William Poole [1864 - 1905]

[1864 - 1905] FMFF

Born: 13 May 1864

Birth Certificate:

Registration DistrictStourbridge
in the Sub-District ofHalesowen
in the County ofWorcester
When and where born13 May 1864, High Town Cradley
Name of Father Richard Pool
Name of Mother Elizabeth Pool, formerly Grove
Profession of FatherAnchor Smith
InformantX the mark of Elizabeth Pool, Mother, High Town Cradley
When Registered3 June 1864

Father: Richard Poole

Mother: Elizabeth Grove

5-generation pedigree

Baptismal Entry:

ChurchCradley Heath, St Lukes
Date22 June 1864
ParentsRichard and Elizabeth Poole
Father's OccAnchorsmith


  1. Joseph Poole [March 1850 - ] married 3rd qtr 1869 Dudley RD Phoebe Harris [1850 -] (Phoebe Poole married 3rd qtr 1899 Dudley RD John Penn)
    1. Bertha Elizabeth Poole [3rd qtr 1870 Dudley RD -]
    2. Joseph Poole [1872 -] § married 3rd qtr 1892 Stourbridge RD Ada Kendrick
      1. J William Poole [1897 -]
        6 Mushroom Green, Dudley: RG13/2748 f117 p22 {1901}
    3. Martha Poole [1878 -]
    4. Alfred Poole [1879 -] married Prudence Corbishley
    5. Blanche Marina Poole [~February 1881 -] married 1st qtr 1901 Dudley RD Alfred Trevis Smith [- 4th qtr 1905 Dudley RD]
      1. Blanche Trevis Smith [1st qtr 1902 Dudley RD -]
      2. Thomas Trevis Smith [11 August 1905 - July 1986]
        24 Meredith Street, Cradley: RG14/17369 sn182 {1911 [no children to marriage]}
      Corngreaves Rd, Rowley Regis: RG10/2995 f15 p24 {1871}
      30 Graingers Lane, Rowley Regis: RG11/2861 f140 pp21,22 Cokeland Place, Rowley Regis: RG12/2281 f133 p27 {1891}
      13 Graingers Lane: RG13/2733 f103 p2 {1901}
  2. Caroline Poole [December 1853 - ]
  3. Amelia Maria Poole [May 1857 - 1859]
  4. George Poole [September 1859 - ]
  5. William Poole [1860 - 1st qtr 1864 Stourbridge RD]
  6. Richard Henry Pool [12 June 1862 - ] married Eliza Unknown [1865 -]
    1. Lillie Poole [3rd qtr 1884 Dudley RD -]
    2. Edith Poole [2nd qtr 1886 Dudley RD -]
    3. Phoebe Louisa Poole [2nd qtr 1890 Dudley RD -]
    4. William Poole [1st qtr 1892 Dudley RD -]
    5. Alfred Poole [2nd qtr 1897 Dudley RD -]
    6. Henry Poole [1899 -]
    7. James H Poole [January 1900 -]
      21 New Town Road, Rowley Regis: RG12/2282 f40 p32 {1891}
      22 New Town Road: RG13/2733 f40 p26 {1901}
  7.   William Poole [1864 - 1905]

§ I take Joseph to be the Joseph Poole mentioned in The Romance of a Century, a historical record of Graingers Lane Methodist Church from 1821 - 1927 By John T. Wilkinson B.A.B.D.

We also think of one greatly honoured by all who know him in our midst, Joseph Poole, who for almost thirty years has held the office of Treasurer to the Church. During this long term he has discharged his duties with the utmost faithfulness and minute accuracy, and the financial side of any Church could not be in more trustworthy or capable hands. Characterized by a wise caution in all matters of expenditure, he counts no labour too great to offer for the service of the Church he loves so well. We trust that for many years to come he may continue in the work of this important office. We may add that his interest in the wider life of the community is attested by his service upon the Dudley Town Council, as a member for the Netherton Ward during the seven years 1914 - 21, the holding of which position is a testimony to the esteem of those who know him beyond the bounds of our Church Life. (photograph)

Married: Jane Clift 13 April 1884

Marriage Certificate:

Registration DistrictDudley
Solemnized atThe Parish Church
in the Parish ofNetherton
in the County ofWorcestershire
When Married13 April 1884
Name and Surname William Poole X
Rank or ProfessionAnchor Smith
Father's NameRichard Poole
Father's ProfessionAnchor Smith
WitnessesThomas Howell X, Catherine Gilham X


  1. Martha Ethelreda Poole
  2. Joshua Cornelius Poole
  3. William Poole

Died: 11 May 1905

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictDudley
in the Sub-District ofDudley
in the County ofDudley
When and where died11 May 1905 Parish Hospital
Name and SurnameWilliam Poole
Age42 years
OccupationBoiler maker of Corngreaves Road Cradley
Cause of deathChr Interstiteal Nephritis (9 months) Cardiac failure. Certified
InformantX the mark of Uriah Mole, Brother in law, Bedford Street Old Hill
Husband of wife's sister Abigail
When Registered13 May 1905


1871Stourbridge Union Workhouse, Kingswinford WOR
188130 Graingers Lane, Rowley Regis
18916 Castle Street, Netherton
1901Banners Lane, Cradley
1905Corngreaves Road, Cradley

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