Chicago & Erie Personnel Record Summaries, Erie Railroad

Abbott Alva C. Freight Conductor
Born 10/21/1866
Abbott Ellsworth Lewis Freight Brakeman
Born 10/12/1874
Ackerman George E. Extra Freight Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 12/24/1899
Adams Burt Gordon Freight Brakeman Chicago, IL Born 02/09/1881
Adams Harvey Ramson Freight Conductor Chicago, IL Promoted 10/01/1904
Adams W.W. Freight Conductor
Resigned 05/28/1894
Addington H.W. Brakeman Hammond, IN Wanted for car break-in
Alexander W.C. Brakeman Michigan City, IN Hired 10/29/1898
Altenbach William J. Brakeman
Born 09/26/1874
Arrowsmith Frank Passenger Conductor
Born 12/30/1846 at Mumford, NY
Ash John Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 07/12/1897
Austutz Henry Switchman Chicago, IL Hired 09/17/1900
Ayers O.H. Conductor
Hired 12/10/1882
Baker C.W. Switchman Hammond, IN Hired 12/21/1892
Balfour John Conductor
Hired 09/04/1891
Bates Albert Switchman Hammond, IN Born 01/28/1876
Beal W.A. Conductor Huntington, IN Hired 01/17/1892
Beall E.S. Brakeman Garrett, IN Hired 01/09/1899
Bentley Joseph J. Brakeman
Laid off 04/19/1898
Benvenuti P. Freight Brakeman
Resigned 02/08/1897
Best Ernest J. Freight Brakeman
Hired 02/06/1900
Beyea S.H. Brakeman Huntington, IN Reemployed 04/18/1893
Bicknese Herbert Brakeman
Fired 03/05/1903
Blanchard Thomas Erwin Brakeman
Hired 10/26/1900
Blocker E.S. Engineer Huntington, IN
Blood Dalton Extra Passenger Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 08/21/1877
Bold R. Freight Brakeman Huntington, IN Resigned 06/27/1893
Bonner G.W. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 01/19/1892
Boughner F.W. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 07/06/1892
Bournau F.H. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 11/16/18892
Bowen William Brakeman
Born 10/07/1872
Bowers J.M. Brakeman
Entered svc 06/16/1883
Bowman Norval Vernon Brakeman Huntington, IN Former fireman
Bowman Thaddeus D. Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 07/23/1879
Boyle F.A. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 12/14/1891
Brachner Christian Edward Brakeman Bippus, IN Born 05/14/1880
Brady E. Brakeman Huntington, IN Fired 03/22/1900
Breediu (Breedin) C.W. Brakeman North Judson, IN Hired 10/16/1890
Braithwait William Henry Brakeman
Hired 03/10/1898
Briant Clarence E. Brakeman Huntington, IN Quit 01/12/1902
Briney James Engineer Chicago, IL Hired 1883
Brobst N.M. Freight Conductor
Hired 08/27/1894
Brown C.D. Brakeman North Judson, IN Hired 01/26/1896
Brown George Brakeman North Judson, IN Discharged 05/30/1896
Brown John Passenger Conductor
Discharged 07/25/1894
Brown L.W. Switchman North Judson, IN Layed Off 04/24/1896
Brutchey (Brucahey) C.F. Brakeman
Layed Off 05/26/1898
Bucher Charles M. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 11/01/1899
Burgess M. Passenger Conductor
Entered svc 01/01/1883
Burnison A.

