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Bryds/Outspoken Blues 2008 Reunion!

To those of you who were able to make it in 2008 - we loved seeing you again! It was so much fun!
For those of you who couldn't make it, you'll never know what you missed!
It was a once in a lifetime event!

* View Photos From The July, 2008 Reunion

* More Photos From The July, 2008 Reunion


The Beginning


The Empires, Bryd's, The Outspoken Blues, The Prod, and Hot Mama Silver were all "garage bands" that were formed, and began performing, in the 60's, or early 70's, in North Chicago, Lake County, Illinois! One common thread for the five groups was that either my younger brother, Robert A. Stanley (Bob), or I, James K. Stanley (Jim), was a member of the group.

Bob (Lead Guitar) and I started the group, "The Empires", in 1964, along with Tom Nelson (Rhythm Guitar) and Tim Wagner (Bass Guitar). We added Bill Levak, a high school classmate of Bob's (Drums)! I left the group in early 1965 to return to college. The Empires broke up in late 1965, when one of the members of the group, Tim Wagner, decided to join the Air Force rather then get drafted.

Two of the three remaining members of the group, Bill Levak (Drums) and Tom Nelson (Rhythm Guitar), myself (Bass Guitar/Vocals), along with Bill Kirchmeyer (Lead Guitar) and Jim Korn (Bass Guitar/Vocals), (from a group named "Beat Incorporated"), then formed the "Outspoken Blues". A short time later, John Pencak (organ), joined our group, and Tom Nelson left the group.

We then went into a recording studio in Chicago (Recordings Unlimited), and recorded a demo record with "You're A Better Man Than I", and "Not Right Now" being the two tracks. We had 900 copies of the record pressed on Orlyn Records. I sang the vocals on "You're A Better Man Than I", and Jim Korn recorded the vocals on "Not Right Now"! (The Outspoken Blues' 45 has since become a valuable collector's item.) Jim Korn was drafted soon after, and he was replaced by Dave Luoma. The group eventually went through several personnel changes, including Ray Spoor, and later Jim Carmody, on Drums, and Steve Wypych on Bass Guitar.

Jim Stanley, 1966John Pencak and myself, were the only individuals who were members the whole time the group was in existence!
Glen Holverson was our original Saxophone player. He was great. He was later replaced by Rick Shultis. Chris Christopherson was added later on to play Trumpet when we had a small horn section.

Bob Stanley left the "Empires" and joined "The Bryd's", as lead guitarist, a group that had recorded two songs that he wrote for them ("Your Lies" and "Why Did You Have To Break My Heart"). After "The Bryds" broke up, Bob became a member of "The Outspoken Blues" for the summer of 1967, helping to create the strongest vocal and instrumental version of the group.

Bob left the 'Blues in the autumn of 1967, and reformed "The Bryds", adding an "e" to the group's name to become "The Brydes". He added two trumpets and a violin!

With the breakup of "The Outspoken Blues" in 1969, Jim again joined Bill Kirchmeyer (along with Herb Eigerman (Bass Guitar/Vocals), Gary Rosberg (Organ) and Larry (Butch) Maynard (Drums), in a group called "The Prod". With the eventual breakup of "The Prod" in 1971, Herb Eigerman joined Bob Stanley who had formed "Hot Mama Silver"!
Jim Stanley and Bill Kirchmeyer formed a 10 piece group that played one time. The group featured piano, organ, two guitars, bass, drums, and 3 female backup singers! Bill Kirchmeyer and Bob Stanley were the guitar players for that performance at a high school prom!

If you have any photographs of The Empires, The Bryds, The Outspoken Blues, Hot Mama Silver, or In-Sex, please let me know! If you send them to me, I'll add them to this web page!


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Roadman's Hammer

Roadman's Hammer Review!

Without a doubt, this is unquestionably the best music purchase I've made all year. What a musician! What an album! I don't know where to begin.

It's not often that an album comes along that I like all the way through. Most times I've got to give it a few spins and let it grow on me. This one sprouted thick, tangled roots and dug in deep immediately. Roadman's Hammer has been in my CD player since I received it 3 weeks ago. I haven't listened to any other music for three weeks, I kid you not.

The man's voice belies his age. His instrumental prowess is right up there with the biggest names in the business. The words he's written are sung with passion, power and finesse. His vocals are by turns as gritty and dark as coal smoke, powerful enough to drive a railroad spike and as beautiful and soothing as a far away train whistle.

Robert's voice encompasses a full range of emotion and feeling that only comes from years of traveling life's tracks, taking note of the thing's he's seen and experienced along the way, writing about it and singing it like it just happened, still fresh and clear in his mind.

