Peter Whitmee [1815 - 1895]

[1815 - 1895] MFMFMF

Born: 25 June 1815, Emberton BKM

Father: Thomas Whitmee

Mother: Elizabeth Old

5-generation pedigree

Siblings: (For dates, etc, see the extended family)

  1. Thomas B Whitmee
  2. James Whitmee
  3. Samuel Whitmee
  4. Samuel Whitmee
  5. Sarah Jane Whitmee
  6. Mary Ellen Whitmee
  7. William Whitmee
  8.   Peter Whitmee
  9. Samuel Whitmee
  10. Jethro Whitmee
  11. Hannah Whitmee
  12. William Whitmee
  13. Jabez Whitmee
  14. Eliza Whitmee

Married 1: Mary Petit, 20 September 1836, Stagsden BDF
IGI M14894-1 lists the marriage date, the groom's name, & the bride's name

Children of first marriage:

  1. Eliza Whitmee
  2. Sarah Jane Whitmee
  3. Samuel Whitmee
  4. Jabez Joseph Slater Whitmee
  5. Hephzibah Emma Whitmee
  6. Elizabeth Whitmee
  7. James Pettit Whitmee
  8. Mary Ellen Whitmee
  9. Walter Reginald Whitmee
  10. Hannah Whitmee
  11. Esther Whitmee
  12. George Petit Whitmee
  13. John Thomas Whitmee
  14. Samuel Whitmee
  15. Ebenezer Whitmee

Married 2: 8 July 1872, Jane Ann Biddick

Marriage Certificate:

Registration DistrictSt Neots 
Solemnized atThe Parish Church
in the Parish ofGreat Staughton
in the County ofHuntingdon
When Married6 July 1872
Name and SurnamePeter WhitmeeJane Anne Biddick → Jane Anne Biddock was born in County Wexford IRL circa 1824.

She worked as a schoolteacher, firstly in Ropley HAM (South Street, Ropley: HO107/1678 f12 p16 {1851}
Village School, Ropley: RG9/702 f3 p1 {1861}), then in Perry HUN (School House, Perry: RG10/1535 f104 p8 {1871})

Rank or ProfessionFarmer-
ResidenceGreat StaughtonGreat Staughton
Father's NameThomas WhitmeeWilliam Biddick
Father's ProfessionFarmerCoast Guard Officer
Witnesses Jno Day, Sarah Jane Loakes

Died: 23 March 1895, St Neots

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictSt Neots
in the Sub-District ofSt Neots
in the Counties ofHunts, Beds and Cambs
When and where died23 March 1895, Russell Street, St Neots
Name and SurnamePeter Whitmee
Occupation formerly a Farmer
Cause of DeathSenile Decay
Chronic Bronchitis 2 months
certified by A W Quait
InformantJ A Whitmee, widow of deceased, Russell Street St Neots
When Registered25 March 1895

Inscription: in the cemetery between St. Neots and Eynesbury

In Loving Memory of Peter Whitmee (farmer) of Perry
Who peacefully passed away (23) March 1895-in his 80th year
(and) of his Beloved Anne Jane his widow who died 3rd December 1911 aged 88
In the End was Peace


OfPeter Whitmee formerly of Perry in the parish of Great Staughton farmer but now residing at Gamlingay
Dated28 March 1889
ExecutorsGeorge Pettit Whitmee (son) and William Gershom Whitmee (grandson)
WitnessesC R Wade-Gerc solr of St Neots, A B Brackenbury his clerk
CodicilDated 24 October 1889 Prevented the trustees from selling any furniture or personal effects during the lifetime of Jane Ann Whitmee without her written consent.
Legacies£50 to each of his 4 sons - Jabez Joseph Slater Whitmee, John Thomas Whitmee, Samuel Whitmee, George Pettit Whitmee.
£40 to each of his 5 daughters - Eliza Hall, Hephzibah Emma Goodes, Elizabeth Whitmee, Mary Ellen Page, Hannah Page.
£12 to each of his grandchildren - Arthur Loakes, Ernest Day, William Gershom Whitmee, Edwin Whitmee, Edith Whitmee, Hilda Whitmee.
The remaider to be held in trust by George Pettit Whitmee and William Gershom Whitmee for the benefit of his wife Jane Ann Whitmee during her lifetime, then to be divided between his children or their descendants.

Probate: 22 July 1895


1815Petsoe Manor
1841Perry Lodge, Perry HUN
1851Perry HUN
1861Perry Lodge, Perry HUN
1871 - 1881Perry HUN
1891Mill St, Gamlingay
1895Russell Street, St Neots

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