Burns Al. Engineer

Bush George Engineer Huntington, IN
Bushing J.E. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 06/24/1892
Butler C. Conductor

Cahill James Brakeman

Carll Charles William Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 03/14/1879
Case E.S. Passenger Brakeman Boone Grove, IN Hired 06/24/1899
Case Frank Waldro Passenger Brakeman Disko, IN Hired 07/04/1892
Casey J.J. Freight Brakeman N. Judson, IN Discharged to reduce force 01/18/1894
Cheney Arthur Brakeman Goshen, IN Quit 04/01/1899
Cole Clark Brakeman Huntington, IN Quit 11/20/1898
Collins Clarence Guy Yard Conductor Hammond, IN Hired 08/15/1899
Collins Oscar J. Yard Conductor Hammond, IN Resigned 12/12/1901
Compton S.C. Freight Brakeman Englewood, IL Discharged to reduce force 01/18/1894
Conarty Edward Passenger Conductor
Born 05/10/1866 in Canada
Conarty Walter Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 10/01/1871 in Canada
Conkle Norman E. Extra Passenger Brakeman
Born 08/11/1875, Starke County, OH
Connon Frederick S. Brakeman Huntington, IN Transferred to Engineer
Courtright John P. Brakeman Chicago, IL Hired 09/20/1899
Creamer J.N. Passenger Conductor
Entered svc 04/05/1884
Creamer M.C. Passenger Brakeman Marion, OH Brother of Engineer J.J. Creamer
Cribb George Conductor
Born 1867
Crist Charles A. Brakeman Huntington, Ind. Born 05/02/1873
Crist E.E. Brakeman
Hired 08/19/1891
Crocker C.B. Brakeman
Hired 02/09/1893
Curran Alfred William Conductor
Born 02/17/1863
Curran J.B. Brakeman
Hired 10/21/1893
Curran William F. Engineer Chicago, IL Born 12/15/1863
Darmody Jerry Francis Passenger Conductor Marion, OH Born 07/26/1857
Darr John W. Engineer Huntington, IN
Davidson William Henry Brakeman Rochester, IN Born 08/05/1879
Davis T.J. Brakeman Richmond, IN Hired 08/30/1891
Dawals V.E. Brakeman
Hired 08/15/1891
De Burn D.M.
Huntington, IN
De Camp Abe Conductor Walkerton, IN Born 12/11/1866
De Camp C. Brakeman
Sues company over injury
Deerwester Blaine Brakeman
Born 03/05/1882
Deerwester George Conductor Delaware, OH Hired 01/28/1890
De Lancy C.M. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 07/09/1897
De Maulfried Martin Brakeman Chicago, IL Hired 11/23/1891
Dennis A.F. Brakeman Myhart, IN Hired 01/17/1892
Dill J.M. Passenger Conductor
Entered service 01/01/1885
Dolan J.H. Conductor
Entered service 12/06/1889
Doolittle J.A.

Doudna Benjamin Franklin Freight Conductor
Entered service 10/30/1893
Douglas Charles Arthur Brakeman Chicago, IL Entered service 02/15/1900
Drake Benjamin Harrison Brakeman Rochester, IN Born 09/25/1871, Castalia, OH
Drake J.L. Brakeman Huntington, IN Resigned 11/01/1893
Drake William Fell Conductor
Born 12/06/1886
Dunathan Gale Myers Extra Passenger Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 07/29/1873, Van Wert, Ohio
Dyer W.D. Conductor
Hired 11/29/1888
Eddington James Wallace Conductor Delaware, OH Hired 09/11/1891
Elliott S.G. Brakeman Chicago, IL Hired 11/03/1899
Ericson G.F. Brakeman Delaware, OH Hired 03/18/1895
Esson Richard J. Engineer Huntington, IN Died 02/1908
Evans R.B. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 09/17/1892
Faurot G.W. Freight Conductor Huntington, IN Hired 08/22/1891
Fetterly Ernest Switchman Hammond, IN Resigned 04/07/1896
Fetterly J. Yardmaster Hammond, IN Promoted 02/18/1899
Finch Daniel W. Brakeman
Hired 10/26/1899
Finney Ward Theron Conductor
Born 11/01/1865, Johnstown, OH
Fisher L.A. Conductor Huntington, IN Hired 11/18/1890
Flanagan J.D. Brakeman Huntington, IN Loses foot 12/31/1896
Folk H. Conductor
Hired 07/13/1887
Folland Richard Engineer Chicago, IL Hired 03/05/1885
Ford W.L. Brakeman North Judson, IN Hired 05/12/1898
Foster E.B. Conductor
Hired 10/16/1889
Foulks H.L. Brakeman
Hired 08/29/1899
Franklin James Monroe Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 03/01/1903
Freed George W. Train Baggage Agent
Hired 01/23/1896
Freer W.E. Brakeman
Hired 09/03/1892
Freeman William Passenger Brakeman Marion, OH Resigned 03/25/1902
Friess B.D. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 04/04/1892
Furman Chauncey J. Conductor Huntington, IN Born 03/16/1856, Vasser, Mich.
Furstenberger William Passenger Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 01/27/1892
Gallagher Thomas Brakeman
Hired 10/03/1900
Gallette F.E. Brakeman Andrews, IN Fired 09/19/1899
Gardner L.C. Brakeman Huntington, IN Left hand crushed 05/01/1898
Garner Charles Wilber Conductor Huntington, IN Hired 08/08/1894
Garrity John Brakeman
Layed off 05/01/1893
Gatley William Brakeman
Hired 09/03/1891
Gibney B.J. Passenger Conductor

