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Husband: John William ELLABY 1
Born: 14 JAN 1899 Place: Mt. Washington, Bullitt County, Kentucky, USA 2, 3, 4
Died: 19 JUN 1974 Place: Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA 5
Married: 23 DEC 1920 Place: Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA 6
Buried: Place:
Father: William David ELLABY
Mother: Nevada (Vade) Ellen WIGGINTON
Other Spouses:
Wife: Lena Mariann FLEISCHER
Born: 6 MAY 1903 Place: Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA 7
Died: 11 DEC 1998 Place: Zionsville, Boone County, Indiana, USA 8
Buried: Place:
Other Spouses:

John enlisted in the military in 1917, apparently (according to handwritten notations on the flyleaf of his "Manual for Noncommissioned Officers and Privates of Infantry" 1917) serving in the 36th Infantry, Company K of the 41st Infantry, and as Sgt. in Company G of the 69th Infantry. His family recalls he spoke of peeling potatoes at Fort Ord in Kansas.

As a young man, John moved to Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana from Kentucky. In 1920, he was working, in Indianapolis, in the restaurant operated by his future father-in-law, Frederich Fleischer. It was in Indiana, that John obtained social security number 304-03-7243.

A machinist by trade, over the length of his career, John worked for a number of companies:
1920-26 Morman-Herrington, in Indianapolis, Indiana
1926-33 Martin Perry, in York, Pennsylvania
1933-36 Martin Perry, in New Castle, Henry County, Indiana
1936-41 Allisons, in Indianapolis, Indiana
1941-49 Merz Engineering, in Indianapolis, Indiana
1950-51 Allisons, in Indianapolis, Indiana
1951 Monument Engineering, in Indianapolis, Indiana
1951-56 Basca Manufacturing, in Indianapolis, Indiana
1957 Mitchell, in Indianapolis, Indiana
1957-59 Indianapolis Stove, in Indianapolis, Indiana
1959 Mitchell, in Indianapolis, Indiana
1959-64 Twigg Industries, in Indianapolis, Indiana
John retired in 1964, but worked temporarily for Altimill twice before 1968, when he retired for good.

John enjoyed daily cigars, beer and Mr. Goodbar candy bars. He was an avid gardener and frequently handcrafted toys for his grandchildren as well as other items.

John died of lung cancer. He was buried in Floral Gardens Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, on June 22, 1974.

As a young girl, Lena worked at Eli LIlly's in Indianapolis, Indiana. Before she went to her employment interview, she placed a slip of paper in her shoe with the number "16" on it. When asked if she was 16 years old - the minimum age to be hired - she replied that she was "over 16." Lena had social security number 306-14-1061.

Lena was a homemaker after her marriage. She was known as a good cook, and, with her husband, fixed many a granchild's umbrella and other small items. She did alot of sewing, crocheting and tatting after her children were grown. Lena also enjoyed playing Bingo and entering sweepstakes. She won a number of sweepstakes prizes, including a car, during the 1960s. Lena, for a period of time, sang with the "Garden City Mother Singer's", a local volunteer women's chorus. She also worked some with the West District Girl Scouts in Indianapolis.

After John's death, Lena moved to a one-bedroom apartment in the Crestwood West senior citizen's complex in Indianapolis. She resided there until about 9 months before her death. In her later years, she became less active as she found walking difficult. A fall in her kitchen while preparing her supper in March 1998, triggered a two week hospital stay, where she was found to have a heart condition. She moved to the Christian Village Parke nursing home, where she celebrated her 95th birthday with nearly all her living decendants. At the nursing home, Lena became dear to her roommate, Lucy, due to her attention and helpfulness.

Lena contracted the flu just a couple days prior to her death, but her body was too frail to overcome the virus. She was buried in Floral Gardens Cemetery in Indianpolis, Marion County, Indiana on 15 December 1998.

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