James [Edward] Read [1811 - 1896]

[1811 - 1896] FFMFF

He is referred to only as "James Read" almost exclusively. This form is used on his Will, his Death certificate, the baptismal records of his children William Charles and Marian Pasture Read, and every census report. The only use of the second name is on the Marriage certificate for the 2nd marriage of his son William Charles Read, which may have been an error by his son.

Born: 1811 Marylebone

Referred to in his father's will as "my illegitimate son James Read"

Father: James Read

5-generation pedigree


  1.  James [Edward] Read [1811 - 1896]
  2. N Read [fl 1829]

Married: Lucy Freeman 18 October 1835, St George Hanover Square
IGI A23498-4 (individual submission) gives marriage date, groom's name & bride's name


  1. James Edward Read
  2. Lucy Jane Read
  3. William Charles Read
  4. Marian Pasture Read
  5. Fanny Read
  6. Harry Read

Died: 29 February 1896

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictMarylebone
in the Sub-District ofChrist Church
in the County ofLondon
When and where died29 February 1896, 30 Sherborne Street
Name and SurnameJames Read
Age84 years
OccupationBuilder (retired)
Cause of deathNatural decay, certified
InformantLucy J Garside, Daughter, present at the death, 30 Sherborne St Marylebone
When Registered2 March 1896


OfJames Read of 30 Sherborne St, Marylebone, builder
Dated7 October 1895
ExecutorsWilliam Charles Read, Lucy Jane Garside
WitnessesP T Dennis, G W Biddle (clerks to Mr. Hortin, solicitor of 161 Edgware Road)
LegaciesLeasehold messuage and premises at 30 Sherborne St left in trust to the executors, to pay an annuity of £6 per annum to Alice Read, widow of late son Harry Read. The remainder of the proceeds to be shared equally between children William Charles Read, Lucy Jane Garside and Fanny Newbegin. Executors empowered at any time to sell 30 Sherborne St, the profits to be equally shared between the four abovenamed. Residue of property, including a leasehold property at 16 Broadley Terrace, to be shared equally between the three children.

Probate: 18 March 1896


1844: Thompsons London James Read, carpenter, 14 Wyndham Street
1845: Post Office London James Read jr, carpenter, 14 Wyndham Street
1859-65: Post Office London James Read, carpenter, 14 Wyndham Street
1875-88: Post Office London James Read, builder, 14 Wyndham Street

Electoral Roll:

14 Wyndham Street 1890: Bryanston Square Ward, Mary Le Bone (West Division)


1841 - 1844 - 1845 - 1851 - 1861 - 1871 - 1881 - 1891 14 Wyndham St, Marylebone
189530 Sherborne St, Marylebone (I am grateful to Viv Wilson for the information that Sherborne Street in Marylebone no longer exists. Part of it may be what is now Harewood Avenue and part lies beneath Marylebone Station.)

Said to be a builder of some note, having built Bayswater Road House and the Cumberland Hotel.

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