Gillespie W.M. Brakeman
Entered svc 12/21/1888
Glancy F. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 08/21/1890
Glaney Harry F. Brakeman
Hired 02/24/1903
Glass Charles Lewis Brakeman
Born 02/13/1879
Glennon P.M. Brakeman Chicago, IL Entered svc 12/22/1895
Godden S.F. Passenger Conductor
Entered svc 03/10/1884
Gogarty T.F. Conductor
Entered svc 09/17/1889
Gorman Thomas Switchman Hammond, IN Resigned 07/29/1900
Graham S.

Hired 12/22/1888
Grappy F.A. Conductor Dunkirk, OH Entered svc 06/25/1891
Gravel W.B.

Gray Harry Engineer Huntington, IN Hired in 1890
Grayless F.W. Engineer Huntington, IN Hired in 1888
Grunden Joseph M. Brakeman
Hired 03/16/1896
Guthridge H.M. Passenger Brakeman

Guy G.W. Engineer

Hale J.C. (J.M.) Engineer Huntington, IN Hired in 1886
Hall Charles Meredith Brakeman Rochester, IN Born 11/10/1878
Hammond F.C. Brakeman Chicago, IL Hired 12/15/1890
Hamilton W.J. Brakeman Van Wert, OH Resigned 06/01/1893
Hammond Charles W. Engineer Huntington, IN Engineer since 1890
Harlow S. Conductor
Died 03/22/1902 in Huntington
Harrington Thomas Brakeman Chicago, IL Fired 10/18/1893
Harris Fred Brakeman Chicago, IL Resigned 11/11/1893
Harvey Bert Brakeman Chicago, IL Resigned 10/11/1899
Harvey J.E. Brakeman Rochester, IN Resigned 11/11/1901
Hayes William Joseph Brakeman
Hired 03/02/1903
Heavey John Joseph Conductor
Hired 09/16/1889
Helm C.E. Brakeman Huntington, IN Quit 08/27/1897
Helm William F. Engineer Chicago, IL Born St. Louis, 02/23/1856
Hemstead W.H. Conductor Chicago, IL Stabbed to death 11/19/1893
Henderson James W. Brakeman
Laid off 11/01/1902 to reduce force
Henry D. Fireman Huntington, IN
Henry P.J. Switchman Hammond, IN Hired 11/07/1894
Herneise Frank
Goshen, IN Hired 03/10/1898
Hilyard W.F. Brakeman Huntington, IN Lost leg 01/02/1899
Hines James Conductor Richmond, IN Born 04/23/1866
Hines O. Brakeman North Judson, IN Hired 12/11/1891
Hitchcock Frank A. Switchman Hammond, IN Arm crushed in coupling, 01/08/1897
Hoffman George

