Stallmans from Germany to America

Stallman family from Oldenberg, Germany to Iowa and South Dakota

 Our Stalmann/Stallman Family History  1780-2009 
Updated 30 Dec 2010

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Family history written in 1985 and transferred to web site 1997.
Additional data is posted as it comes in.

Originally put together by me,  barbara stallman-speck, daughter of Albert and Anna Black-Stallman; granddaughter of Clemens Anton and Anna Schelle-Stallman; great- granddaughter of Clement and Maria Bernadina Frohle/Froehle;  great-great-granddaughter of Bernard Heinrich and Catherine Siemer-Stallman and Carl Joseph and Agnes Balster-Frohle-Wente; and great-great-great-granddaughter of Johan Theodore and Elisabeth Busse.  The biggest portion of information (1850-1950) was transcribed from data belonging to Aunt Victoria Clementina Stallman, dtr of Clem and Anna. It is my sincerest intention to do justice to all of Victoria's many, many years of gathering family-related newspaper items, pictures and recorded documents of our past history. I hope you all enjoy this information as much as I have enjoyed transcribing everything onto these pages. Bear with me as I have been known to take leave of my senses at the damnedest times.

    As you go through these pages, make a note of all of the changes pertaining to your family and let me know by contacting me by e-mail  or PO Box 13, Oacoma SD 57365-0013, or 605-234-6338. Send photos or anything you want added to your personal pages (best if sent on CD) and I will add them to the proper page.

    Thanks for all of the information everyone has sent to me and special thanks to Aunt Victoria and Jean Flannery (granddaughter of John and Clementina Stallman-Schulte) for their Stallman help and to Allen Koster for his Berning contribution.  Your relative,  barbara stallman speck  


   * Our  direct line ...  Clemens Anton

Stalmanns from Germany

* 1. Johan Theodore Stalmann and Elisabeth Busse (2nd wife)         Parents of Bernard Heinrich

* 2. Bernard Heinrich Sr. and Catherine Siemer-Stalmann         Parents of: Bernard Heinrich Jr. (m)  Mary Wittrock,   2. Clemens (m. Mary Bernadina Frohle),  3. Theodore Phillip (m) Angela Herbers,   4. Josephine  (m) Frank Kerkhoff   5. Maria Anna   no data   6. Heinrich August. (m) Mattie Smith   7. Bernardina (m) Herman Dopheid.

 The move to America,  1872

*Clement and Mary Bernadina Frohle (Froehle) Stallman  and their children:    To find your line, click on their link
1. Clemens Anton and Anna Mary Schelle-S
tallman     2.  John and Clementina Stallman-Schulte    3.  Joseph and Josephine Wadle-Stallman   4. Theodore and Nicolene Haalund-Stallman   5. William and Anna Stallman-Rolfes (Updated Oct 2009)   6. Gus and  Emma Stallman-Hoffman  7. William and Angeline Frances Stallman-Jump  8. Clemens Frank and Delia  Lunceford-Stallman   9. Joseph and Louise Stallman Greene-Lavange  10. Victoria Julia died in infancy


  Children of  *Clemens Anton and Anna Mary Schelle:    To  find your line, click on their link
 1. Frank Joseph and Regina Roeder-Stallman  2. Victoria Clementina   3. Lawrence John and Ida Theresa Hatting-Stallman   4. Paul Ambrose    5. *Albert Theodore and Anna Black-Stallman   6. Joseph John and Leona Stallman Stallman-Voss   7. Raymond Clement   8. Herman George and Marie Catherine Hatting-Stallman    9. Lawrence Frederick and Frances Ann Stallman-Nanneman    10. Henry Edward and Katherine Thelen-Stallman

BALSTER/FRHLE (FREHLE/FREHLE) WENTE  Carl Joseph and *Agnes BALSTER FRHLE (FREHLE)-WENTE (parents of Mary Bernadina)   
*SCHELLE history   Henry and Franceska HENKENIUS SCHELLE JANSE    Frank Joseph and Maria Anna BERNING-SCHELLE

Family photo album   

Remembering my "Stallman find"

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