Sarah Elizabeth Stevens [1860 - 1926]

[1860 - 1926] FFMM

Born: 11 April 1860

Birth Certificate:

Registration DistrictAmesbury
in the Sub-District ofOrcheston
in the County ofWiltshire
When and where born 11 April 1860, Shrewton
NameSarah Elizabeth
Name of Father Joseph Stevens
Name of Mother Mary Stevens formerly Simmonds
Profession of FatherPlumber and glazier
InformantMary Stevens, Mother, Shrewton
When Registered4 May 1860

Father: Joseph Stevens

Mother: Mary Simmonds

5-generation pedigree


  1. Mary Stevens [2nd qtr 1855 Amesbury RD - ] married 3rd qtr 1895 Hendon RD Harry James Beaven [1st qtr 1863 Devizes RD - 1st qtr 1942 Market Harborough RD]
    Harry James Beaven had three sons by his first wife, Elizabeth Mary Ann Brassell, his second cousin.
    1 Kingsgate Rd, Hampstead MDX: RG12/113 f39 p26 {1891}
    Post Office, High Street, Amersham BKM: RG13/1335 f26 p11 {1901}
    High Street, Amersham: RG14/7803 sn27 {1911 [no children]}
  2.   Sarah Elizabeth Stevens [1860 - 1926]
  3. Ruth Stevens [1st qtr 1862 Amesbury RD - ]
  4. Joseph John Stevens [1st qtr 1864 Amesbury RD - ] married 2nd qtr 1891 Devizes RD Annie Jane Brown [3rd qtr 1863 Devizes RD - 28 March 1932]
    1. Lilian Mary Beavons Stevens [4th qtr 1892 Devizes RD -]
    2. Hubert James Stevens [3 July 1897 Devizes - 1st qtr 1991 Devizes RD] married 4th qtr 1930 Devizes RD Ruth Gwendoline Morris (cousin ↓)
      1. Ruth M Stevens [5 August 1932 -]
      2. Joseph J Stevens [2nd qtr 1934 Devizes RD -]
      3. David J Stevens [17 January 1936 -]
        "Stoneleigh", Nunsteed Road, Devizes WIL: RG101/7109C sn73 {1939 [Hubert, Ruth sr, and Ruth jr. No closed entry, Joseph and David were with their great-aunt Martha Long]}
      Rose Cottage, 44 Estcourt Street, Devizes: RG13/1927 f99 p22 {1901}
      Manor Cottage, Estcourt Street, Devizes: RG14/11932 sn308 {1911 [2 children, both surviving]}
  5. Martha Ann Stevens [8 March 1866 - ] married 1st qtr 1900 West Ham RD William Frederick Gilbert Long [- 26 September 1915]
    Martha 'Annie' Long was living with her brother Thomas in the 1891 census, visiting her sister Mary Beaven in the 1901 census, and her sister Catherine Morris in the 1911 census.
    5 Southgate Street, Devizes WIL: RG101/7110C sn110 {1939 [Also in the household were her grand-nephew David J Stevens, and a closed entry which could be Joseph J Stevens]}
  6. William James Stevens [18 November 1872 - ] married Elizabeth Unknown [1867 Amersham BKM -]
    1. Ruby Kathleen Stevens [2 January 1897 -]
      Golden Road, High Wycombe: RG13/1347 f114 p52 {1901}
      High Street, Amersham BKM: RG14/7804 sn141 {1911 [2 children, 1 surviving]}
      69 First Avenue, Amersham BKM: RG101/2129J sn315 {1939 [no closed entry]}
  7. Thomas Stevens [~June 1870 Shrewton WIL - 5 April 1954, Yandina, Nambour, QLD AUS ] married 4th qtr 1897 Hampstead RD Ruth Wilkes [1869 -]
    He had a land holding of approx 600 acres that extended along both sides of the Eumundi-Noosa Road, That now is the area called Doonan. He was a Plymouth Brother. As he had a community spirit he built the Doonan School on his property and allowed the children access through to attend. The school was closed in 1954 and the land reverted to his son, Phillip whose father died in the same year. Their son Phillip built a house a little away from the parents and this is now the Noosa Golf Links along Bedington Road, the boundary of the old property.
    1. Philip Joseph Edward Stevens [1898 -] married 31 March 1931, QLD AUS Marion Ruby Crouch
      64 Marylebone Lane, Marylebone: RG13/104 f99 p11 {1901}
      Hungerford, Fordingbridge: RG14/5899 sn99 {1911 [1 child, surviving]}
  8. Catherine Stevens [1st qtr 1875 Amesbury RD -] married 1st qtr 1906 Romford RD Alfred Ernest Morris [1872 -]
    1. Gertrude Edith Morris [1st qtr 1897 West Ham RD - 4th qtr 1935 Billericay RD]
    2. Alfred Norman Morris [12 February 1901 - 4th qtr 1977 Southend ESS RD] married Gladys Unknown [25 June 1903 -]
        50 Linden Street, Romford ESS: RG101/1533G sn82 {1939 [no closed entry}
    3. Phyllis Constance Morris [4th qtr 1902 Romford RD -] married 4th qtr 1927 Romford RD William H Smith
    4. Ruth Gwendoline Morris [18 January 1907 -] married 4th qtr 1930 Devizes RD Hubert J Stevens (cousin ↑ See his entry for the children)
    5. Kathleen Annie Mabel Morris [2nd qtr 1909 Romford RD -] married 1st qtr 1945 Romford RD William Earwaker
    6. Gordon E Morris [2nd qtr 1916 Romford RD -]
    7. Ernest H Morris [1st qtr 1918 Romford RD -]
      119 Wellesley Road, Ilford: RG14/9869 sn199 {1911 [4 children, all surviving]}
      Gertrude, Alfred and Phyllis are presumably children by Alfred's first wife: Alfred Ernest Morris married 3rd qtr 1896 Poplar RD Edith Louise Firman [4th qtr 1876 Poplar RD - 3rd qtr 1904 Bromley RD]