Entered service 11/01/1899
Hoffman S. Conductor
Entered service 12/1887
Holdenbaum Cassius Eugene Brakeman
Entered service 01/05/1903
Holland Frank Brakeman Frankfort, IN Entered service 11/20/1893
Holsworth Floyd Ellinan Switchman Huntington, IN Entered service 10/05/1900
Hoover G.W. Conductor Laketon, IN
Howenstine L. Engineer

Hilbick Rudolph Brakeman
Hired 04/12/1893
Hillman H.J. Milk Agent Youngstown, OH
Hoban A.T. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 01/02/1893
Hoeft John Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 05/28/1891
Holmes H.E. Brakeman
Hired 01/03/1898
Hubbard J.M. Passenger Conductor

Hupp George W. Passenger Brakeman
Born 02/22/1878
Hurdle Charles Stanley Brakeman
Born 04/07/1880
Hutchington (Hutchinson) Jesse Passenger Brakeman
Entered service 10/04/1888
Hutchinson A.M. Train Baggage Agent
Entered service 09/20/1889
Jamison William VoorHees Conductor Huntington, Ind. Entered service 01/15/1893
Jarrett Arthur Revardy Brakeman North Judson, IN Entered service 12/04/1895
Jobe Stanton J. Brakeman Huntington, IN Quit 05/22/1899
Johnson James Howard Conductor Bone Grove, IN Promoted 10/11/1906
Johnson O.S. Brakeman Butler, IN Fired 07/03/1894 during strike
Johnson S.D.

Quit 02/08/1899
Jones Alfred Henry Conductor Huntington, IN Born 02/16/1874
Jones Guy Switchman Hammond, IN Hired 11/08/1901
Jordan C.H. Brakeman
Resigned 03/19/1907
Kacy William Conductor
Hired 12/25/1899
Kane Patrick Switchman Hammond, IN Born 05/02/1873 in Kingston, ONT
Kehler Cary A. Brakeman
Born 12/30/1878
Keim W.D. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 11/06/1894
Kelly Warren Scothorn Engineer Huntington, IN Born 05/25/1852
Kemp William Henry Harrison Switchman Hammond, IN Hired 01/17/1901
Kennedy Samuel Ellery Brakeman
Born 10/31/1870
Kennedy William Josephus Brakeman
Injured at Palmer, 02/05/1903
Kerr Ed Passenger Brakeman

Kerr H.W. Passenger Conductor
Hired 06/1883
Kindler John W. Freight Brakeman Huntington, IN Fired 11/14/1901
King E.W. Conductor Huntington, IN Died 04/21/1902
Kiplinger H. Brakeman Richmond, IN Quit 11/07/1893
Kistler Clyde Brakeman Leiters, IN Born 05/02/1879
Klopp E.J. Brakeman
From the P&R Railroad
Klumpp Charles Extra Freight Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 11/14/1899
Knapp G.J. Brakeman Huntington, IN Resigned 05/27/1899
Kraus C.L.
Hammond, IN
Krause M.
Fort Wayne, IN Killed at Griffith, 11/26/1895
Kreig Frank W. Brakeman
Born 10/05/1874
Kuester H.W. Brakeman Huntington, IN
Kussmaul John Jacob Brakeman
Hired 08/16/1899
Landfert B.W. Brakeman Kouts, IN Hired 09/08/1899
Larr E. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 12/20/1890
Laughlin George Conductor
Fired 04/21/1894
Lawrence Louis P. Switchman Hammond, IN Hired 11/08/1890
Ledger W.H. Conductor
Fired 07/13/1900
Lee Charles M. Brakeman
Hired 03/16/1896
Leffel A.W. Brakeman Huntington Quit 11/11/1901
Lew Bert Edward Brakeman
Hired 01/05/1902
Lewman P.L. Engineer

