held the position for a number of years, with credit to himself and honor to the Company; Mr. BRIGGS, the Baggageman, is always on hand; while Mr. TALCOTT, as an Operator, has no superior.

Submitted by Carolyn Jacobs

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