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I'm working to make this site the definitive "Stahlman" and related Families research source. Please enter and see what's new! If you have anything you would like to contribute, or have corrections or comments to make, please send an email to me, Steve Stahlman, at: AnSS396Chevelle@aol.com

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You are on my "Stahlman" Tombstone Photographs" Website Page

I am working to make this site the definitive "Stahlman" and related Families research source. 

Please be sure to scroll down to see all the I have compiled and posted so far on this page.

If you have anything you would like to contribute, or have corrections or comments to make,

please send email to me, Steve Stahlman, at: AnSS396Chevelle@aol.com


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In my search for family history, I have traveled to various cemeteries and have started a photographic record of "Stahlman" tombstones. To see what I have accumulated so far, "Click" on the "index" number next to the name to see the photograph. After viewing the photograph, click on your browser's "back' button to return to this page. I have used the information on these tombstone photographs to supplement my family tree files. If you have any to add, please contact me.

Do not stand by my grave and weep. I am not there. I do not sleep. I am in a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die. - Mary E. Frye

 #  Name


Relationship (est. from other sources) & notes

Pine Grove Cemetery, just north of Corsica, Pa. (its a very small cemetery, nestled into the pine trees, with a pleasant farmland view across the valley)




Solomon Stahlman

Margaret Stahlman

1841 - 1905 

1834 - 1884 

Solomon/Simon/Solomon Sr./John/Jacob

(has a Mexican War marker which seems unlikely)

Her maiden name was Miller

4 Anna E. Stahlman

1874 - 1890 

Daughter to Solomon & Margaret ? (her marker is next to Solomon's and Margaret's marker)

Pisgah Cemetery, Corsica, Pa. (its laid out in plots and has a framed map on site)

Plot 192:
1 Isaac P. Stahlman

Hannah L. Stahlman

07/24/1840 01/13/1903

05/2/1848 12/2/1954

Isaac Peter/Gabriel Phillip/John/Jacob

her maiden name was Rhodes

Plot 193:

2 John F. Stahlman

Minta A. Stahlman

1870 - 1950

1872 - 1918

John Franklin/Isaac Peter/Gabriel Phillip/John/Jacob

Her maiden name was Allshouse

3 Cora Stahlman

Freda Stahlman

1870 - 1910

1896 - 1911

Cora (McKinley) Stahlman  was John F. Stahlman's first wife

Freda was the daughter of Cora and John F. Stahlman 

Plot 200:
4 Henry Edward Stahlman

Elsie Laverna Stahlman

1867 - 1923

1871 - 1923

Henry Edward/Isaac Peter/Gabriel Phillip/John/Jacob

Her maiden name was McKinley

5 Isaac R. Stahlman 1896 - 1904 Son to Henry Edward Stahlman
6 James Haven Stahlman 1900 - 1966 Son to Henry Edward Stahlman

Plot 414:

1 Frank D. Stahlman

Crissie M. Stahlman

1899 - 1983 

1898 - 1991

Son to John Franklin Stahlman above (with WW 1 marker)

Her maiden name was Brocious

Vicksburg National Military Cemetery, Vicksburg, Mississippi (photo courtesy of D. Lobb)

1 Solomon Stallman

June 1818 - February 17, 1863 - died in camp

Solomon Jr./Solomon Sr./John/Jacob


Mt. Zion Church Cemetery, Just off North Summit on route 310 midway between Anita and Reynoldsville, Pa. 

1 Britton U. Stahlman

Emma F. Stahlman

1876 - 1959

1869 - 1966

Britton/George Y/Moses F/Jeremiah/John/Jacob

Her maiden name was Himes

2 Norman F. Stahlman

Bessie E. Stahlman

1903 - 1989

1898 - 1992

Britton's son

Her maiden name was Raybuck

Old Ebenezer Cemetery, Just off route 536 west of Grange at St. John's Road to Sprankle Mills  see Photo of entry



Simon P. Stahlman

Annie E. Stahlman

1/31/1867 01/2/1946

10/27/1865 12/12/1918

Simon P/William L/Jeremiah/John/Jacob

Her maiden name was Moser

3 Clark Atlee Stahlman

6/30/1910 01/30/1911

Son to Simon P. and Annie E. Stahlman
Worthville Cemetery, Worthville, Pa
1 Charles M. Stahlman

Edith Mae Hall

1902 - 1990

1904 - 1991

Charles M/Nathan U/Paul P/Jeremiah/John/Jacob

Her maiden name was Hall

2 Margaret E. Boring

Orrie G. Boring

01/21/1915 01/05/2000

3/25/1909 02/2/1993

Her maiden name was Stahlman


3 Marion Blaine Stahlman

Hazel Louise Stahlman

05/06/1910 06/26/1985

03/26/1910 10/16/1978


Her maiden name was Martz

4 Shirley A. Stahlman Roundtree 08/13/1936 10/2/1996 Daughter to Marion B. Stahlman
5 Charles Earl Stahlman 09/06/1934 12/07/1945 Son to Marion B. Stahlman
6 Grover S. Stahlman

Edith V. Stahlman

1887 - 1972

1890 - 1979

Grover S/George Y/Moses F/Jeremiah/John/Jacob

Her maiden name was Mottern 

7 L. Helen Stahlman 12/31/1918 11/22/1934 Daughter to Grover S. Stahlman
8 Albert W. Stahlman

June M. Stahlman

12/2/1915 05/10/1995

04/12/1920  05/16/1979

Son to Grover S. Stahlman

Her maiden name was Pope

9 N. Merle Stahlman

Faye Stahlman

1892 - 1948

1894 - 1965

Nelson M/George Y/Moses F/Jeremiah/John/Jacob

Her maiden name was Glotz

10 Jacob Shaffer

Lavina Shaffer

1847 - 1926

1853 - 1924

Unknown relationship

I also have photographs of the following tombstones that I have taken, but have not posted them yet to this site. 

