Stanley Internet Genealogical Society
Stanley Internet Genealogy Society

Stanley Internet Genealogical Society


If you have any "STANLEY" individuals listed on your web site, you're eligible for inclusion into the Stanley Internet Genealogy Society©.

There are no dues, no meetings, no newsletters, no officers, and no responsibilities! Stanley Internet Society The sole purpose of the Stanley Internet Genealogical Society, is to reward those who have promoted the STANLEY family name, who have made an effort to further the genealogical research of the various Stanley Family lines, and who have freely made the results of their efforts and research available to all members of the Stanley family lines through their web sites.

That time and effort should not go unrewarded, and the Stanley Family Genealogical Society wishes to recognize those web sites by their inclusion into the Stanley Internet Genealogical Society .

If you wish to become a member, just send me an E-Mail request (Below), including the address of your URL, and your email address, or use your right mouse button to save the image below to add to your web site.

Stanley Internet Genealogical Society Members

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*  Ian Stanley's Family History Page

*  James Stanley's Descendants of John Stanley

*  Larry Roy Stanley's Genealogy Page re: James Stanley Family of Gwinnett County, Georgia

* Janice's Stanley Genealogy Site

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*   Patricia "Dollyann" Stanley's Home Page

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*  The Stanley-Mead Family Connections

*  Tom Stanley's Home Page in Japan.

*  Werner Stanley's Home Page.

Stanley Internet Society


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