Mary Henley [1805 - 1889]

[1805 - 1889] FFFMFM

Born: 1805, Dudley
census returns

Married: William Shaw 1 February 1824, Wombourne STS

Marriage Entry:

ChurchWombourne St Benedict Biscop
Date1 February 1824
NameWilliam Shaw, bachelor
and NameMary Henley, spinster X
WitnessesElizabeth Baber, George Prior


  1. William Shaw
  2. Benjamin Shaw
  3. Elizabeth Shaw
  4. Edwin Shaw
  5. Alfred Shaw
  6. Hannah Shaw
  7. Ellen Shaw
  8. Herbert Shaw

Died: 20 September 1889

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictDudley
in the Sub-District ofDudley
in the County ofDudley
When and where died20 September 1889, 100 Salop Street Dudley
Name and SurnameMary Shaw
Age85 years
OccupationWidow of William Shaw, Whitesmith
Cause of deathSenile Decay, certified
InformantX the mark of Hannah Shaw, daughter, present at the death, 100 Salop Street
When Registered21 September 1889


1841Kates Hill, Dudley WOR
1851Watsons Green, Dudley WOR
1861Cromwell Street, Dudley WOR
1871High Street, Netherton WOR
1881141 Wolverhampton Street, Dudley WOR

Several possible Mary Henleys were baptised in Dudley, eg

22 April 1804daughter of Martin and Esther
29 July 1804daughter of John and Martha
7 October 1804daughter of William and Prudence
18 March 1806daughter of William and Sarah

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