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A Tragedy of the Oregon Trail
George Winslow

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A Tragedy of the Oregon Trail of 1849 of George Winslow

On a farm four miles north and one mile west, and north side of the road on a farm (On the Diydes Baddea Farm is a marker of George Winslow (Fairbury, Neb, north on HWY. 14). Who was traveling with a wagon train to the west, Called Oregon Trail, George Winslow 1824-1849, a note written by William Sublette and others in 1830.

On the 10 of April last (1830) we set out from St Louis with eighty one men all mounted on mules, ten wagon each drawn by five mules and two light carts, Each drawn by one mule. Our route was nearly due west to the western limit of Missouri. And these along the Santa Fe Trail about forty miles from which the course was some degrees north west across the water of Kansas and up the great Platt River to the mountain. And to the head of Wind River where it issues, from the Mountain.

They left Boston, Mass, April 16, 1849, arrived in St Louis, April 27. On May 3rd, they landed in Independence, Missouri, George Winslow wrote his wife, May 12, 1849. On May 16, they started west to California. They made slow progress at first, made fifty miles in the first ten days.

After crossing the Kansas and Nebraska line they travel was better roads became dryer. And Hotter weather, they made rapid progress until the 29thwhen George Winslow was suddenly sick with cholera, two others in the party were suffering with symptoms of the disease. The company remained in camp for three days and the patients having so far recovered, it was decided to proceed. Winslow brother- in-law David S Staples and Gracket Lord of Uncle Jessie Winslow, where with him every moment, giving him care. On June 5th, they camped on the Big Blue. On the 6th, late in the afternoon they reach the place where the trail crossed the present Nebraska and Kansas line and camped north of the state line. The prospect was beautiful, about half hour before sunset a terrific dazzling of the eyes, and deafening the ears and rain falling in torrent. When the rained ceased to fall the sun had set and darkness had closed in the next morning.

George Winslow death was attributed to his exposure. The next morning, he appeared as well as usual, not until 3 o'clock the next day the 8th of June, 1849, painless and with out a struggle he sank as thought going to sleep. He was taken to the center of corral where the funeral service consisted of reading from the scripture by Mr Pert of Prestoen, a prayer by Mr Sweetzer of Boston, Mass., was offered. The body was then carried to the grave by eight bearers, followed by the rest of the company for George Winslow, the trail ended here.

And if ever one should be in Fairbury stop see the marker standing in the field. Marking the grave of George Winslow, also marking the trail of the Oregon Wagon Trail.

This was copied from the Nebraska State Historical Society. Lincoln Nebraska m 1913 Vol X-vii.

The monument or marker of George Winslow, located one, ½ and four miles north west of Fairbury, Nebraska, on HWY. II, west 1 ½ mi west in a farm field, 1/4 mi north of farm fence. Located on the old Oregon trail going west. The marker is 8 ft high and 3 feet through, two flack on it, top, George Winslow, bottom, date April 16, 1849.

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April 3, 2000

To anyone who reads the following:

This is my family history (Winslow) through my "Mother -- Leah Rose Winslow Simoneau Seachord," written by my grandfather John Phineas Winslow. Grandfather ( approx. 84 years old when he wrote it) wrote our history on a typewriter with four or five carbon papers (I have the 5th copy or last one). I have tried to be as accurate as I could read the copy. When I was around 25, I ask for a copy of the family history. My Uncle Glen gave me the last copy of the book of 80 pages. It will take some time before it shows up on the computer. You will find grandfathers information in our Family History on these webpages.

I would ask one thing, If you find any mistakes or omissions, or can fill in anything my grandfather has missed, or have any new information, Please send it to me so I can add it to the family history. I will freely give to anyone who would like a copy, as I will continue to add to it until it is my time to die.

It will take me time to put the whole book on the computer, so please give me time.

If you have any questions or advice, please send them to me

Thank you

Stephen Cleo Simoneau Seachord
email address:

This starts what Grandfather wrote.


This book is written, who has been busy in the last twenty years and many more, off course there are many more of the history to be written. But as we will know it is almost impossible to fine all that is needed to gather the open links which are written. But some of the information are old. And faded away beyond reading properly, such as the notes that were written in England many years ago. And in those times many could not read or write, Many of the Ancestors.

History was given from mouth to mouth, as time moves on many are forgotten. Or mixed up so no one can tell the plain facts, as the Bible is written. So is life of man in ancient times. Many people don't care about their Father or Mother or any of their Great Grand Parents what so ever. But still there are many books written, which are found in most of the State Libraries over the Country for those who care to fine them and spend some of their time to search and read through many books. Read their script and notes .. See what you piece the puzzle together. And pass it along.........

There is one Wonderful State library in Salt Lake, Utah. They have every kind of books, literature, notes, stories, going back many years long before the Mormon arrived in America. It is most wonderful of any library that is located in the western part of the Unit States. And the Library building is also a well planed structure over looking the mountains for many miles. Also the Great Salt Lake wich is only a few miles away.

Any one who might read this. Have a pen so if an error is found, jot down the correct statement. For there are some mistakes. So I guess I will travel along to the next time when I hope we will meet again.

An Ancestor


John Phineas Winslow, 1955----.

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