Lind John H. Brakeman Bippus, IN
Lindzy Frank Switchman Griffith, IN Hired 09/24/1900
Lobdell John D. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 10/04/1899
Longfellow C. Conductor
Fired 04/08/1901
Longwell C.W. Conductor
Hired 10/18/1889
Luckey C.W. Train Baggage Agent Huntington, IN Hired 11/24/1891
Mace George Conductor
Hired 02/01/1887
MacDonald F.T. Brakeman Chicago, IL Hired 03/10/1898
Machett R.H. Brakeman
Resigned 03/28/1896
Mankin B.W. Conductor
Hired 09/15/1887
Major V. Train Bagaggeman Marion, OH
Malone Richard L. Brakeman
Born 07/23/1877
Marshall S.R. Brakeman Huntington, IN Fired 09/15/1902
Martin C.M. Brakeman Chicago, IL Hired 10/17/1893
Martin Charles Henry Switchman Hammond, IN Hired 12/01/1901
Martin S.E.
Chicago, IL Fired 08/04/1899
Masden Isaac Freight Conductor Marion, OH Died 05/28/1900
Mast Michael Engineer Huntington, IN Died 10/03/1907 in wreck
Masterson J.J. Passenger Brakeman Marion, OH Discharged after 1894 strike
McArthur Fred Extra Conductor Huntington, IN Discharged 09/24/1902
McArthur John

Left Service 02/15/1899
McArthur S. Brakeman
Hired 04/02/1892
McBeath George Brakeman Chicago, IL Resigned 01/28/1901
McClintock George Leuton Brakeman
Hired 02/06/1901
McCue P.J. Switchman Huntington, IN Resigned 03/31/1893
McCuen George Andrew Brakeman
Born 04/18/1875, Ft. Wayne, IN
McCullough C.P. Passenger Conductor
Discharged 08/03/1893
McDermott Michael F. Switchman Hammond, IN Born 09/21/1871
McDowell William H. Passenger Brakeman Lima Division
McGregor Martin Switchman Hammond, IN Born 07/14/1868
McLaughlin John Brakeman
Hired 08/07/1894
McLaughlin M. Brakeman
Resigned 03/23/1896
McNally Frank Ambrose Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 10/04/1900
McNally P. Brakeman
Resigned 08/31/1894
Meese J.B. Brakeman Van Wert, OH Hired 01/12/1899
Menish George Engineer Huntington, IN Died in 1912
Mensel Edward Charles Switchman Hammond, IN Started as operator, 09/04/1888
Millard Thomas W. Brakeman
Resigned 09/22/1901
Miller C.W. Switchman Hammond, IN
Miller C.W. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 01/07/1899
Miller D.B. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 09/12/1891
Miller Daniel N. Brakeman
Discharged to reduce force 02/07/1894
Miller D.S. Brakeman
Discharged after inciting riot, 07/31/1894
Miller E.E. Brakeman Huntington, IN Died 10/15/1898
Miller George C. Train Baggageman

Miller I.O. Conductor Huntington, IN Hired 10/30/1890
Miller J.F. Conductor
Hired 09/15/1882
Miller Louis W. Brakeman
Hired 08/19/1899
Miller J.E. Brakeman North Judson, IN Hired 07/25/1891
Milligan William Brakeman Huntington, IN Died 04/16/1896
Mills W.M. Brakeman North Judson, IN Quit 03/01/1895
Mitchell Ed Brakeman
Fired 07/04/1893
Moak L.D. Brakeman Huntington, IN Fired for disloyalty during strike
Moak G.H.G. Conductor Huntington, IN Promoted 01/15/1901
Moonshower R.L. Brakeman
Discharged 01/05/1893
Moore Albert L. Brakeman Rochester, IN Hired 09/08/1899
Moore F.F. Conductor
Hired 04/30/1890
Moore J.G. Conductor
Hired 09/14/1890
Moore Minor F. Pass. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 08/27/1899
Moriarty D. Passenger Conductor
Discharged 06/02/1894
Morris Clarence E. Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 10/27/1880
Morrow C.S. Brakeman Chicago, IL Hired 02/01/1893
Mount Lewis G. Brakeman
Hired 03/07/1903
Murphy T.J., Sr. Engineer Chicago, IL
Murray John Brakeman
Hired 10/26/1900
Needham W.H. Brakeman
Hired 08/28/1899
Nelson Gust Conductor
Born 05/02/1862, Warsaw, IN
Newbright H. Engineer