A good album is like a good book: it should paint a vivid picture in the mind of the listener, and for me, it does exactly that. I can't wait for the next album. I'll be the first one at the ticket window for The Roadman's next ride.

Bill Haines - Shake!: Nashville, TN, USA (Sep 7, 2008)

Roadman's Hammer
* Buy Robert Stanley's CD "Roadman's Hammer"!

* Roadman's Hammer Web Page.

* Roadman's Hammer (aka Robert Stanley) on Myspace! Hear His New CD!

Fire In My Bones
Robert Stanley's New CD
"Fire In My Bones"

"A fiery and intense blend of Rock, Blues, and psych-folk.
Be aware—from the vocals, to the guitars, to the lyrics—this is an adventurous
Rockabluesic journey that will crawl into your brain cells."


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The Empires

L - R: Tim Wagner, Bob Stanley, Bill Levak, Jim Stanley, Tom Nelson!

Empires Card

Left: This is a photo of the first rock and roll band my brother, Bob Stanley, and I played in, in 1964. The name of the group was "The Empires". That's my brother, Bob, second from the left. I'm on the right holding onto the microphone!
Right & Below: The Empires in 1965!
L - R: Bill Levak, Bob Stanley, Tim Wagner, Tom Nelson!
L - R: Tim Wagner, Tom Nelson, Bob Stanley, Bill Levak!

Outspoken Blues

The Outspoken Blues' "Not Right Now" is on this compilation CD from Greece. Without Our Permission!
Back From The Grave Vol. 8
Back From The Grave Vol. 8
The Outspoken Blues recording of "Not Right Now"is available on this compilation album released by Crypt Records.

1966 Union Card
AMF Union Card!
Musician's Union
Waukegan Federation
Of Musicians

AMF Local 284

American Federation Of Musicians
American Federation
Of Musicians

1967 Union Card
AMF Union Card!
Teenage Meadows
. The Outspoken Blues recording of "Turn On Your Lovelight"
is available on this compilation CD.

Galacticzoo Dossier 2
Galacticzoo Dossier
The CD above is available
in this magazine with our permission!
Outspoken Blues CD Cover
.The Outspoken Blues European CD Front Cover.
Released On July 9, 2008
Feathered Apple Records CD (FA 6513)
Price: 24:00 Swissfranks - 14.50 Euro
Outspoken Blues CD Label
The Outspoken Blues CD Label.
Outspoken Blues CD Back
.The Outspoken Blues European CD Back Cover.
OUTSPOKEN BLUES - ST (60's garage) - Label: FEATHERED APPLE RECORDS Any true '60's garage maniac should already be hip to The Outspoken Blues' monster '60s garage track 'Not Right Now' via Back From The Grave, Volume 8, as well as The Bryds' 'Your Lies' via Back From The Grave, Volume 6.
Now, on this historic and completely official 17-track CD, the full musical output and story behind those legendary Chicago '60's garage bands is finally told. The compilation kicks off with both sides from The Outspoken Blues' ultra-rare and killer $5,000 single of 'Not Right Now' b/w 'Mister You're A Better Man Than I' that was originally released on the highly sought after Orlyn Records studio label in 1966; that single is followed by 11 fabulous and never-before-released 1967 garage/r&b tracks from The Outspoken Blues' unreleased album, including seven originals ('Not Right Now', 'Sitting On A Sunday', 'A Wonderful Summer', 'I Can't Make You Love Me', 'I'll Stay','All Your Love' and 'N.Y.P.D') and five covers ('Mister You're A Better Man Than I', 'I Know', 'Hold On I'm Comin'', 'Turn On Your Lovelight' and 'Since I Don't Have You').
Also featured are two great and previously unreleased 1968 garage tracks ('Poor Rich Man' and 'Jr. Saw It Happen') that were recorded under the moniker of "The Prod". As a final bonus, the CD is rounded out in great fashion with both tracks from The Bryds' super rare and fantastic 1965 teen garage 45, 'Your Lies' b/w 'Why Did You Have To Break My Heart', penned by The Empires' main songwriter, lead guitarist and lead vocalist, Robert Stanley." CD $15.00

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* The Outspoken Blues On YouTube! (Not Right Now)

* The Outspoken Blues On YouTube! (N.Y.P.D)

* The Outspoken Blues On YouTube! (A Wonderful Summer)

* The Outspoken Blues On YouTube! (You're A Better Man Than I)

* The Outspoken Blues On YouTube! (Since I Don't Have You)

* Last FM Ratings (Scroll Down To "Overall Top Tracks"! Outspoken Blues Are #1.)

* Beyond The Beat Generation Internet Radio

* Billco's Weird Band Name Hall Of Fame. (Yeah, we're in it!)

