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Delia Hubbble--Daughter of Richard William and Alabama Standridge Hubble
Your Life--What is and What was!

Richard William Hubble was a farmer in the territory of Oklahoma. He and his wife, Alabama Standridge, lived in the town of Maud in the County of Pottawatomie. On May 24, 1903, you Delia, were born. You were your parents 8th child, and they named you Delia Bell. Later a 9th (Lincoln, Nov. 1905) was born into the family. When you were 3 years old, your father died of pneumonia. Your mother had a hired man to help with the farm work. About two years after your father's death, she married this man, John William Hurley. They had two children (probably one was Margaret Hurley Roberts). This was about the time that Oklahoma became the 46th state of the Union, 1907.

When you were old enough, you walked two miles to attend Wolf School where you attended until you were in the 4th grade. You liked everything about school and was fortunate to go that long, but because your parents needed you to help with the farm work, you had to quit. You especially helped plant, pick, and hoe cotton, corn and sugar cane.

In 1915, your family moved to Greeley, Colorado. There your step-father continued to work on the farm raising sugar beets and cucumbers. Eventually, when you were about 16 years old, your step-father became working for two young brothers, Frank and Ernest Chesnut, and the whole course of your life was destined to change. You and Earnest Joy Chesnut, who used to visit you at the water pump, fell in love, were married on Sept.30, 1921,in Fort Collins, Colorado, a small mountain town. Both of you were 18 years old at the time.

Stepping into your Model T Ford, the tow of you started for California on your honeymoon, but on the way you had car trouble and stopped at Albuqerque, New Mexico to get it repaired. It was 3 weeks before the car was ready. By this time, the owner of the garage who fixed the car asked you to stay and for Ernest to work for him.

The garage owner went out of business, and Ernest found a job in a small town called Rincon. It was there that you two had your first child, a boy was born Aug. 10, 1922. You should have had a caesarean section, but at that time surgery was extremely dangerous. Instead the doctor tried to use forceps with which he was unskillful, and your baby died while trying to be born. You were too ill to attend the baby's burial. Ernest carved these words, "Infant Son" on a small tombstone which he placed at the child's head in a small cemetery in Rincon. When you moved away later, a minister promised to care for the grave, because he had a child buried there. With in two months you were well enough to travel. You and Ernest returned to Colorado and he started farming again in 1923. He had one steady hired man.

After the farm began to prosper, you both were very happy to be able to buy a new Model A Ford. It had curtains and even a self starter. It was in this car that you brought home your next baby from the Greeley, Co. hospital. Harold Leonard was born June 4, 1924. Two years later, on July 23, 1926, you and Earnest became the surprised parents of twins, Glenora Jane and Glenn Samuel. Needless to say, the next year was a busy one for all, but it was a happy time.

It wasn't long before Earnest got very sick and had 3 surgeries in 4 months. He had peritonitis, the doctors thought. He died August 17, 1927 at the age of 24. Only ten days later, Glenora's twin brother grew seriously ill with a baby disease that was passing from child to child. He passed from this life August 27, 1927. He was buried by his father in the Greeley cemetery.

The days ahead were extermely hard for you, but it was necessary for you to continue and make a life for yourself, Harold and Glenora. During this time and in the months ahead, Bill, the man Earnest had hired, was an enormous help to you and your children. They became fond of him, and as the months passed your friendship turned into love. On Dec. 28, 1928, you and Willis Arthur Skelton went to Fort Collins and said I do. At that time you were 25 years old and he was 27.

Bill, as everyone called him, worked the farm for awhile. You decided to sell your car and buy a Ford truck which Bill used to haul your and other farmer's sugar beets to market.

On Mother's Day, May 11, 1930, you claim you got the best Mother's Day gift you ever received, even if some may wonder about that! The only child you and Bill ever had, Betty Louise, was born that day at Greeley, Colorado.

It was during the Great Depression that you and Bill were raising your family. You heard there was work in Oregon, and so on June, 1935, you prepared to head that way. The two of you sold your farming equipment and household furnishings keeping only what you could haul in the truck. Bill got a good, heavy canvas from the sugar beet factory, and you two sewed a nice, large tent to live in on your journey. We kids thought it was great fun but knew it was not an easy thing for you to do. On the way we stayed near Boise, Idaho and worked in the vegetable and fruit. Then you moved on to Gridley, California and lived there for awhile doing the same kind of work. During much of this time the only home you and your family had was the tent. We lived in a pasture and also in a cherry orchard. We had a two holer toilet facilities.

We three kids hleped the family fortunes increase by picking prunes. The great sum of 7 cents was paid to all the pickers for each large box they filled. During the school year, Harold and Glenora attended a two roomed school house. It was near Biggs, Ca.

In August 1936, we moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon. All three of us children started school at Henley, Oregon. Betty began her first year there and 12 years later graduated from high school. Harold and Glenora graduated there in 1943 and 1945.

Note by Betty Renfroe........the story continues telling of moving to Wasco, Ca. and Bill passing away in 1962. Harold lives in Klamath Falls, Oregan. Glenora Phillips in San Jose, Ca. and Betty Panter in Wasco, Ca. Delia Hubble Chesnut Skelton is still alive in Ca.

A note at the bottom of the story says: Alabama Standridge died on August 16, 1925 and stepfather, John William Hurley died almost a year later, July 31, 1926. Both are buried at Riverside Cemetery, Denver, Colorado. Margaret Roberts, Delia's sister, lives in Lake Havasue Arizona. (probably Margaret is a daughter of Alabama and John Hurley). Contact Delia's Granddaughter

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