If you want copies, please drop me a e-mail at AnSS396Chevelle@aol.com Thanks, Steve Stahlman


 #  Name


Relationship (est. from other sources) & notes

Calvary Cemetery, Punxsutawney, Pa

1 James Henry Stahlman

Margaret Bernadette (Lenoe) Stahlman

1931 - 1972

1933 - 1982


Daughter to Andrew and Anna (Stanko) Lenoe - Step father was G. Mandato

2 Anna Mandato

Gaetano Mandato

1910 - 1993

1893 - 1970

Her maiden name was Stanko, first marriage was to Andrew Lenoe. She was the mother of Margaret (Lenoe) Stahlman.

Margaret (Lenoe) Stahlmans step-father

Saint John's Reformed U.C.C. Cemetery, Grange, Porter Township, Jefferson County, Pa

1 Thomas D. Stahlman

Sharan L. Stahlman

1/18/45 - 3/23/90

1/23/47 - living 

2 Paul H. Stahlman

M. Marie Stahlman

9/15/1897 - 4/23/1985

3/21/1903 - 3/19/1985


Her maiden name was Slawson

3 George Y. Stahlman

Narcissa Stahlman

1845 - 1910

1848 - 1928


Her maiden name was Beck

4 Son & Daughter of GY. & N Stahlman unknown unknown
5 Son & Daughter of GY. & N Stahlman unknown unknown
6 Sarah Emhoff

Henry M. Emhoff

Ida A. Emhoff

9/1/1834 - 2/15/1927

4/7/1833 - 2/18/1909

7/13/1872 - 6/26/1879

Unknown relationships
7 John Emhoff

Catharine Emhoff

6/5/1797 - 8/19/1883

2/20/1805 - 5/18/1880

Unknown relationships
8 Mary Ann Hoch 1838 - 1932 Unknown relationship
9 Daniel Moser

Margaret E. London

D11/10/1898 aged 68y 5m 20d

D3/28/1911 aged 70y17d

Margaret was the mother to Anne. E (Moser) Stahlman, the first wife of Simon Stahlman, father of Paul Herbert Stahlman
10 four unreadable small markers next to Daniel and Margaret (London) Moser's marker unknown
11 Henry Hoch

Margaret Schilling

8/14/1827 - 7/10/1897

1829 - 1911

Unknown relationships
12 Henry Moser Died aged 49 illegible Father to Daniel Moser
13 Elizabeth Moser illegible Mother to Daniel Moser


 #  Name


Relationship (est. from other sources) & notes

Coolspring Cemetery, just south of Coolspring on route 36. Take Cemetery Hill Road. The first plot is called the "Garden of Peace". It sets in a pleasant meadow with woods on two sides. The main cemetery is up the road through the woods and sites on the top of the hill.

"The Garden of Peace"

1 Mary E. Stahlman 10/06/1900 10/14/1907 Unknown
2 Mabel L. Daughter of B.U. and E.F Stahlman 03/10/1907 03/11/1907 Mabel/Britton/George/Moses/Jeremiah/John/Jacob

Top of Hill

1 Frank Stahlman

Margaret Stahlman



Moses Franklin was his given name. His line is Moses/George/Moses/Jeremiah/John/Jacob

Her maiden name was Himes.

2 G. Luther Stahlman 

Kathryn S. Stahlman

1897-1985 1901-1993 Son to "Frank" above

Married May 26, 1925. G. Luther has a WW I Vet marker

Her maiden name was Mowery

3 Thomas F. Stahlman 1927-1950 Son of G. Luther and Kathryn Stahlman.

Thomas has a WW II vet marker. His tombstone is inscribed PFC. MP 1st Corps APO 301

4 H. Grant Stahlman

Frances Stahlman

08/11/1918 05/29/1995

10/26/1932 Blank

H. Grant/Nelson/George/Moses/Jeremiah/John/Jacob

Her maiden name was Aber

5 Stahlman

C. Arthur

James F.

Parker R





Sons to Nathan and Lestie Stahlman
6 Stahlman

Robert L.

William B.




Robert and William were sons of Nathan and Lestie Stahlman
7 Nathan Stahlman 

Lestie Stahlman




Her maiden name was Hawthorne

8 Jessie L. Stahlman 11/17/1916 03/22/1985 Her maiden name was Keller. She was married to Cecil Stahlman. His line was: Cecil/David/Simon/Simon/Solomon/John/Jacob


As always, any contributions and comments are welcome. Please feel free to contact me, Steve Stahlman, at: AnSS396Chevelle@aol.com 


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