Married: William Charles Read 14 April 1884

Marriage Certificate:

Registration DistrictFulham
Solemnized atThe Register Office Hammersmith
in the County ofMiddlesex
When Married14 April 1884
Name and Surname Sarah Elizabeth Stevens
Residence44 Tunis Road, Shepherds Bush
Father's NameJoseph Stevens (deceased)
Father's ProfessionPlumber and Glazier
WitnessesDavid Bucknall, Mary Stevens


  1. Ruth Rosamund Read
  2. Mabel Eleanor Read

In the 1911 census, she is recorded as having had 3 children, one of whom had died.

All known descendants

Died: 26 December 1926

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictRochford
in the Sub-District ofSouthend on Sea
in the County ofSouthend on Sea CB
When and where died 26 December 1926, 32 Park Lane York Road, Southend on Sea U.D.
Name and Surname Sarah Elizabeth Read
Age65 years
Rank or ProfessionWidow of William Charles Read, Leather Merchant
Cause of DeathCardiac weakness and Cardiac failure
InformantT F Moore, son in law, 32 Park Lane York Road Southend on Sea
When Registered29 December 1926

in old age In old age

Buried: 31 December 1926, Southend ESS

Date31 December 1926
SourceCemetery Registrar
NoteBuried in Grave C65, Sutton Rd Cemetery


1898-9: Kellys Essex, Southend Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Read, dress maker, Cromer Road
1906-8: Kellys Essex, Southend Mrs. Charles Read, dress maker, 13 Nelson Street
1923-7: Kellys Southend Sarah Elizabeth Read, 32 Park Lane


1861 - 1871Shrewton WIL
18811 Brondesbury Terrace
188444 Tunis Rd (Booth Map)
188626 Homer St, Marylebone (Booth Map) (map dated 1874)
189117 Cathnor Rd, Paddington
1898-9Cromer Rd, Southend
190156 Heygate Ave, Southend (photograph in 2014)
1901-338 Heygate Ave, Southend
1905-813 Nelson St, Southend (photograph in 2014)
1911Rowedal Building, Earlham Grove, Forest Gate
1920-232 Park Lane, Southend (photograph in 2014)

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