Jean Le Haire [<1644 - >1675]

[<1644 - >1675] MMFMFFFFFF

Born: Sandtoft LIN

Father: John Le Haire

Mother: Anne Le Roy

5-generation pedigree


  1.   Jean Le Haire [<1644 - >1675]
  2. Anne Le Haire [1659 - ] married Jean Guoy
    Anne Le Haire married Jean Elam

The above is somewhat conjectural. The parentage and baptism of Anne Le Haire is given in the Stovin Manuscript, a portion of the now-lost Register of the Huguenot Church at Sandtoft. Jean is taken to be the brother of Anne, and thus the son of John and Anne Le Roy, as the result of a family reconstruction exercise.

Married 1: Marie Hagnerez
A Maria Hagnerez wife of Piere De Sain, appears in the baptismal register of Thorney French Church on several occasions between 7 January 1665/6, when their son Piere was baptised, and 9 January 1686/7. Some researchers have taken her to be the same person as Maria Hagnerez wife of Jean Le Haire; in which case, the Jean Le Haire to whom she was married could not legally be this one (or else he would have been bigamously married to Ester Pinchon while his first wife still lived), but could perhaps be his father. However, I take them to be different women, because of the short (2 month) gap between the baptism of Isaac son of Jean Le Haire and Maria Hagnerez and that of Piere son of Piere De Sain and Maria Hagnerez.

Children of first marriage:

  1. Marie Le Haire
  2. Isaac Le Haire

Married 2: Ester Pinchon

Children of second marriage:

  1. Jean Le Haire
  2. Jenne Le Haire

Expired Lease Russell Collection, Bedford Record Office, Box 3 Bundle 2:

Dated 3 April 1660, valid for 1661 - 8, in the names of Simon Le Hare, Jean Le Roy and Jean Le Hare. This could refer to him, or perhaps his father.

The Le Haire family, and others (Amory, Le Roy, Morillion, Pinchon, etc) moved from Sandtoft to Thorney CAM. They would thus appear to have been connected with the drainage projects of Sir Cornelius Vermuyden. However, as they were still at Sandtoft in 1655/6, they would appear to have been farmers rather than drainage workers.

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