Niles J.W. Brakeman
Hired 10/26/1895
Nill J.C. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 11/18/1893
Nolan E.W. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 12/22/1898, former machinist
Noonen Martin Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 07/12/1893
Norton William H. Brakeman North Judson, IN Injured 10/19/1899
Null George W. Brakeman Goshen, IN Hired 03/10/1898
O'Brien Thomas Brakeman Chicago, IL Fired 07/15/1894 during ARU Strike
O'Conner J. Brakeman

Ott Clarence Adolphus Brakeman
Hired 01/11/1903
Parry Walter Blough Brakeman Akron, IN Fired 01/06/1902
Pattison G.H. Engineer

Paul William C. Switchman Chicago, IL Hired 02/10/1899
Peavey Fred L. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 09/08/1897
Pettys Edward J. Brakeman Chicago, IL Hired 01/12/1901
Pettys W.S. Engineer

Phillips Alpha Washington Brakeman
Born 03/20/1879
Phillips James Engineer Chicago, IL
Pinkhouse Joseph Freight Brakeman Chicago, IL Failed eye test 10/02/1899
Pontias S. Conductor
Fired 01/19/1893
Pontius A.L. Brakeman Akron, IN Fired 09/12/1893
Pontius P. Brakeman
Fired 07/03/1894 during ARU strike
Prinlott H. Engineer

Rae G.W. Conductor
Hired 09/22/1891
Rafferty Harry Switchman Huntington, IN Born 08/03/1877
Ramsey E.A. Brakeman
Hired 03/02/1898
Rascher P. Yard Brakeman Hammond, IN Hired 03/1885
Reagan Daniel Joseph Conductor Huntington, IN Born 02/28/1870
Reddin L. Brakeman
Hired 07/01/1892
Reetz Gustavus Theodore Brakeman
Born 02/24/1880
Remer Fred C. Brakeman Chicago, IL Hired 11/02/1899
Rice Charles S. Switchman Hammond, IN Born 10/12/1864
Richmond George Gilbert Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 07/04/1879
Richter Charles B. Brakeman
Foot cut off 08/24/1902
Riley William J. Yard Conductor Hammond, IN Hired 03/03/1899
Robbins G.B. Brakeman Hammond, IN Hired 11/08/1893
Robey Issac Newton Conductor
Hired 11/09/1883
Robinson W.H. Engineer Huntington, IN
Robinson W.H. Brakeman
Hired 10/01/1892
Runyan B.S. Passenger Brakeman Marion, OH Discharged 02/18/1895
Ryan Charles Nicholas Freight Brakeman
Born 10/23/1870
Ryan James Switchman Chicago, IL Hired 03/20/1899
Saygar John Brakeman
Hired 02/03/1902
Shattuck R.B. Brakeman
Hired 10/20/1890
Schrack C. Baggagemaster
Discharged 08/10/1893
Schaible W.C. Brakeman Huntington, IN Discharged 04/10/1894
Schoonmaker C.V. Brakeman
Hired 08/26/1892
Schwartz John Franklin Brakeman
Born 10/13/1879 in Huntington
Scribner W.H. Brakeman
Discharged after 1894 strike
Sewell J.M. Passenger Conductor
Born 03/13/1853
Schoonmaker C.V. Brakeman
Hired 08/26/1892
Schobey William Henry Brakeman
Born 10/04/1860
Schooley William Floyd Brakeman
Born 08/04/1880
Sechrist Clarence J. Brakeman
Born 02/01/1876
Sellers Commodore W. Engineer Huntington, IN Born 02/11/1859
Sewell George Brinton McClelland Conductor
Born 01/09/1864
Sexton Ed Passenger Conductor
Hired 08/15/1886
Shaughnessy Charles P. Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 08/05/1880
Shaw Clarence

