Alan Michael Stanier [1950 - >2018]

[1950 - >2018] F

Father: Roger William Stanier

Mother: Maris Doreen Poole


  1. Pamela Hazel Stanier married, divorced Frank Gibson
    Pamela Hazel Stanier married Richard Winterton
  2.   Alan Michael Stanier

5-generation pedigree

Blood group: A rh-

DNA Test results:

Y-Chromosome (People who share the Y-Chromosome)
Y-SNP Positive  M89 M168 M170 M253 M258 M307
 P19 P30 P38 P40
 S62 S63 S64 S65 S66 S107 S108 S109 S110 S111
Negative  L22
 M9 M21 M26 M45 M52 M72 M96 M122 M161 M175 M201 M207 M223 M227 M304 M343
 P15 P16 P37 P37.2 P109 P259
Y-STR DYF371X=10C-12T-13C-14C DYF385=10-10 DYF397=12-13-14-14 DYF399X=21T-23C-24C
DYF401=17-18 DYF408=188-188-9-13 DYF411=13-13 DYS385=14-13 DYS388=14 DYS389 i=12
DYS389 ii=28 DYS390=23 DYS391=10 DYS392=11 DYS393=14 DYS394=14 DYF395=15-15
DYF406a=9 DYS413=23-25 DYS426=11 DYS434=9 DYS435=11 DYS436=12 DYS437=16
DYS438=10 DYS439=10 DYS441=17 DYS442=17 DYS444=14 DYS445=11 DYS446=13
DYS447=23 DYS448=20 DYS449=29 DYS450=8 DYS452=31 DYS454=11 DYS455=8
DYS456=14 DYS458=16 DYS459=7-9 DYS460=10 DYS461=12 DYS462=12 DYS463=21
DYS464X=12G-14G-15G-16G DYS472=8 DYS481=27 DYS485=12 DYS487=12 DYS490=12
DYS492=12 DYS494=9 DYS495=17 DYS505=11 DYS511=9 DYS520=20 DYS522=10
DYS531=11 DYS533=11 DYS534=14 DYS537=11 DYS549=12 DYS556=12 DYS557=14
DYS565=11 DYS568=11 DYS570=18 DYS572=11 DYS575=10 DYS576=17 DYS578=8
DYS589=13 DYS590=8 DYS594=10 DYS607=14 DYS617=12 DYS635=24 DYS636=11
DYS638=12 DYS640=11 DYS641=10 DYS643=12 DYS710=30.2 DYS714=24 DYS716=27
DYS717=19 DYS724=33-33 DYS725=30-32-32-32 DYS726=12 DXYS156-Y=12 GATA-A10=15
GATA-H4.1=21 GGAAT1B07=11 YCAii=19-21 (121 markers)
These results show membership of the Y-Haplogroup I1*, specifically the M253-T2 subclade
Comparison of these results with those of other Staniers suggests
that the paternal line goes back to the Stonhewers of Biddulph STS.
X Chromosome
X-STR DXS10011=38 DXS10066=24 DXS10067=14 DXS10068=18 DXS10069=19 DXS10074=14 DXS10075=18
DXS10077=20 DXS10079=19 DXS10131=9 DXS10132=10 DXS6807=11 DXS7132=13 DXS7423=14
DXS8377=49 DXS981=13.3 DXYS156-X=7 HPRTB=11.2 (20 markers)
Chromosome 1 F13b=9,10 rs2065160=T,T rs6003=A,A  
Chromosome 2 D2S1338=19,23 rs3287=A,A TP0X=8,8  
Chromosome 3 CCR5=normal,normal D3S1358=18,19  
Chromosome 4 FGA=22,24  
Chromosome 5 CSF1P0=11,11 D5S818=11,14 rs3317=A,G rs3340=C,C SE33=27.2,29.2  
Chromosome 6 F13A01=6,6 rs2802292=G,T  
Chromosome 7 D7S820=10,10 Penta-B=10,16 rs10246939=T,T rs1726866=A,A rs713598=C,C rs1800795=C,G
Chromosome 8 D8S1179=10,14 LPL=11,13 rs285=T,C  
Chromosome 9 D9S919=15,17 Penta-C=11,12 rs2695=G,G rs2811712=A,A  
Chromosome 10 D10S1248=12,15 rs3758391=T,T  
Chromosome 11 rs1800498=T,T rs594689=A,A TH01=8,9.3 rs1800497=G,G rs1815739=C,T  
Chromosome 12 vWA=18,18 CD4=5,6 D12S391=21,21 rs671=G,G  
Chromosome 13 D13S317=12,12  
Chromosome 14 D14S1434=10,14  
Chromosome 15 FES/FPS=10,12 Penta-E=7,9 rs2073711=C,T rs762551=C,C rs34516635=G,G rs1051730=A,G
Chromosome 16 D16S539=11,11 rs17822931=C,T rs5882=A,G  
Chromosome 17 5-HTT=SLA rs1042522=C,C  
Chromosome 18 D18S51=10,12  
Chromosome 19 D19S433=13,14  
Chromosome 20 rs1015362=C,C rs4911414=G,T rs1160312=A,A rs2180439=T,T  
Chromosome 21 D21S11=29,30.2 Penta-D=8,10  
Chromosome 22 D22S1045=11,17  
An autosomal test of some 700,000 markers showed my deep ancestry to be 94% Great British, 5% Irish, and 1% West European. raw data [18mb]
Mitochondrial DNA (People who share the Mitochondrial DNA)
Full HVR1  No difference from rCRS HVR2 73G 263G 309.1C 315.1C
HVR3 522del 523del 12S rRNA 750G 1438G
ND1 3992T 4024G ND2 4769G 5004C
Cox2 8269A ATPase6 8860G 9123A
tRNA Gly 10007C 10034C 10044G ND6 14365T 14582G
Cytb 15326G These results show membership of mt-DNA Haplogroup H4a1a

Married 1: Avis Irene Mann (→ Stanier ⇒ Ardley), 21 July 1973, Birmingham

Divorced: 16 November 1976, Canterbury, Kent.

Married 2: Heather June Stanier 31 March 1979


  1. Joel Berriman Stanier
  2. Simon Joshua Stanier
  3. Nathan Alexander Stanier

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