Mary Large [1819 - 1881]

[1819 - 1881] FMMFMM

Born: circa 1819
Her place of birth is a mystery. The census entries are varied and contradictory:-

1841Not SAL
1851Stourport WOR
1861Stonesteadford SAL
1871Stoney WAR
1881Stourport WOR

A Mary Ann Large was baptised 13 August 1815 at Wolverhampton St Peter, daughter of John and Mary. Without some confirmation, I am reluctant to take this as the correct Mary. Even though this is the parish at which she married, too much doesn't quite fit: the date of birth is a few years too early, the place of birth is difficult to reconcile with any of those given in censuses, and the second name does not appear in any other record of Mary.

Mary Large baptised 9 August 1818 at Barlaston STS, daughter of John and Elizabeth, looks a better candidate. But again, the place of birth cannot be reconciled with any in the census records. Without some confirming detail this is speculative.

I am indebted to Anne Pilsbury for the suggestion that Stonesteadford could have been Stone Stafford(shire). That would be consistent with Mary being the Mary christened in Barlaston, a short ride on the Trent and Mersey Canal from Stone. She further suggests that the Larges may have been boat people:-

  1. Stone, possible birth place
    Barlaston, where she was christened
    Wolverhampton where she and Edwin were married and their first child Kesia was born,
    Stourport where her daughter Mary was born, who married Thomas Whitehouse
    Dudley where they lived for many years (including 'Old Dock') were all important canal centres.
  2. 'Stoney';- the boat people had nicknames for the places they visited, eg Ricky for Rickmansworth.
  3. The date of birth is correct with the census.
  4. Barlaston Mary's mother was christened at Lower Mitton, Stourport, where Edwin and Mary's daughter Mary was born Her grandparents were married there
  5. On the IGI there is a note attached to John Large, possible father of Mary, by Derek Thom, another possible descendent. It suggests another canal connection.
    Investigation by me of earlier records show that rather than being linked to Birmingham LARGE he was probably the son of Samuel Large (1741-1812) a blacksmith of Newcastle under Lyme who originated in Sandbach Cheshire. John was baptised in Newcastle under Lyme 20th August 1781. When John married Elizabeth Baker in Kidderminster in 1811 one of the witnesses was Francis Sturland originally from Burston near Stone,Staffordshire. Both men worked as boatmen and two of John's daughters were also baptised at Barlaston (boatyard) in Staffs 1818 and 1822.

Married: Edwin Lee 11 December 1836, Wolverhampton STS St Peter Register transcript
Witnesses: Mary Ann Smith, John Biddulph


  1. Kesiah Lee
  2. Jemima Lee
  3. Richard Lee
  4. Edwin Lee
  5. Josiah Lee
  6. Mary Lee
  7. Jane Lee
  8. Mahala Lee
  9. Ellen Lee
  10. Edward Lee
  11. Mark Lee

Died: 17 June 1881

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictDudley
in the Sub-District ofDudley
in the County ofWorcester
When and where died17 June 1881, 1 Court, Martin Hill Street, Dudley
Name and SurnameMary Lee
Age63 years
OccupationWife of Edwin Lee, Labourer
Cause of deathBronchitis, Cardiac hypertrophy, Anasarca
certified by J A Dowd
InformantX the mark of Betsy Lee, Daughter in law, present at the death, 29 Vauxhall Street Dudley
When Registered17 June 1881


1841Bernards Hill, Bridgnorth
1851Cleveland Street, Dudley
1861Old Dock, Dudley
187179A Dock Lane, Dudley
1881Court No 1, 1 Martin Hill Street, Dudley

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