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SMALL Marriages in the Weald of Kent

Most of the following marriages were extracted from LDS microfilms of original parish records and the Diocese of Canterbury marriage license records.

If you find one of your SMALLs in this list, I'd love to hear from you!

1719 Apr 9 George SMALL & Sarah SMITH

1619 July 18 Thomas TASOIGNS? & Sarah? SMALLFIELD
1678 Apr 4 William SMALL of Biddenden & Cecillia WALKER
1710 Oct 12?Richard SMALL of Woodchurch & Mary SHARP
1740 Oct 2William SMALL & Mary SMALL
1742 May 8William STEVENS of Sutton Valence & Martha SMALL
1743 Oct 27Edward ADAMS & Jane SMALL
1766 Nov 19Henry KINGSWORTH, bachelor & Elizabeth SMALL
1781 Feb 26Richard SMALL, bachelor & Martha WOOD, spinster of Woodchurch (banns read in Woodchurch 1781/2 Feb 11, 18, 25)
1790 Nov 4George SMALL & Mary GURR
1798 June 16George SMALL & Mary SMITH (by banns)
1805 Dec 17?Thoms AVERY & Elizabeth SMALL (by license)
1810 Feb 4William SMALL & Mahala BROWNE
1810 Sep 22George SMALL of Great Chart & Ann WOOD (minor, by consent of father Edward WOOD) (by license, license dated 1810 Sep 18)
1814?James SMALL of Great Chart & Deborah HILL (minor, by consent of mother Deborah HILLS widow) (by license, license dated 1814 Apr 16)
1825?William SMALL, bachelor & Mary Ann KNIGHT, spinster (by license, license dated 1825 Oct 17)

Canterbury - St. Dunstan
1843? James SMALL, bachelor & Eliza KINGSTON, spinster (license dated 1843? Feb 10)

Canterbury - St. Peter or Holy Cross Westgate
1752? John SMALL, bachelor & Anne HART, spinster of Ivychurch (license dated 1852 Aug 13, marriage to be performed at St. Peter's or Holy Cross Westgate)

Canterbury - St. Mildred
1825? John SMALL, bachelor of St. Alphege Canterbury & Sarah FOWLER, spinster (license dated 1825 Dec 10)

1767 Apr 28 John SMALLFIELD & Ann DOBEL (both of the parish; banns read Mar 29, Apr 5 & 12)

1828? John SMALL, bachelor of Ticehurst, Sussex & Susannah SPRATT, spinster (license dated 1828 Jan 17)

Dover - St. Mary
1832? William SMALL, bachelor & Ann Eliza MARSH, spinster (license dated 1832 Sep 11)

East Malling
1722 Jan 3 William HAYZELLDER & Aveis SMAILL

Great Chart
1806 Jun 11 Henry WOOD, bachelor & Mary Ann SMALL, spinster (both of the parish, by license)
1814 July 6 Thomas SMALL, bachelor & Hannah BRIGGS, spinster (both of the parish, by banns)
1817 Jun 22Charles SMALL, batchelor & Frances BISHOPP, spinster (by banns)
1836 Jan 27Edward ODDEN & Mary Ann SMALL (both of the parish, by banns, witnesses: Martha SMALL, James ODDEN Jr.)

1752 Dec 6/26 John SMALL & Sarah BURLY/BAKER
1754 July 22 William LAMBKIN(G) of Marden & Abigail SMALL of Goudhurst (banns read in Marden on May 26, June 2 & 9)
1759 Feb 26William COLLINS & Anne SMALE
1861 Oct 19Henry SMALL & Elizabeth BROMLEY (both of Curtisden Green)
1899 July 1 Benjamin SMALL & Alice Emma GROVES
1900 Oct 30 Alfred SMALL (Mote Road, Maidstone) & Mary Ann BAKER
1918 Apr 11Albert SMALL & Emily HOLLOCKS

1742 July 6 Jno CORDINGLEE & Mary SMALL

1756? Thomas SMALL, bachelor of High Halden & Sarah JUDE, spinster of Headcorn (license dated 1756 Jan 12, marriage to be performed at either Headcorn or High Halden)