* Top 100 Garage Band Collectible Records. (Outspoken Blues Are Number 4!)

Jim Stanley

Jim Stanley and Jim Korn

Jim Stanley
Jim Stanley (1966)

Left: That's me, with my long hair! And, Me (Left) and Jim Korn (On leave from the Army).
The 'Blues recorded a single with "You're A Better Man Than I", and "Not Right Now", in 1965 on Orlyn Records.
"Not Right Now" is available on a compilation album released by Crypt Records, called "Back From The Grave, Vol. 8".

Blues House
The notorious "Blues House"
Waukegan, IL

Jim and Bill
L- R: Jim Stanley, Jean Beiersdorf, Debbie Bensinger, Bill Kirchmeyer, after a concert where we opened for "The Turtles"

Outspoken Blues At Wild Goose
L-R: Ray Spoor, Glen Holverson, Dave Luoma, Bill Kirchmeyer (1967)

Bill Kirchmeyer - Jim Korn
Bill Kirchmeyer - Jim Korn (1966)

Jim Korn
Jim Korn (1965)

Outspoken Blues2

Bottom L-R: Dave Luoma; Chris Christopherson; Jim Stanley;
Middle L-R: Jim Carmody; Monty Sigurdsson; Steve Wypych;
Top: John Pencak

Jim  Stanley Drawing
Jim Stanley
Outspoken Blues1

Bottom L-R: Steve Wypych; John Pencak; Dave Luoma;
Middle L-R: Jim Carmody; Chris Christopherson; Monty Sigurdsson;
Top: Jim Stanley
Blues Onstage
L-R: Jim Stanley, Steve Wypych

Blues Onstage2
L-R: Steve Wypych, Jim Stanley

Left And Right: The last incarnation of the Outspoken Blues performing onstage!

Outspoken Blues
On a break at Miller's Pub in Half Day, IL.

Jim and Jean
Jim Stanley and Jean Beiersdorf
Blues Onstage
L-R: Steve Wypych, Chris Christopherson, Jim Stanley, Dave Luoma, Rich Shultis

Blues Onstage2
L-R: Jim Stanley, Chris Christopherson, Steve Wypych!

Record Label  A Side
A copy of this record recently sold on EBay for $4,950.00!
Another just sold for $5,000.00.
An acetate of this record sold on Ebay for $1,802.00!
Record Label  B Side
New Record Label A Side
These are the labels for the reissued copy of the Outspoken Blues 45. It was reissued on March 30, 2013, by Feathered Apple Records (Switzerland)!
New Record Label  B Side

The Bryds
Bryds Art

The "Bryds"
L-R: Yanez Jamnik, Bob Stanley, Bayard Jones, Dave Inman, Jim Wessely



While a member of The Bryds, the following songs, composed by Bob Stanley, were recorded by the artists listed:
The Flock 1. "Take Me Back" - The Flock (Destination/Columbia Records - 1967). (Also, Bob Stroud's Rock & Roots Compilation CD Vol. 7.)
2. "Gotta Take It Easy" - Michael And The Messengers. (USA Records 897 - 1968)
3. "Gotta Take It Easy" - Cherry Slush (USA Records - 1967) (Also available on a compilation CD of USA/Destination Records 45's that was just released by Sundazed Records.)

In 1965 before Bob Stanley joined them, the Bryds, with Frankie Laurie doing the vocals, recorded:
4. "Your Lies" and,
5. "Why Did You Have To Break My Heart",
both written by Bob Stanley, on Raynard Records (based in Milwaukee, WI).
6. "Your Lies" is available on a compilation album released by Crypt Records, called "Back From The Grave, Vol. 6".

7. "Your Lies", was recorded in the '80's for an album entitled "Grusomology" by a Canadian group called "The Gruesomes"! The album was recently re-released on "Sundazed Records"!
8. "Your Lies", was also recently recorded by a band from Nebraska called "The Terminals"!
9. "Why Did You Have To Break My Heart" is on a compilation album called "Shutdown '66"!
10. "Why Did You Have To Break My Heart" and "Your Lies"are on a compilation album called "Your Lies USA Garage Greats 1965 - 1967" on Gyro Records!

Above: L-R: Yanez Jamnik, Bob Stanley, Bayard Jones, Dave Inman, Jim Wessely

Bryds 66c
The Bryds (1966)



Jim Wesley

Back From The Grave Volume 4
Back From The Grave Volume 4

Back From The Grave Volume 6
Back From The Grave Volume 6.

The song "Your Lies" recorded by The Bryds, is available on the compilation albums shown above, which were released by Crypt Records!
Front Cover
Front Cover

Back Cover
Back Cover
This CD is unauthorized!

