Daniel Le Hair [1756 - 1833]

[1756 - 1833] MMFMFFF

Baptised: 23 January 1756, Thorney CAM
IGI 7123626 (individual submission) gives baptismal date, father's name & mother's given name

Died: 27 May 1833, Thorney Probate record

Father: Abraham Le Haire

Mother: Sarah Le Haire

5-generation pedigree


  1. Judith Le Hare [29 September 1736 - 1789]
  2. Abraham Le Hare [24 January 1738/9 - 29 September 1739]
  3. Isaac Le Hare [19 November 1740 - 2 June 1825]
  4. Abraham Le Hare [16 March 1742/3 - 1 December 1804]
  5. Boyce Le Hare [31 May 1745 - 6 June 1745]
  6. Rebecca Le Hare [18 August 1746 - ] married 29 May 1771 Holbeach LIN Robert Spriggs
  7. Susanna Le Hare [7 December 1749 - 11 December 1749]
  8. Mark Le Hare [24 May 1751 - 26 June 1751]
  9. Anne Le Hare [27 April 1753 - ] married Unknown Mears
  10.   Daniel Le Hair [1756 - 1833]

Married: Mary Wroot 24 April 1784

Marriage Entry:

ChurchThorney CAM
Date24 April 1784
NameDaniel Leahair
Ofthis parish bachelor
and NameMary Wroot
Ofthis parish singlewoman
WitnessesRobert Wroot, J Sisson


  1. Sarah Le Hair
  2. Abraham Leahair
  3. William Le Hair
  4. Catherine Le Hair
  5. Mary Le Hair
  6. Elizabeth Le Hair


OfDaniel Leahair of Thorney in the Isle of Ely and County of Cambridge Farmer
Dated14 April 1833
ExecutorsSon Abraham Leahair, Nephew Isaac Mears of Gedney Hill
WitnessesWilliam Chattle of Thorney farmer, Robt Wroot of Thorney farmer Hart Buck of Thorney farmer
LegaciesExecutors to sell or auction "all those my copyhold house premises and appurtenances thereto belonging and all that my 10 acres (more or less) of copyhold land situate in the parish of Deeping St James now in the occupation of Preston", the money to be held in trust.
Wife Mary Leahair to take such household furniture, plate, linen and china as she may need during her lifetime. The remainder to be sold by the executors.
Proceeds from the trust to be used to support Mary during her lifetime, and on her decease to be evenly split between:
sons Abraham Leahair and William Leahair,
daughter Sarah Leahair,
daughter Mary wife of William Goodwin of Thorney,
daughter Katherine wife of Thomas Morris of Thorney,
and daughter Elizabeth wife of George Barrow of Thorney.


OfDaniel Leahair
AtPeculiar of Thorney
ToIsaac Mears
On27 May 1833

Entries in the Alteration of Tenants for Thorney:

  1. "Farm House and Land in North Fen 152a 2r 1p at £100 late Danl Lehair from Lady Day 1793 continued by him at £130"
    The contract relating to this reads:-
    Daniel Lehair Farm and premises now in his occupation from Lady Day 1793 at £130.
    This is exactly the same size as the farm in French Drove rented by his father, so is presumably the same land.
  2. "Farm House and Land in North Fen 152a 2r 1p late Danl Lehaire at £130 from Lady Day 1800 continued by him at £160 "

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