High Halden
1681/2 Jan 5 John HOLLAND & Clemith SMALLFIELD
1705 Apr 14 Thomas TILDEN & Elizabeth SMALL
1710 Oct 8Thomas SMALL & Elizabeth WATERMAN
1722 May 8Edmund LEEDS & Martha SMALL
1750 Apr 17John SMALL & Mary BENNET (by banns)
1784 July 6George WRATTEN & Sarah SMALL (by banns, witnesses: Sihon ROSE, Richard WATERMAN)
1790 Feb 2Richard WATERMAN, Jr. (bachelor) & Mary SMALL, Jr. (spinster) (by banns, witnesses: Sihon ROSE, Joseph RELF)
1790 Apr 11Richard WATERMAN, Sr. (widower) & Mary SMALL, Sr. (widow) (by license, witnesses: Richard RANSLEY, Joseph RELF)
1848 Apr 5Frederick SMALL (bachelor, bricklayer, s/o Thomas SMALL, farmer) & Harriet AUSTEN (under age, d/o Edward AUSTEN, farmer) (witnesses: Catherine WILLIAMS, Amelia SMALL, Jno Williams, James PALMER)

1796 Nov 17 Thomas SMALL (bachelor) & Sarah SANDERS (spinster) (both of the parish, witnesses: James SMALL, Thomas FISHENDEN)

1819? Thomas SMALL, widow of Great Chart & Hannah LUCKHURST, spinster (license dated 1819 May 8)

1781 Jun 15 James SMALL, batchelor & Mary DAW, spinster (both of the parish, by Thomas JONES, witnesses: Jno HOARE, Josh SACRE)
1785 July 3 William KESBY, batchelor of Bonington & Elizabeth SMALL, spinster of the parish (by banns; married by Theophelius JONES, witnesses: John KEELY, Josh SACRE)
1785 July 27 William SMALL, batchelor & Margaret MORRIS, spinster (both of the parish, by banns; married by Theophelius JONES, witnesses: Thomas FISHER, Josh SACRE)
1788 Jan 8 John SHORTER, batchelor of Woodchurch & Mary SMALL, widow of the parish (by banns; married by Theophelius JONES, witnesses: William TIESBY, Jos SACRE)

1575 Oct 24 Edward WADDINGTON & Joane SMALE
1723 Nov 12Anthony HARMOUR of Milton & Hannah SMALL of Mailing

1763 Dec 18 Thomas SMALL, bachelor & Sarah CROUCH, spinster (license dated 1763 Dec 4?; married by Jonathan MONCKTON, vicar; witnesses included Martin BEACH and John [HARRIS?])
1767 Apr 21Samuel SMALL, bachelor & Elizabeth LOUDWELL, spinster (license dated 1767 Apr 6; married by J. TODD, minister; witnesses included Thomas BAYLY, John HARRIS)
1788 Aug 5John OULDER & Sarah SMALL (both of the parish, by license; married by J. ANDREWS, Vicar; witnesses included Jonathan MONCHTON, John HARRIS)
1824William SOUTHON & Martha SMALL

1824 Jan 26 Thoms GOODWIN of Bethersden, & Susanna SMALL

St. Lawrence in Thanet
1728/9? Frantifrum?? [Francis?] SMALL & Rebecca COXON, spinster (license dated 1728/9 Jan, marriage to be performed at St. Lawrence, St. Peter or St. John)
1735/6? Robert SMALL, bachelor & Margaret SAMPSON, spinster (license dated 1735/6 Feb 9, marriage to be performed at St. Lawrence, St. Peter or Minster)
1775? Francis SMALL, bachelor & Martha JOAD, spinster (license dated 1775 Apr 15)

1768 Dec 28 Robert SUTTON, & Ann SMALL (witnesses: John SUTTON & Thos HOLLAMS)
1761 Dec 28 Thomas ROBBINS, bachelor & Ann SMALL, spinster (witnesses: Jemima SKULLTON & Joseph GOLDSMITH)
1791 Apr 15 John SMALL, bachelor & Mary Ann RICLEY, spinster (witness: William TANSWELL)

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