Mary Hudson [1783 - 1860]

[1783 - 1860] MMMMMMM

Baptised: 13 April 1783, Rougham NFK
IGI 7228415 (individual submission) lists the baptismal date, the father's name, & the mother's given name

Died: 31 January 1860, West Rudham

Father: John Hudson

Mother: Susanna Hudson

5-generation pedigree

Married: William Goodbody 23 April 1801

Marriage Entry:

Date23 April 1801
NameWilliam Goodbody X
and NameMary Hudson X
Ofthis parish


  1. Ann Goodbody
  2. Harriet Goodbody
  3. John Goodbody
  4. Henry Goodbody
  5. Edmund Goodbody
  6. Susanna Goodbody
  7. Ann Goodbody
  8. Mary Ann Goodbody
  9. James Goodbody
  10. Sarah Goodbody
  11. Ann Mary Goodbody

Died: 28 January 1860

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictDocking Union
in the Sub-District ofDocking
in the County ofNorfolk
When and where died28 January 1860, West Rudham
Name and SurnameMary Goodbody
Age80 years
OccupationWife of William Goodbody, Agricultural labourer
Cause of deathDecay of Nature, no medical attendant
InformantX the mark of Susan Emmerson, Present at the death, West Rudham
When Registered28 January 1860


1841Manor Hall, West Rudham NFK
1851Pockthorpe, West Rudham NFK

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