Quit 01/19/1903
Shea Timothy Brakeman
Fired 04/24/1896
Shelly George Extra Freight Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 11/21/1899
Shipley E.L. Brakeman Disko, IN Hired 01/08/1898
Shipley O.C. Conductor
Hired 12/29/1891
Shirk W.H. Brakeman
Hired 09/28/1889
Shisler Charles Brakeman
Resigned 09/02/1902
Shock Edward A. Extra Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 11/12/1899
Shock F.H. Brakeman Huntington, IN Dismissed 06/05/1897
Shroyer Charles E. Brakeman
Born 11/02/1880
Shroyer G.W. Conductor Huntington, IN Born 12/22/1859
Simms D.F. Brakeman Galion, OH Hired 03/05/1898
Sine Charles Sine Brakeman
Born 06/10/1872
Singer V.D. Conductor
Hired 03/05/1890
Sisson H.J. Brakeman
Fired 03/21/1899
Skidmore Henry H. Engineer Huntington, IN Died in 1925
Sloan D. Brakeman
Killed at DeLong 11/15/1894
Slusser W.

Smith B.B. Brakeman North Judson, IN Resigned 06/13/1900
Smith Charles Michael Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 08/10/1881
Smith E.C. Conductor Huntington, IN Hired 08/01/1894
Smith M.C. Brakeman Huntington, IN Resigned 12/22/1892
Smith Ora E. Brakeman Huntington, IN Resigned 10/27/1901
Smith Ralph G. Brakeman
Fired 03/20/1896
Smith William Homer Brakeman
Hired 10/06/1900
Spack Allen Benton Conductor
Born 12/13/1854
Spellman G. Brakeman Huntington, IN Quit 12/01/1894
Spencer D.E. Brakeman
Discharged 05/26/1898
Springer Ralph Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 06/15/1892
Springer S.C. Brakeman
Hired 02/19/1892
Squire William A. Brakeman
Born 09/01/1863 in Cleveland
Stauffer H.B. Brakeman
Fired 01/19/1893
Steiner John Burt Brakeman
Born in Topeka, 03/14/1879
Stephens A.J. Brakeman
Quit 07/05/1893
Stewart Charles Clinton Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 10/10/1900
Strader W.C. Freight Conductor Huntington, IN Died in Fall of 1899
Sult Solomon Freight Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 04/05/1880
Summers D.V. Brakeman North Judson, IN Laid Off 05/03/1893
Swartz Benjamin E. Brakeman Boone Grove, IN Fired 05/08/1900
Sweeney Charles Passenger Brakeman
Discharged 07/07/1893
Tallenferro W. Switchman Huntington, IN Hired 10/10/1890
Tallenferro W.J. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 07/24/1891
Thalls A.C.
Huntington, IN Entered Service 10/08/1897
Thomas A.J. Conductor
Entered Service 12/03/1888
Thompson James Sylvester Brakeman
Born 01/28/1864
Thompson J.W. Train Baggage Agent Marion, OH Entered Service 12/24/1888
Thompson Robert Passenger Brakeman Huntington, IN Loses foot 03/24/1902
Thorn Charles Leyman Freight Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 11/07/1880
Thorton Edward Engineer Huntington, IN Born 10/22/1861
Toomire Phillip Brakeman N. Manchester, IN Layed off 01/18/1894
Tracey Henry Brakeman Chicago, IL Quit 05/24/1899
Trott John Passenger Brakeman Marion, OH Taken out of service 09/25/1902
Tucker F.S. Brakeman
Quit 06/04/1902
Vandewater Nick Brakeman
Resigned 08/19/1901
Vandewater T.M. Brakeman
Hired 07/08/1892
Walknetz William J. Engineer Chicago, IL Born 07/28/1850
Wall J. Brakeman
Entered service 1885
Walton Andrew Brakeman
Laid off 05/20/1896
Warrington William Frank Yard Conductor Hammond, IN Born Marion, OH, 04/15/1875
Wayinach Frederich Brakeman Momence, Ind. Fired 04/08/1900
Weatherby Walter O. Brakeman N. Judson, IN Fired 05/04/1903
Weis George Brakeman Chicago, IL Fired 08/06/1897
Weiss William Brakeman
Hired 04/28/1892
Wells F.G. Conductor
Hired 09/05/1889
Welty Clement L. Brakeman Wadsworth, OH Hired 11/16/1899
Wesley George Brakeman Huntington, Ind. Hurt in saloon fight, 05/15/1893
West George Brakeman
Fired 05/23/1894
Wharton John T. Engineer Huntington, IN Born 05/17/1859
White Reuben Albert Freight Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 10/21/1855
White Wilbur Yard Conductor Hammond, IN Hired 11/02/1898
Wilcox G.L. Passenger Conductor
Local service only
Wilder N. Brakeman
Hired 04/24/1890
Wilder O.L. Train Baggage Agent
Entered service 07/24/1888
Wilkins Albert Spencer Yardmaster Hammond, IN Born 10/05/1868
Wilkins William Brakeman
Resigned 02/10/1893
Williams Caleb Henry Train Baggage Agent

