Joseph Dutton [<1766 - >1797]

[<1766 - >1797] MMFFMMF

Married: Elizabeth Daine, 24 December 1781, Mancetter WAR
IGI M04370-1 lists the marriage date, the groom's name, & the bride's name


  1. John Dutton
  2. Joseph Dutton
  3. William Dutton
  4. John Dutton
  5. James Dutton
  6. Frances Dutton
  7. Charles Dutton
  8. Ann Dutton

Referred to in the baptismal record of his grandson Joseph Blower as "Joseph Dutton, bricklayer of Coventry".

A Joseph Dutton, son of Thomas and Sarah (née Taylor) was born (or baptised?) Curdworth in 1768. Too young?

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