Stanley Family Genealogy, Descendants of John Stanley
Stanley Family Genealogy
Descendants of John Stanley

(Also Swanson - Carlson - Belzer Descendants)

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"Those only deserve to be remembered by posterity,
who treasure up the history of their Ancestors." - Burke

     The STANLEY family is very ancient in England, and there are many branches settled in various countries. The American Hartford branch is thought to have sprung from the family of that name in Kent County, England, which was descended through a younger son from the great Lancashire family of STANLEY's. They were certainly not of the noble line of the Earl of Derby, but had a remote connection with it through a distant collateral branch, sprung from a very early ancestry common to both.

     By the time of the first census in America in 1790, many STANLEY families had settled in this country. The average STANLEY household had 5.5 members and census records indicate that there were more STANLEY heads-of-households living in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and North Carolina than in any other part of America.

Stanley Family Crest The crested arms of the Stanley family were:
ARMS: Argent on a bend azure, three bucks' heads cabossed or.
CREST: On a chapeau gules turned up ermine an eagle, wings endorsed or, feeding on an infant in its nest proper swaddled azure, banded of the third.

      My families particular line is descended from Robart Stanley, born in Tenterden, Kent, England. Robart had three sons, John, Thomas, and Timothy, who emigrated from England to Boston, Massachusetts in 1634 on the ship, the Elizabeth & Dorcas. John Stanley, died on the ocean voyage from England. His son, also named John Stanley, was born in January of 1624. After his father died, he was cared for by his two uncles. It is from this John Stanley , that my family is descended. John, Thomas, and Timothy were among the founders of Hartford, Connecticut.

     My Stanley Family line's ancestor, Robert E. Stanley, left Connecticut in 1833, to travel to Illinois.He arrived in Lake County Illinois in 1836, making him one of Lake County's earliest pioneers. Tales of Robert, and two of his four sons, Robert E. Stanley, Jr., and Aralzeman Stanley (from whom my family's line is descended), can be found at the bottom of this page, or by clicking here

     The database on this page is primarily devoted to my families line of descent. For a larger database of the "Hartford Stanley Families" (currently containing 8271 individuals and 2846 families), click here.

     It has now been over 122 years since the publication of the original book, and it would be virtually impossible to publish a book as comprehensive as the original, because of the large number and dispersion of all the descendants. However, a revised edition is possible, and being contemplated, but I need YOUR help. If you're descended from this line, and would like your family line added to this online database, or to the revised edition, please send me an E-Mail message.

Illinois - 1839

Dot Fondest Memories of Jennie K. (Swanson) Stanley (1910-1997)

* Jennie K. Swanson's Ahnentafel (Ancestor's) Chart

* Lester A. Stanley's Ahnentafel (Ancestor's) Chart

* In Memoriam

* Lester A. Stanley and Jennie K. Swanson's Marriage License

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* Where, and from whom, the "Hartford" Stanley line is descended!

* The Origins of Stanleys in England, with special
reference to the Weald of Sussex and Kent, 1250-1650.

* Stanley Origin's Web Page.

New Origins Of The Stanley Name!

New Stanley Family History Report!


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showing three generations of those who came before May, 1692, On the basis of FARMER'S REGISTER. By JAMES SAVAGE, originally published in 1860.
An invaluable research aid.
This material is available online and may be downloaded.
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Stanley Marriages In
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My Great-Grandfather
Aralzeman Stanley's Story of Life in Lake County, Illinois, in the 1850's
My Great-Uncle
Robert E. Stanley Jr.'s Story of Life in Lake County, Illinois, in the 1850's
Fox Lake, Illinois, History.
Features My Great-Great-Grandfather,
Robert E. Stanley, and His Travel From Connecticut to Illinois in 1836
Lake County, Illinois, Township Histories - Robert E. Stanley Elected Commissioner of Highways For Grant Township
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