Sarah Le Haire [1703 - 1794]

[1703 - 1794] MMFMFFFM

Born: 1703

Buried: 7 February 1794, Thorney CAM, Parish Register

Burial Entry:

Date7 February 1794
WhereThorney CAM
Text"Sarah LeHare, widow of Deeping St James, aged 91"

Married: Abraham Le Haire


  1. Judith Le Hare
  2. Abraham Le Hare
  3. Isaac Le Hare
  4. Abraham Le Hare
  5. Boyce Le Hare
  6. Rebecca Le Hare
  7. Susanne Le Hare
  8. Mark Le Hare
  9. Anne Le Hare
  10. Daniel Le Hair


OfSarah Leahair late of Thorney now of Deeping Fen widow
Dated18 September 1789
ExecutorsDaniel Leahair
WitnessesJ Thorpe, John Baker
Legaciesdaughters Rebeccah Spriggs and Anne Mears £5 for mourning and £20 later.
son Abraham Leahair £10.
grandson Matthew Leahair £5.
granddaughter Elizabeth Leahair £5.
Remainder to son Daniel Leahair.


OfSarah Leahair
AtPeculiar of Thorney
ToDaniel Leahair
On6 March 1794

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