Your Lies
 Why Did You Have To Break My Heart
Copies of this 45 recently sold on EBay for $900.00 and $500.00!

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* Power Pop Review Of The Bryds.

* Article From "Illinois Entertainer" On The Bryds.

Roadman's Hammer
* Buy Robert Stanley's CD "Roadman's Hammer"!

* Roadman's Hammer Web Page.

* Roadman's Hammer (aka Robert Stanley) on Myspace! Hear His New CD!

Right: The Flock - "Take Me Back"
Far Right: Cherry Slush - "Gotta Take It Easy"
Written By Robert A. Stanley

Take Me Back
Gotta Take It Easy


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Hot Mama Silver

Hot Mama Silver
L-R: Bill Bobrowski, Dore Capitani, Bob Stanley, Herb Eigerman
Left and Right, "HOT MAMA SILVER"!
Hot Mama Silver 3
L-R: Dore Capitani, Jeff Payne, Herb Eigerman, Bob Stanley!

Bob - Hot Mama
Bob Stanley!
Dore Capitani
Dore Capitani!
Herb Eigerman
Herb Eigerman
Jeff Payne
Jeff Payne!
Bob Stanley
Bob Stanley!
Bob Stanley
Bob Stanley!
Herb Eigerman
Herb Eigerman
Herb Eigerman
Herb Eigerman
Dore & Bob
Dore & Bob!
Dore & Bob
Dore & Bob!
Dore Capitani
Dore Capitani!
Dore Capitani
Dore Capitani!
Hot Mama Silver
Hot Mama Silver - "Never Had A Dollar" (Youtube)

Hot Mama Smole
Herb Eigerman (Bass), Jim Smole (Drums)

Hot Mama Silver


Masonic Temple
Masonic Temple, Waukegan, Illinois.
(The Coop)

Lithuanian Hall
Lithuanian (Lugan) Hall, Waukegan, Illinois.

Wild Goose
The Wild Goose, Waukegan, Illinois.

The Cave
"The Cave", Libertyville, Illinois.

Slovenic National Home
Slovenic Hall, Waukegan, Illinois.

Y.M.C.A., Waukegan, Illinois.

Ad in the Waukegan News-Sun (1967)

Roadman's Hammer
New Buy Robert Stanley's CD "Roadman's Hammer"!

New View Photos From The Bands' July, 2008 Reunion

New More Photos From The Bands' July, 2008 Reunion

* Roadman's Hammer Web Page.

* Waukegan, IL. Area Garage Bands

* In-Sex Female Band's Web Site

* Wild Goose Web Site

* Jim Stanley's Home Page.

* Bob Stanley's Home Page.

* Bob And Jim's Guitar Collections!.

* A Few Female Friends.

* A Few More Female Friends.

* Vita Ley Music Publishing and RasJas Music Publishing,

In Memoriam
Richard (Dickie) Brown
(December 31, 1946 - May 30, 1993)
(Outspoken Blues: Road Manager)

Chris Christopherson
(Outspoken Blues: Trumpet)

Rick Shultis
(April 11, 1949 - August, 1980)
(Outspoken Blues: Tenor Saxophone)

Dave Luoma
(December 15, 1946 - August 8, 2006)
(Outspoken Blues: Lead Guitar - Bass Guitar)

Bill Levak
(August 20, 1949 - March 29, 2008)
(Empires, Outspoken Blues, Brydes: Drums)

Steve Wypych
(November 5, 1940 - August 15, 2010)
(Outspoken Blues: Bass Guitar, Guitar)

Bill Kirchmeyer
(November 8, 1941 - July 6, 2016)
(Outspoken Blues: Lead Guitar)
Monty Sigurdsson
(1949 - Nov. 2, 2016)
(Outspoken Blues: Roadie)
Tim Wagner
(1948 - June 5, 2018)
(Cavaliers)(Empires: Bass Guitar)
Jim Korn
(October 14, 1947 - July 20, 2019)
(Outspoken Blues: Bass Guitar, Vocals)

Joyce Anderson
(June 14, 1951 - April 25, 2002)
Debbie Bensinger
May 17, 1950 - March 12, 2014
Linda (Bombolis) Kane
(January 25, 1953 - March 8, 2010)

Wilson E. (Willie) Collazo
(April 10, 1950 - December 2, 1972)
Edward Guy Gamberale
(May 6, 1942 - March 17, 1990)
Ann Gossard
(December 9, 1952 - August, 1975)
Karla Jacobsen
(1951 - July 22, 2013)
Sharon L. Johannsen
(August 9, 1953 - December 28, 2008)
Yvonne S. Luoma
Yvonne Luoma
(November 20, 1949 - September 13, 1997)
Betty Strolberg
(September 22, 1953 - August 30, 2006)

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