Elizabeth Grove [1799 - 1863]

[1799 - 1863] FMFFMM

Born: 1799 Moseley

There is some confusion as to her place of birth. The 1841 census says outside WOR, the 1851 census has Moseley WAR, and the 1861 census has Moseley WOR.

Married: James Grove


  1. Elizabeth Grove
  2. Ester Grove

Vicar of Cradley's Notebooks: 1863, "Ranter (Primitive Methodist), sacrament."

Died: 20 March 1863

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictStourbridge
in the Sub-District ofHalesowen
in the County ofWorcester
When and where died20 March 1863, High Town Cradley
Name and SurnameElizabeth Grove
Age59 years
OccupationWidow of James Grove, a labourer at a Coal Wharf
Cause of deathSyphilis, secondary, 2 years, certified
InformantX the mark of Elizabeth Pool, present at the death, High Town Cradley
When Registered20 March 1863

Buried: 24 March 1863, Cradley St Peter, aged 59


1841Butchers Lane, Cradley WOR
1851 - 1861East Side of Village, Cradley
1857High Town, Cradley
1857High Street, Cradley
1863High Town Top, Cradley

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