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Welcome to The Spradlin Branches. Here you will find a wealth of information on the Spradlins of Johnson County, Kentucky and their many branches, including the Blairs, Conleys, Harmans and many more. Not limited to family trees, you will also find other records for Floyd and Johnson Counties. 

James Spradlin is said to have been the "pioneer" of the family in Johnson County. He had a daughter Sarah who married William Blair, Matilda who married Washington Blair, also a daughter Malinda who married first Britton Blair and second Dr. Isaac G. Rice, and a son Josiah who had a daughter Mahala who married Asa Blair, all sons of George Blair and Mary Fairchild Blair. The majority of the Spradlins living in the Jennie's Creek section of the county trace to James Spradlin.

Others trace to John A. Spradlin, who was born in Scott County, Virginia, and early in life came to the Big Sandy where he died November 4, 1855. He had a son Solomon F. Spradlin who was born in Floyd County, April 24, 1824. This Solomon F. Spradlin was the father of John M. Spradlin who was born in Floyd County, August 22, 1832."Squire" Spradlin as he is familiarly known, moved with his father's family to Morgan County in 1857. In 1893 he came to Johnson County.

John M. Spradlin and wife have the following children: Eliza S. born December 23, 1877, married Henry Sherman; Walter S. born October 27, 1879,George D. born May 29, 1884, now deceased; Amanda E, born October 30, 1887, married a McCansland; and Dennis H. born July 12, 1891. Henry Sherman is deceased. He and Eliza S. had a daughter Marie. Walter S. had one daughter, Amanda E.

Another set of Spradlins were those of the East Point section, and trace to a Benjamin Spradlin who was the father of Evan. Evan Spradlin married Emeline May and they were the parents of: Charolette, who married Joseph D. Auxier; James H. who married first to Laura Brown, daughter of George Brown, and after her death, second to Lorenda Davis; Martha Jane, who married Tom Auxier; Lydia who married Henry Connelley; Mart who married Vada Clark; and Emm who married Wash Leek. By the second marriage of Evan Spradlin to Elizabeth Hillman the following children were born: Tom who married Laura Litz; Angie, who married first James Auxier, and second Henry Burke; Sherd who married Sallie Music; Sola who married John Wes Music; Len, of East Point; and Tom, of Oklahoma.

James H. Spradlin by his first marriage had the following children: Hattie who married Dr.T.T. Webb; Effie married G.V. Mayo; and John who died young.


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