James Grove [1802 - 1854]

[1792 - 1854] FMFFMF

Born: 1792 Cradley
census return

Married: Elizabeth Grove


  1. Elizabeth Grove
  2. Ester Grove

Died: 3 October 1854

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictStourbridge
in the Sub-District ofHales Owen
in the County ofWorcester
When and where died3 October 1854, High Town Cradley
Name and SurnameJames Grove
Age52 years
OccupationLabourer at a pit
Cause of deathBronchitis 21 days, certified
InformantAnn Nock, present at the death, Overend Cradley
Neighbour, living about 5 houses away in the 1851 census
When Registered6 October 1854

The address where he died, High Town Cradley, supports the identification of this as the correct death certificate. He is recorded in the 1851 census as living at the East side of Cradley Village, as is his wife. She is also recorded at the same address in the 1861 census, but in 1857 her address is given as High Town Cradley. This implies that the East side of Cradley Village is also High Town Cradley.

Further confirmation comes from Ann Nock, the informant. She is presumably the Ann Nock living close to the Groves in the 1851 census: she is listed on HO107/2034 f80 p22, the Groves on HO107/2034 f79 p20.


1841Butchers Lane, Cradley
1851East side of Village, Cradley
1854High Town, Cradley

Davenport, 1912 gives a Grove genealogy back to before 1538. This James Grove is not mentioned, but there is a James Grove, son of Samuel and Esther, bapt 1773 who could be this James Groves father. Eldest sons were often named for fathers, plus name Esther for grandmother and daughter.

A James Grove, born 4 July 1802 to William and Esther, was baptised 14 January 1806 at Park Lane Presbyterian, Cradley. Siblings Thomas (born 20 August 1798) and Hannah (7 September 1805) were baptised on the same day. Birth in 1802 is consistent with the age recorded on his death certificate, but not the census returns.

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