Wilsheiser Elmer Joseph Conductor Claiborne, OH Resigned 01/21/1904
Wilson Fitzpatrick Passenger Brakeman
Entered service 10/08/1889
Wilson W. Brakeman
Entered service 04/12/1893
Wire C.R. Brakeman Huntington, IN Former locomotive fireman
Wire Doua (Dona) Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 10/08/1900
Witzenman F. Brakeman
Killed 05/30/1900 at 51st St. Yard
Wonderly John Engineer Huntington, IN Born 01/25/1853
Wood F.W. Brakeman
Fired 10/25/1893
Woods Daniel Brakeman
Born 09/20/1872
Worley A. Brakeman
Resigned 03/26/1893
Worley C.A. Brakeman Huntington Hired 10/20/1893
Wright Charles Engineer Huntington, IN
Wright Charles Todd Brakeman
Skipped town 12/08/1902
Wyman A.H. Engineer Huntington, IN
Wymond W.G. Brakeman
Hired 10/26/1893
Wynegar T.J. Brakeman North Judson, IN Hired 11/04/1893
Yetter A. Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 08/08/1892
Yohn Charles C. Brakeman Huntington, IN Born 06/15/1876
Young A. Passenger Conductor
Hired 05/20/1885
Young Eldon Byron Brakeman Huntington, IN Hired 10/07/1900
Zellers Anthony Brakeman
Hired 07/14/1880
Zimmer Isaac Brakeman Huntington, IN Fired 09/21/1894
Zimmer William Conductor
Fired 01/05/1895

Note: The Chicago & Erie was originally built as the Chicago & Atlantic, completed in 1880 between Hammond, Indiana and Marion, Ohio, where connections were made with another component of the Erie system, the New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio (NYPANO). The C&E made it possible for the Erie system to run through between New York and Chicago, with access to Chicago over the Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad.

DATA SOURCE: Chicago & Erie Railroad Employment Summary Book, ledger book covering @ 1880-1905. Donated to this site courtesy of Nick Pappas. Transcription by Jim Sponholz (c) 2007.

Chicago & Erie Rulebook for employees, 1891

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