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CLARK(E)s - Sussex, England to Indiana, USA

Thomas CLARK(E) Family Tree

CLARK(E) Photographs



General Information on ELLERBY - Origins of the name and One-Name Project

My Line of ELLABYs - England to USA




SMALLs in Kent & Sussex- SMALLs in the Weald of Kent and eastern Sussex, England

SMALLs in Southeastern Indiana - SMALLs in Ripley County, Indiana, USA and beyond

Thomas SMALL and Descendants - Kent & Sussex, England to Indiana, USA, with some descendants to Illinois, Nebraska and beyond

Nigel's line of SMALLs - Sussex & Kent, England

Karen Black's line of SMALLs - Sussex & Kent, England, with descendants to Ontario, Canada and New Zealand.

Photographs - Places and people


Dividers courtesy of

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