About Me

And What About Me?

Well, in case you are interested, I was married to Ian for 21 years before he died of prostate cancer in March 2003.  We have two children, Maree, 20, and Scott, 15.  Scott lives at home with me in Levin, New Zealand, and Maree lives in Palmerston North while undertaking tertiary study at the International Pacific College. As a family, we have several pets - 2 dogs, 1 cat, goldfish in the garden pond, and a cockatiel.  Another cat was recently euthanased.  Maree has 8 pet rats to add to the family menagerie - visit her website

My interests include genealogy and computers (obviously!), and music.  Until early 2002 I provided private tuition in piano and electronic keyboard, and also play Tenor Horn in the Levin Salvation Army brass band.  I decided to get back into the "outside-the home" work force, and did a stint of 3 months in a relieving office assistant position at a local appliance and cycle retailers.  I then worked as a customer services rep. in the call centre for Contact Energy (an electricity retailer)  but found it altogether too stressful and handed in my notice after 3 months there.  That brings us to mid-August 2002.  I continued to look for work until December, when it became evident that I would be best placed staying at home to look after Ian, as his condition started to deteriorate.  Shortly after Ian's death, I was employed by Woolworths in Levin, where I do 22 hours a week as office assistant.

Maree and Scott also play piano and keyboard, and Maree plays Flugelhorn in the Levin and Districts Brass band - it was through going along to lessons with her, that I took up brass playing in mid 1995.  I played in the band for two years, took a break, went back for another 3 years, then took another break.  I rejoined the band in March 2003, initially to help out with National Contest which was Rotorua, in July, but have decided to stay on.  I run the band's website.

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