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SMALL Marriages in East Sussex

Most of the following marriages were extracted from LDS microfilms of original parish records.

If you find one of your SMALLs in this list, I'd love to hear from you!

Location Unknown
1724 James SMALL of Hawkhurst & Sarah HAINES, spinster (by license dated 16 Sept 1724)
1728John SMALL of Rotherfield & Elizabeth ROGERS (by license dated 27 July 1728)

1726 Sept 19 Thomas SMALL & Mary SUSAN, widow

1824 Apr 23 Stephen SMALL & Elizabeth PENNELLS (by banns, witnesses: Henry PENNELLS, Sophia PENNELLS)

Clayton or Cuckfield
1716 William SMALL of Cuckfield, gentleman & Mary BENNETT of Clayton, spinster (by license dated 1 Nov 1716)

1753 Apr 24 Joseph SMALL of Sidlescombe & Grace JONES of Etchingham (by banns)
1800 Oct 19 Stephen SMALL & Martha HARMER (both of the parish, by banns)
1809 Mar 9 Samuel SMALE of Etchingham & Hannah BAKER of Hawkhurst (by banns)
1860 Oct 20 John SMALE (age 25, bachelor, labourer, s/o Thomas SMALE, carpenter) & Frances CHEESEMER (age 28, spinster d/o George CHEESEMER, labourer) (both of the parish, by banns)
1862 May 10 William SMALL (age 23, bachelor, bricklayer) & Frances CROUCH (age 22, spinster, d/o Stephen CROUCH, labourer) (both of the parish, by banns)

1707 John FILDER of Framfield, batchelor (bricklayer) & Anne (or Jane) SMALL of same (by license dated 16 Oct 1707)

1724 Sept 16 James SMALE & Sarah HAINES (both of Hawkhurst, Kent)

1822 Jun 26 Thomas SMALL & Harriet MANSER (both of the parish, by banns, married by L.C. Goodwin curate of Ewhurst, witness: John MANSER)

1684 July 2 George LAXFORD of Woodchurch & Mary SMALL, widow (by license dated 2 Jul 1684, G.L. and Francis SEISLY of Peasemarsh as securities)
1713 Jun 15 Thomas SMALL & Hannah BATCHELOR
1738 June 13 Robert FRIEND & Elizabeth SMALL

1689 Nov 3 John SMALE & Elizabeth MARCHANT (both of the parish)

1577 Dec 23 Catheryn SMALL & Robte CLAYES
1793 Sept 17 James SMALL of Beckley & Susannah TURNER of Rye (by banns 1766 Jan 12,19,26; by Peter COLLETT, curate; witnesses included Thomas TURNER, Ealanor DAVIS)
1793 Sept 17 Samuel TILLEY, batchelor, & Elizabeth SMALL (both of the parish, by banns 1793 Sept 1,8,15; by William JACKSON, minister pro tempore; witnesses included James SMALL, John RUSSELL)
1798 Apr 8 John HUGHES & Susannah SMALL (both of the parish, by banns 1798 Mar 18,25, Apr 1; by Daniel PAPE, curate; witnesses included M.A. LAMB, W.P. LAMB, M. SMALL, James SMALL)
1807 James SMALL(?), batchelor & Ann PERSONS, sprinster (both of the parish, by banns 1807 Nov 22,29, Dec 6)
1810 Mar 30 James SMALL, batchelor of Rye & Elizabeth GRIGSBY of Icklesham (by John MYERS, vicar; witnesses included William SMALL, Mary HAISELL, Hansom HICK)
1820 Jul 23 John GAMBLEN, batchelor & Mary SMALL, spinster (both of the parish, by banns 1820 Jul 2,9,16; by John MYERS, vicar; witnesses included Thomas SMALL, C. TURK)
1821 Jul 30 Lewis SMALL, batchelor & Catherine NEWENDEN, spinster (both of the parish, by banns 1821 Jul 8,15,22; by John MYERS, vicar;, witnesses included John CROUCH, Elizabeth FELMER, Mary WARDEN)
1834 Apr 8William WOOLLEY, batchelor & Elizabeth SMALL, spinster (both of the parish, by banns 1834 Mar 16,23,30; by J.S. MYERS; witnesses included Philip MORLEY, Elizabeth TYLER)
1836 Feb 25 William SMALL, batchelor & Ann MURRELL, spinster (both of the parish, by banns 1836 Jan 24,31, Feb 7; by Henry COOPER, curate; witnesses included Stephen LINDUDFE(?), Elizabeth SMALL)
1844 Jan 7 Henry HOOD, batchelor (soldier, s/o Robert HOOD, labourer) & Eliza SMALL, spinster (d/o James SMALL, sadler) (both of the parish, by banns 1843 Dec 17,24,31; by George PINNOCK; witnesses included Elizabeth SMALL, Henry MOOR)
1844 Apr 1 George GAMBLEN, batchelor (mariner, s/o John GAMBLEN, turner) & Elizabeth SMALL, spinster (d/o James SMALL, sadler) (both of the parish, by banns 1844 Mar 17,24,31; by George PINNOCK; witnesses included John GAMBENS, Eliza HOOD)
1849 Dec 14James GAMBLEN,, batchelor (mariner of Rope Walk, s/o John GAMBLEN, turner) & Margaret SMALL, spinster (servant of Fish Market, d/o William SMALL, sadler) (both of the parish, by banns 1849 Nov 25, Dec 2,9; by Charles SPOONER, curate; witnesses included George West FOWLE, Ann SMALL)

1782 Sept 14 William BUSS & Mary SMALL (age 24) (by license)
1824 Nov 15Thomas SMALE (age 24) & Elizabeth HARTNUP (age 22) (by license)

1693 Apr 25 Edward SMALL of Frant & Susanna OLLIVER of Ticehurst (by banns)
1723/4 Feb 3[?] Thomas SMALL & Abigail AVERY (by banns)

1697 Apr 29? James GILBERT & Elizabeth SMALE (by banns)

1795 June 14 John SMALE & Sall Sophia KERWIN
1819 July 28 Thomas SMALL & Mary Latter MASTERS (both of the parish; by banns with consent of parent; witnesses included John MASTERS, Arthur RUSSELL)

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