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Husband: Ernest Miller ELLABY 1, 2
Born: 8 FEB 1875 Place: Kentucky, USA 3, 4
Died: 3 JUN 1913 Place: Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA 5
Married: 1 MAR 1905 Place: 6
Buried: 3 JUN 1913 Place: Cave Hill, Kentucky, USA 7
Father: John Nelson ELLABY
Mother: Ollevia Alice WOODEN
Other Spouses:
Wife: Edna LLEWELLYN 8, 9, 10
Born: 27 DEC 1879 Place: High Hill, Montgomery County, Missouri, USA 11, 12
Died: 3 APR 1964 Place: Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA 13
Buried: 6 APR 1964 Place: Mesa City Cemetery, Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA 14
Other Spouses: Edgar Rogers VEALE

Child 1 (M): Ernest (Leslie) ELLABY 15, 16
Born: 1 MAY 1911 Place: 17
Died: 18 OCT 1991 Place: Kentucky, USA?? 18
Buried: Place:
Spouses: Alveina
Child 2 (F): Martha ELLABY 19
Born: 1 APR 1906 Place: 20
Died: 1 JUN 1906 Place: 21
Buried: Place:
Child 3 (F): Frances ELLABY 22
Born: 15 DEC 1907 Place: 23
Died: 2 MAY 1958 Place: 24
Buried: Place:
Ernest was a doctor, practicing medicine for 10 years after his graduation from the old Hospital School of Medicine (Louisville, Kentucky??). He died at his home at South Park (Street??) after a year's illness. He was 37 years old. [Aunt Mary's Scrapbook of Death & Marriage Clippings 1930-1960, p. 35]

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